Re: [England] Uncommon Ground

"Definitely," said Jens. "No doubt."

Florian looked at Freddie curiously, then said with a bit of a smirk, "You uh... pick up a lot of high quality women with winning lines like that?"

"Ah, don't be such a prude," said Jens to Florian. "That's the way young, single people like us talk now."

Catching sight of Jodie, and feeling sure she did not want to be left out of the compliments, Jens said, "Just in case you were wondering... all of us would do you as well."

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Re: [England] Uncommon Ground

Jodie flushed intensely, covering her face a little in embrassment.

"Oh Merlin...thanks but er..." She smiled a little but looked away, unsure of what to say. She knew that some men could be rowdy, but it was nice to at least sort of be noticed...

Wait, no it wasn't! How strong was this drink!?

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Freddie grinned wildly.

"That's right. The women of our generation prefer a more direct approach. I'll show you."

With that, he leaned into Magda, whispering lowly into her ear so the others couldn't hear, his fingers twirling some of her long hair.

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Magda furrowed her brows at first, but then they raised suddenly and she stared across the room. As he pulled away she snapped her eyes to him.

"Really? You can do that?" She looked somewhat nervous, shocked, and curious all in one expression.

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Re: [England] Uncommon Ground

"What? What did he say? What can he do?" said Jens leaning forward, and feeling more that a little annoyed.

Who was this guy sweeping in and taking over in the flirting department? Just who did he think he was?...

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Magda blushed.

"Er nothing, uhm....Just how he would do things..." She looked away, clearly embarrassed by being questioned.

Freddie looked to Jens and smiled. "What can I do? Whatever the lady desires."

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Re: [England] Uncommon Ground

Jens made a scoffing sound, then said, "Huh... easy enough for anyone to claim. But I'm sure that's not what you said to make her blush like that and sound so surprised."

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But shaking his head at Jens, Florian said, "I don't know why you are getting so caught up in the mystery of it. Do you want to know what he said? He said I can make you walk on clouds. I can make you see stars, I can give you mind blowing pleasure that lasts for hours..."

Looking to Freddie then he tipped his raised his glass to the other man and said, "And I admit I was wrong... apparently your lines do work on the ladies. Curiosity piqued is the first step."

He took a sip of his drink, then said, "I for one would like to actually know a little bit more about my table companions... although I feel I have picked up on quite a lot from these small interactions. But still why don't we go around the table, Give our full names, ages, occupations... and one curious detail that we think might shock, surprise, or interest the rest. We will then vote on who gave the best one. Just as a little ice breaker."
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"May I join you?" said Simon, approaching their table.

He had made up his mind. Nothing wrong with joining the group. Jodie was his fried, another man had so.... nothing to read into there.
Freddie laughed heartily.

"See, he's got it. It's all about piquing interest....of course, my lines were way better, maybe a bit less PG thirteen for you lot, but clearly Magda liked it. Didn't ya, love? Ahhh, look at 'er face, red as a bearn's arse after a tantrum."

He smirked at Jens and then shrugged.

"I'll tell yer later, mate. When the lass has had a chance to calm darn."

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Magda bit her lip and looked off to the side, hiding her face somewhat. As taken back and shy as she felt...she did like the attention. Even if it was Freddie Crookes of all people! But she also did like Florian and Jens attention but...she wanted it more direct...

It was then that Simon turned up, and Magda couldn't help but roll her eyes a little. Really? This guy? He was weird and creepy and forward - and he was the reason for Petra's death! Magda shuffled closer to Florian to get out of the way.

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Re: [England] Uncommon Ground

Jodie nearly jumped out of her skin at Simon's voice; she hadn't seen or heard him at all! Still unnerving, then...

"Hi Simon." She greeted with a small smile, making some room. "We're about to start sharing stuff about ourselves to the rest of the support group" She glanced to the others. "I'm Jodie Watts, I'm a Jazz singer and steward for Mrs Iver," She furrowed her brow.

What was interesting or curious about her?

"I guess uhm...Oh, right. Duh. I'm a Metamorphmagi."

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“Not nessesarily,” said Florian. “You see, this young lady says she already knows so much about me... and I don’t want to give away all my secrets just to impress... although I will definitely try to find something knew.”

Florian cleared his throat, then said, “And now a question for you Jodie... because if we don’t ask questions we will learn very little...if you can change your appearances, is this your true form? Or a disguise?”

“Wow....” said Jens, his mind already swirling. “Can you change into anyone you want?”

Re: [England] Uncommon Ground

Jodie hesitated for a moment before speaking. "This is my true form." She lied.

She could feel Simon side eyeing her. He knew otherwise but why should everyone else? And why did he want her to tell another secret to make sure it was one nobody knew? That was weird...

She looked over to Jens, offering a shrug.

"Pretty much. Why? Do you want to see?"

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