A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #27154  by Ritva Valo
Freja's Furniture Forest • 1 June 2003

Ritva yawned. It had been a late night, but her exhaustion this morning was well worth it. Her brother had pointed out a couple of record execs in the crowd last night . And they'd rocked their set. Hopefully, in a few days, Ritva or her brother would receive the call that would change the lives of her and her friends.

Until then, Ritva would be stuck here - selling furniture to yuppies from all over the continent.

Leaning against a bed frame, surveying the perusing couples, and their screaming children, Ritva saw a single individual that looked more than a little lost. Fair enough - that happened often in the Forest. Ritva herself took almost a month before she could reliably find her way around.

Briefly, she thought about just ignoring the meandering individual. But her boss would find out - they always did. So she approached slowly, hoping beyond all hope that they would find their way to what they were looking for. But no luck.

"Can I help you find something?" She plastered her customer service smile on her face and tried to stifle another yawn.
 #29485  by Freja Ostberg
Recently, Freja's parents had made the big decision to move back to Sweden after 25 years of living in the UK, closer to her mother's family. After the passing of Freja's maternal grandparents a few years earlier and the couple's only daughter travelling the world, it meant that there was very little left for them in the UK. So, the two decided to up and move to Sweden, the birth country of Freja's father. Here they would be closer to his family.

Upon moving to Sweden, Freja had taken a few weeks off from work to visit Sweden. She hadn't been back in a number of years now and wanted to visit her parents and extended paternal family. Before arriving though, she wanted to get something nice for her parents and their new home. Of course, she knew there was only one place she could pick up something, the infamous Furniture Forest. The young girl walked around the forest, amazed by the size. She had heard from many about the sheer size but never really believed it until she saw it herself.

Freja stood facing a coffee table when she heard a voice from behind her. The girl turned around and smiled at the worker.

"Hi," she began. "I'm looking for a house warming gift for my parents. I'm not too sure what to go with though and there's so much here I don't even know where to begin looking." she explained, a bright smile on her face.