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 #2906  by Louis Hadley
Louis frowned? Secret? What could possibly be so secretive that he would need to meet her husband to understand?

The young man shook his head and let out a long sigh. He looked at Lidia. She was flushed, likely due to the swirl of emotions they had just danced through. She looked nervous, almost desperate for him to understand the details she was unwilling to share.

"I understand that it is complicated and that you don't want us to simply rush into it with our impulses and ruin everything." Trying to catch her eyes he tilted his head slightly. Very slowly, his eyes asking for permission he brought his hand towards her elbow. "Thank you for not letting me become the other man." His eyes were on the floor, she didn't know how much it meant to him.
 #2913  by Lidia Ostrivnyj
Breathing in through her nose, Lidia pressed a hand to her sternum and did her best to smile, "Don't thank me Louis. Things are only going to get more complicated but I promised Jude--my husband, for the sake of our son that if this was to ever happen I would talk to him." Jude after all, had always given her the opportunity to veto his decisions or at least warn her before someone started to show up in their everyday life. Now though, after quarter a century of marriage, Lidia found herself in the situation she had sworn was only granted to Jude.

"I love my husband, Louis. I would never put our marriage at risk if circumstances didn't allow it. Understand?"
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"I don't want to make things complicated for you." Louis, not unlike his mother, liked to please and he wasn't sure what that meant in this case. The tight mould of expectations had always felt more comfortable to him than the fear of disappointing. It was a complete miracle that he young man had dared to follow his artistic inclinations.

"You have an agreement with your husband?" Louis was doing his best to understand what she was trying to explain. "You want him to meet me to see if he will approve of us..." Of them what?
 #2920  by Lidia Ostrivnyj
"Sort of yes." Lidia nodded, her hand having slip upwards to massage at her aching neck. "Come for dinner tomorrow night and I can explain everything then. I can't just tell you everything now without talking with Jude first, but if you come for dinner, you can meet him and then we will talk."

She took a step forward and placed the hand not kneading the base of her skull on Louis' shoulder and squeezed it tenderly. "I know I'm just confusing you more right now, but you'll understood so enough, alright?"
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"Tomorrow night." He echoed with a nod even though the thought terrified him. As reassuring as lidia was trying to be, Louis still felt like he had no idea what he was walking into.

He wanted to reach out so bad, help her with her aching neck. Afraid that he would be overstepping he simply nodded. "Alright."
 #2930  by Lidia Ostrivnyj
Moving her hand away from her neck, Lidia placed it on Louis' other shoulder and slowly pulled him towards her. One more kiss wouldn't matter too much since she intended on going no further before talking with Jude.

Lidia smiled softly, doing her best to reassure the playwright as their chest touched and her left hand slipped upwards to cup his jaw, "So soft," She murmured quietly, more to herself than anything, before kissing the side of the boys mouth. "So smooth."
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Louis let her pull him closer. Not confident in his self-control he finally allowed his hands to rest hesitantly on her hips, barely putting pressure on them.

He closed his eyes as soon as her mouth brushed against his skin, his hands immediately balling into fists, wrinkling the material of her leotard. He turned his head eversodlightly so his lips would brush against hers.
 #2934  by Lidia Ostrivnyj
Trying not to get too carried away with the kiss, Lidia kept her mouth closed, but pressed her lips harder against Louis'. Her hand fit perfectly around the curve of the boys jaw and let her fingers trace the shell of his ear.

"You should go now, Louis," She said between kisses, not wanting to let him go but also knowing she had to if she was going to go about this the right way. "Take tomorrow off and I'll see you for dinner."
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He kissed her one last time. "I'll be honest, I'm unsure what to do with a day off." When he wasn't at the Prophet he was here or elsewhere working on the play. When was the last time he had seen hid friends?

"I'll see you tomorrow." He kissed her cheek.
 #2937  by Lidia Ostrivnyj
"Tomorrow," Lidia breathed in agreement before reaching behind herself and twisting the door handle. The door swung open and the blonde nearly stumbled backwards in her haste to remove herself from Louis' personal bubble. "I'll see you tomorrow." If the boy didn't go now, Lidia was unsure she'd be able to give the opportunity again.