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Zara stared at Jodie, hard, for a long few moments. She narrowed her eyes, about to bring her drink up to forfeit, but she paused before it hit her lips.

Eyes not moving from the woman, she took some long, deep breaths. And then spoke evenly, knowing how this could end.

"I wore it solely to show Ivan just how much I want him."

Played By: Vyreia
Ivan stared back at Zara. He “knew” it too but... he had not expected her to admit it in front of everyone!

He opened his mouth, closed it, and then...!

The fire crackled and spit, and seemed the whirl in an invisible wind!... before dying down, the flames flicking about oddly. The air took on a slight chill, everything felt odd and Ivan felt his senses go on high alert!

Suddenly Nathan strode into the group, his eyes flashing as if he meant to kill!

Ivan’s alarm bell were really ringing now, even as he saw Ciceron coming up behind him
Nathan strode i to the camp, looked around, then pointing a finger at Ivan said sternly, “You are needed.”

His eyes scanned the group and then he said, “Watchdogs. On your feet. You are with us.”

His eyes landed on Jodie a moment, hesitating before his lips curled in a sardonic smile as he said, “You as well.”

She could be... useful...
Ciceron watched, not knowing quite what was happening. He didn't show much expression as Nathan commanded attention, but he was definitely curious. We saw as everyone began to stand to follow orders, though noticed how Lily curled away at the sight of Nathan. Zara seemed to hesitate a moment since she wasn't Watchdogs, but decided to follow too.

Jodie was clearly confused, but she too succumbed to the orders.

Played By: Vyreia
Simon looked to Jodie as Nathan asked for her as well. When their employer turned and began to stalk off i pnto the night, Simon muttered, “I don’t like this... I am having a really bad feeling about this. Do you feel that? He is filled to the brim with dark magic.”

Not everyone was so in tune with such things, but Simon was, especially when it came to Nathan. He had been in such close quarters with him for so many years before he left the presents of Cleary Company.
"I feel it." Jodie whispered back, offering a side glance to Simon.

After consistently being in his presence at the tower, and then slowly becoming trusted by him, she was becoming tuned into dark magic. Astrid was the first sign; she noticed how Astrid flinched or stiffened around Nathan sometimes - apparently Astrid could feel it radiating easily. And soon, Jodie was becoming accustomed to recognising it too.

"It will be okay." She whispered, absolutely not sure. She just wanted something to say. felt like she was a lamb being sent for slaughter.

Played By: Vyreia