A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #28220  by Sen Watanabe
"How did you meet?" Sen inquired with gentle curiosity. He didn't have a best friend, and probably never had. It seemed only appropriate to marry your best friend though. Still, the notion was just so foreign to him. Let alone having the same best friend for a decade. None of Sen's relationships had ever lasted half as long.
 #28399  by Jude Darlington
"Her father worked for mine," he answered. Though the man had stopped working at the ranch just before his daughter had been born. That was how the Darlingtons had met the Ostrivnyjs.

He took the last gulp of his old fashioned and put a hand on his companion's shoulder. "I should go," he smiled sadly. Talking about her had made him realize that she deserved better than a man on the prowl for one last lay. "Thank you," he added, grateful for the unintended guidance.
 #28677  by Sen Watanabe
The mans sudden churn of emotion did not go unnoticed to Sen, whose wide-eyed and bewildered expression broadcasted his inevitable confusion. Had it been something he had said? Or done? Up to now they had been having a grand old time, and even Sen, a man of little worlds and fewer companions had found himself enjoying the interaction. Shadowy words prodded at his mind- utterances of criticism and the inner reproval of self-doubt.

"S-sure," was all Sen managed to splutter out, finding that he could not look the man in the eye. It must have been something he had said. Damned Merlin to Hell and back, why was he always such an inept loser? His eyes searched the floor for comfort.

"Take care of yourself, mate. And congratulations."