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 #27994  by Caterina Rothwell
Caterina let out a small chuckle, "My late husbands father was a big supporter of them. In fact, I believe he once traveled to China with Anna's father. They had...business together." Garret had fallen very far from the tree when it came to that family so much that Caterina had often wondered how he was even related. Her husband had been a kind, gentle man who had supported her one hundred percent. He had refused to involve himself in his father's dealings and had more than once voice his disapproval of it, but Harrison was still his father, and Garret could only fight him so much.

"I first met Anna and Tussio on my wedding day. Tussio had asked me to dance and Anna had watched intently from the side of the dance floor. It was very...strange." Caterina had obviously heard about some of the activities the couple got up to, but it was only later that she had come to realize that the two had had a bigger reasoning behind that invitation.
 #28001  by Harriet Doran
"That sounds like them." Harriet's mind conjured the scene her friend had described. She wondered if they had then lured her and her husband to their bed.

As they discussed the illicit couple, Harriet's mind drifted to their common friends. She wondered how Madeline would have reacted to their conversation. "How is Lady Blythe?" She couldn't help but ask.
 #28213  by Caterina Rothwell
Caterina had wondered how long it would take for Harriet to ask about Madeline, and she was pleasantly surprised that it had taken nearly twenty-minutes to get there. Madeline had caught the blondes attention and Caterina was all to happy to discuss her neighbor.

"Madeline is well. She is currently busy planning a few gala's, so I haven't seen much of her lately, though we did manage to find sometime to get together yesterday." She cocked her head slightly, "She asked about you. Asked if I'd seen you recently. It seems that you've made quite the impact on the english lady."
 #28292  by Harriet Doran
Caterina was not wrong, Madeline had caught Harriet's attention. She often found herself humming the song they had sung as a duet, a smile gracing her lips as she thought of the brunette's ocean-blue eyes.

A detail perhaps Caterina hadn't considered was that it was she who had first caught Harry's attention. The confidence with which she carried herself, her charm and their shared experience running businesses had been more than enough to pique the manager's attention.

"It was a pleasant evening," she commented not quite addressing the implications behind Cat's observations. "You two clearly share something important," she added as a way to reassure the other woman. While she and Madeline had shared a pleasant moment, she had no intention of threatening what Cat and Madeline had.
 #28395  by Caterina Rothwell
Smiling gently, Caterina reached up to thumb at the small lapis lazuli stone hanging delicately from her neck on a thin golden chain. A gift from her neighbour, something she wore nearly every day. It always made Madeline smile when it slipped out from beneath the high collars she wore.

“Madeline is my dearest friend. I have never met someone like her and while I wouldn’t want to share her with anyone...” She looked up to pin Harriet with a knowing look, “You’re not just anyone, Harriet.”
 #28404  by Harriet Doran
Harry choked on her wine. Huffing for air and patting her sternum in an attempt to regain her composure, she used her a napkin to wipe the tears from the corner of her eyes.

"Cat," she started rather dismayed. "You know what I do for a living. The kind of people I work with. I am no company for a lady." She shook her head, not quite certain if her guest had been implying what she thought. Her eyes widened at the prospect of having misunderstood.
 #28414  by Caterina Rothwell
Torn between alarmed and amused by Harriet’s reactions to her words, Caterina smothered the grin that wanted to form and instead reached across to pat Harrier’s lap.

When the blonde had composed herself, Caterina leaned back into her chair and reached for her glass of wine. She took a sip as Harriet spoke. It really was good wine.

“Madeline was sent away by her father because of her sexual preferences. She might act like a lady, and have the title to go with it, but I assure you, she is no more a lady than you and I.” Harriet might be from the other side of town, but Caterina wasn’t some innocent petal and neither was Madeline, even if it seemed like they were. Harriet has witnessed first hand how their relationship worked, and she had yet to remove herself from their life. She was obviously interested, even if it was just in Madeline.
 #28418  by Harriet Doran
Without a hint of subtlety, Harriet clung to the nearest distraction and started preparing the meat and bread for their sandwiches.

Unclear as to why she was so unsettled by Cat's implications, she was quick to blame it on Tussio's violent outburst. He was after all one-third of the trio with whom she had last partaken in an affair similar to the one Caterina seemed to be offering.

"Mustard on your sandwich?" She offered eyes glued to the bread and meat.
 #28434  by Caterina Rothwell
It was very obvious that Caterina had made Harriet quite uncomfortable, and while Cat was tempted to back off and let the matter drop, the redhead was also far too nosey for her own good, and making this happen for Madeline was a far too exciting prospect.

"Yes, please," Cat answered quickly before continuing as if the woman hadn't literally run away from her, "Pleasing Madeline is a very addictive thing. She wants this, and I find myself unable to deny the woman." Madeline might not have verbally expressed her interest, but Cat liked to think she had come to know the woman very well over the past decade and a half living next to one another. Sleeping with one another. "I will remove myself from the equation if it meant pleasing her."
 #28507  by Harriet Doran
"Please don't," Harriet closed her eyes and shook her head. She blindly dropped a slice of bread atop the sandwich she had been building. "I'm sure you mean it, I'm sure you'd go at great lengths to make her happy." Harry opened her eyes, straightened the slice of bread on top of the sandwich and pushed the plate towards her guest. "But this is not the way," she toyed with the scarf around her neck.
 #28510  by Caterina Rothwell
Caterina cocked her head to the side, "Then what is the way? You are interested in her, are you not?" The idea that Caterina might have been misreading the situation this whole time seemed ludicrous, but Harriet's sudden withdraw from the subject had her thinking otherwise. Maybe she wasn't interested in Madeline all along. Abruptly she felt like a fool, and her heart ached for something she couldn't give Madeline.
 #28533  by Harriet Doran
"That's not what she needs right now," Harriet assured with a faint smile. Better for Madeline to retain her current arrangement than to get involved with Harriet. "That's not what I need right now," she added, quick to reject the notion that she might someday commit to someone even if it was a more casual arrangement.

"In fact," Harriet turned towards her guest. "I think," she shook her head, this might be a bad idea, but she continued. "I think you missed out on a few signs," she licked her lips and leaned towards Cat. "I think you're more in line with what I need right now."
 #28550  by Caterina Rothwell
Caterina had always had a natural gift when it came to reading people, but apparently she'd been reading Harriet wrong from the very beginning. Was it possible that the interest the blonde had shown in Madeline had been for her instead? Cat wasn't so sure, wasn't willing to believe it when she'd had witnessed first hand Harriet looking at Madeline with longing, with lust.

Still, perhaps this could work in her favor. It wouldn't be the first time Caterina had had multiple partners, in fact she and Garret had engaged in affairs of the sort multiple times. She'd just...never done it with Madeline, hadn't even thought about it. Was it possible that this was how she gave Madeline what she was too scared to ask for? She and Madeline had never been strictly exclusive, but she knew for a fact that they hadn't slept with another in the years that'd be seeing each other.

She licked her lips and then uncrossed her legs so she could slowly stand, "And what is it that you think I can give you, Harriet?"
 #28553  by Harriet Doran
Following suit, Harriet rose. "Only for a night," she hastily requested. There had been enough talking, Harriet didn't need an extensive negotiation, she desperately needed a distraction. Someone who could touch her in a way that would make her forget Tussio's hands tightening around her throat.
 #28569  by Caterina Rothwell
Just for one night? Caterina cocked her head to the side. She'd never participated in a one-night stand without Garret before and she'd never wanted to engage in something of the sort with Madeline. Cat had prepared herself to step aside and let Harriet take her place, and now she was being faced with the fact that Harriet wanted her.

Perhaps, Caterina wondered as she stepped forward, reached out a hand and ran the back of her finger across Harriet's cheekbone, perhaps she could kill two birds with one stone.

"One night," She echoed, though she didn't once believe it.

Sliding her hand down, she thumbed the silk scarf wrapped around the woman's neck and then leaned in to kiss her delicately on the side of her mouth.