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 #27411  by Margot Dalton
Rather a large fan of her wife's ex-boss, Margot sat forward in her chair and turned to look at the once intimidating Congresswoman.

"Yes," She answered for both Lidia and Marley. "Petra is a lovely woman and she did amazing things for the Academy. Her retirement was a sad affair. A loss to the Academy." Petra had done a lot of both Marley and Lidia, and she wasn't going to let Ava disparage the woman's name because she thought herself better.
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Though she gave no sign of paying attention Marley took her wife's hand a gave it a gentle kiss almost as if supporting Margot's kind words.

"Perhaps your next ballet will be with her and Louis, Lidia," Marley mused while staring at the sky.
 #27598  by Lidia Ostrivnyj
Unable to help the smile that broke out across her lips at Margot's words, Lidia only just managed to hide it behind her glass of wine when Ava turned to look at her. She looked innocently at her sister-in-law.

"Well I'm glad to hear Petra is doing well. I haven't seen her in awhile, maybe I should invite her to the play."
 #27599  by Ava Darlington
Narrowing her eyes at Lidia, Ava made a small 'humpfing' noise and turned away, taking a large sip of her wine. Her glass was nearly empty, so she reached for the wine bottle on the coffee table and topped herself up.

"Didn't she nearly maul a student or is that a rumor?" She smirked as all parties stiffened. Ava of course knew that it was a rumor, but the three woman in front of her were quite the protective keepers of Petra Paszek, and winding them up was ever so fun.
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"Nefarious rumors, nothing more," Marley chirped patiently as her eyes fell on the woman who seemed to be trying to pull them into her puddle of despair. A puddle she seemed eager to nourish with alcohol.

"You have beautiful eyes, Ava," she complimented as she leaned closer to the woman.
 #27909  by Ava Darlington
Ava raised a brow at Marley's response and then she blinked, taken back by the woman's ability to change subjects so rapidly. It was almost like experiencing whiplash, and Ava couldn't help but wonder how her wife dealt with it on a day to day basis.

"Are you always like this?" She asked rather rudely. "Do you just...spout off whatever your thinking all day every day?"
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"Not everything," Marley responded calmly. "I speak only the things that might improve silence," she then kissed Margot's palm simply to let her know that Ava Darlington's insults did not aggrieve her.

"What about you Ava? What do you do all day every day?" She asked interested in Ava's response.
 #27920  by Margot Dalton
Stiffening at Ava's words, Margot narrowed at her gaze at the woman across from her, a woman she probably would have ended up like had she not met Marley and changed how her life was going to pan out.

Feeling Margot squeeze her hand, she settled back into her chair but continued to look closely at the older woman.

"Yes, what is it that you do since you're return to England?"
 #28372  by Ava Darlington
Recognizing the question for the slight that it was, Ava stared at the woman sitting across from her and felt more than seen her sister-in-law shift uncomfortably. The woman had never learned to deal well under pressure, something Ava had warned her brother of many years ago .

"I work for the Department of Magical Cooperation," She answered simply, turning her nose up and staring down it, daring Margot to push the subject further. When she didn't Ava took a sip of her wine and then stood suddenly. "We need more wine," She said in explanation before disappearing back into the kitchen, leaving behind a bottle half full.
 #28373  by Lidia Ostrivnyj
It wasn't until she was sure Ava had actually moved through the kitchen and out onto the porch that stretched out in front of the backside of the house that Lidia let herself laugh.

"Ava is...sensitive about her job. Not even twenty years can take away the ridicule she suffered." Lidia told the couple before her. What she didn't say however was how much she thought her sister-in-law deserved her dethroning. All her shady dealing had finally come to light, and the American Bureau hadn't taken to kindly to one of their top politicians involving themselves in such things.

"She hates England despite being born here."
 #28376  by Marley Dalton
"She just seems so sad," Marley observed, clearly sympathizing with Ava.

The woman was mean, angry and vindictive. She pushed buttons and waited for bombs to detonate, but Marley couldn't quite begrudge her those things as they strangely seemed to bring her some sort of pleasure. A problematic sort of joy certainly, but still better than the constant sense of dread that surrounded Ava.
 #28389  by Lidia Ostrivnyj
“I think you mean bitter,” Lidia replies over top her glass. She caught Margot’s amused gaze and quirked her lips. Margot had reminded her of herself, just a much more put together version. The Australian was a warm, and kind woman but nobody for away with anything with her, except Marley of course. Marley was her very obvious weakness.

“Alright ladies, why don’t we go collect the kids and we can start with dinner. I made Sasha promise to help with the carving.”