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Astrid inhaled extremely sharply at the idea, her chest burning with the sudden intake of air. The thought of that send electricity ricocheting up her spinal cord, and her mind began it's rampant work of setting up all the scenarios. Who would be better to blindfold? Hera so that she could be pleasantly surprised, perhaps overtaken with lust and pleasure as not to care who it was anymore? Or maybe it would be sweeter to see Ivan riddled with unquenchable thirst for a woman he believed to be a stranger, perhaps he would think he was only bedding Astrid and would moan her name.

But it was all too much.

"Hera should be blindfolded. It may test Ivan further with his loyalty if he obeys."
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"Yes..." Said Nathan slowly.

He walked along in silence, hands clasped behind his back. He wanted Ivan to do well. He could not afford for him to question Astrid this time.

"It will truly be a good test of his word and conviction," said Nathan. "I know him very well. And while I do think very highly of the man... I am afraid I have been too indulgent with him. I can easily see him turning to me and asking if I am serious before he thinks."

Nathan shook his head, then added, "I would like to add one more element. When he arrives I would like to give him one order... or you may... and that is that he is not to speak a single word the entire time, no matter what he is asked to do... unless specifically given permission." He glanced at Astrid to see if she agreed.
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Astrid pondered a moment, and then nodded.

"Agreed. I want to watch you give that order. But it may help him in the end; it will stop him from saying something ridiculously stupid." But she paused in her steps again, looking up at her husband, clearing her throat. "It may seem somewhat obvious, or perhaps it isn't but...I would like to specify that with Ramazanov joining us, I would like to indulge in him."

She gave him a pointed look.

"Indulge in him the same way you were given permission to indulge in Hera. I don't cheat, but with your permission..."
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Astrid's eyes hardened, and she began to smirk.

"I'm glad you said that." She said simply. "It reaffirms my previous suspicions about your lying habit. Let us remember, 'whatever you ask of me is yours, whether asked as a mere token or retribution for my crimes'. It is good to know that my presumptions about your intentions were correct; to simply ease my anger and get me back into your bed. Very clever."

She looked over to him, her eyes dark and sharp.

"But not clever enough."
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Nathan stopped in his tracks and turned to her saying,

“You asked for my permission. I am answering you honestly. You asked for this night and you got it...! I don’t have lying habits!” He snapped.” How is it even asking permission if there is only one answer I can give?!”

Stepping into her space wile jammping a finger into his own chest he said harshly, “I am not one of your tests subjects! There is a reason you were angry at Cleary for what he did remember? You are setting me up for failure with your question so you can smirk down at me from your high horse and pretend you are the more virtuous spouse!”

He turned from her and started to walk away, as though he meant to storm off and not return, but after only taking a few step he spun back around, face dark as he said, “I already gave you permission for anything and everything when you first asked me for this arrangement. The permission was implied! I have remained calm and not spoken a word of protest. When you asked him to kiss you in front of me I told him to follow your orders and not to look to me! Even though it angered me to do so! I wanted to give you what you wanted and be done with this! But if you seem to be giving me a chance at a choice of course I will say no. It’s entirely different than the situation with Hera. You like women. We could enjoy her together. You get off on seeing your husband please another woman.”

He looked away from her, clenching his teeth as well as his fists.

Yes, it was true it was different for her with Hera... but at the same time she had given him quite the gift. That night had been all about pleasing him, the focus had been on him...

But... she did set him up!
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She gave a little nod, and then stepped forward to him, making sure the pram was locked in position. She brought her hands up and cupped her husband's face, looking him in the eyes.

"Listen to me, Nathan. I know it hurts...I know. I know you don't want your prized possession to have any enjoyment out of me, and you don't want me to enjoy him. I shouldn't have set you up like that...but believe it or not, I care about you and your opinion. I am not attracted to Ivan. I never will be. I am attracted to the fact that we hold so much power over him that he has to submit - the idea of him obeying despite the fury you will bestow on him is something entirely new...something I didn't think about until recently."

She inhaled deeply, dropping her hands.

"I needed to hear you give me consent, because when it comes to this, I can't just take implications. I need to know for certain that you understand what I want to do, and that you agree to it. Even if you are upset or angry...even if you look away the entire time, even if you feel you have to remind me exactly why I chose you over every single other suitor every other night we're together. I just need to hear it..."

She looked at his face, a frown coming to her lips.

"You're adamant you don't want anything to happen, not even mildly for this one night?"
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Nathan stared back at her a minute, then said, “Do you think I would lose control tonight in a fit of rage and smite you all on the spot? You underestimate my self control.... Or are you really concerned about getting my permission? My feelings on the matter? Don’t be. I have had enough of your little games where you pretend to be the perfect wife. You take every opportunity to show me how you are far more patient, loyal, faithful, respectful, true then me! Because you are an expert at sinking your claws into a man’s psyche wile strolling about like a queen of matrimonial virtue!”

Stepping up to her again, his hand cupping her face as she had done to his.... or... perhaps gripping it would be the more suitable words... Nathan then said angrily, “You think for one moment I am actually afraid you might transfer any real affection to Ramazanov? That I would worry I might ever be compared to such a man? Hah! I laugh at the very notion. I know that you are attached to me far more deeply then you will ever admit.”

He kissed her then, quite forcefully, before saying, “You have my permission to do what ever your insatiable desires dictate. I don't care if you chose to fuck Ramazanov and moan to the high heavens wile doing it! Nothing will change the fact that you belong to me...”
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Astrid's eyes were wide as she just stared at him, a little blindsided by the sudden outburst. She furrowed her brow, but her emotions felt high in her chest, and the overwhelming urge to scream back began to tackle her inhibitions. But she grit her teeth, simply glaring up at him. She opened her mouth to speak, but then closed it again.

She had to take a breath to compose herself, but her lungs seemed to be working overtime. But she forced to herself to speak.

"At one point I did. At one point I thought I had my talons embedded into you the same way you had them in me. Thank you for the permission." She pulled back, clearing her throat and turning away to the pram, starting to walk back up to Iver Hall.
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"You're welcome," said Nathan, watching her go, his face a storm cloud.

From his perspective not only were her talons in him, but he was shackled, chained, and blinded by her! Yet... it was all in perspective.

What did she want from him to prove he had seen the error of his actions. Self flagellation?! She was impossible to please...

Maybe he should have stopped her. Maybe he should have apologized. There were a lot of maybes, but he acted on none of them.