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“Oh...” said Aidan, looking confused. He slumped down in his seat a moment, an odd look on his face, but finally he shrugged and said, “Well I suppose she must have said cousin and I just assumed that was you. Oh well... hmm... what were we saying? Oh yes... you were going to tell me why you can’t be as spontaneous when married...”

He just... wasn’t going to think about it right now...
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Hera frowned, looking away a moment before finally standing to gently place the sleeping Dorian into a Moses basket. She seated herself again, sighing a little.

"I just meant that...well, being single allowed me to explore things that weren't as available when married. You know what I mean?"
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Aidan pursed his lips a moment, then said, “No.”

But then he added, “You mean dating other people? Yes... I suppose there is a draw to variety. But honestly I have only ever had two girlfriends... actually really just one. Cecile and I hadn’t even really said it was official... though I guess it kind of was heading there. But point being... I don’t think there is a lot of variety to miss...”

But he frowned then, looking into his mug.

It actually did kind of suck...

...a lot.

He missed Cecile. And he really missed having someone to sleep with, even though it had only been a few times....

Looking at Hera again he said, “I know this is a weird question but... do you think I am atteactive? I mean objectively? Viola says I could be, but I don’t know... I think she just wanted me to let her cut and style my hair.”
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Hera blinked at him, clearly taken off guard by the question. She took a long sip of her coffee, trying to figure out how best to phrase it, but in the end, he wanted honesty.

"Well...yes." She said simply. "I think so at least. But do bare in mind that I married your cousin, and your have a lot of similar traits as him. So it might not hold up as being very 'objective'. But regardless of that, I think so."

She shrugged.

"You have a sweet boyish charm to you. I think it's a shame you don't let yourself relax and smile more as I think it would make you more endearing. Not that I think you're not already endearing but...well...happy people are attracted to happy people. Maybe I just say that because I'm attracted to Egan, and he's usually very carefree and high-spirited. But do I think you should change parts of yourself to fit a mold?"

She shook her head.

"Of course not. But Viola is...very superficial. Shallow, even. She likes immediate, classic attraction. But I've seen her relax and loosen up more around people she enjoys the company of - why else would she spend so much time with Dice? But you know...when she asks you to change in ways you don't think is possible or agreeable, just remind her of how unhappy she was when trying to change for Levi."
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“That’s true,” said Aidan with a smile. “I hadn’t thought of that. Of course... I am not sure she really cares about my happiness as much as her own. But still... might make her think.”

Rubbing the side of his face then he said, “You think I look like Egan?” He sighed, then said, “That isn’t much of a compliment. We have all always wondered what you saw in him looks wise. Also I don’t like him, so there is that. “

Brushing against his chin he said, “Should a grow a beard? Would that make my face not look so boyish as you called it? I think I would rather look older..”
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Hera gave a tight smile, looking over to him.

"We all dislike things about ourselves, Aidan." She said softly. "I could sit here and list all the things I hate about myself. But that will do no good. And I could also sit here and say all the things I love about Egan; I could tell you every happy memory, every little detail in his face, every tiny quirk in his personality that made me fall so hard and so desperately in love with him. But I don't need to convince you. I don't need to justify my attraction to you, or anyone. Not even Egan. I love him because I love him. That's all what matters."

She placed her hand carefully on his shoulder, her eyes soft and docile.

"You can do whatever you want. Grow a beard, cut your hair, change your clothes, start wearing make up - in the end, nothing matters unless you love you for you. When people change for others just to be attractive, it never works. Our true changes come from deep-rooted self discovery and growth. I became braver, not because I knew Egan would like it, but because I knew I would like it. Egan decided to tackle his responsibilities head on, not because I told him to, but because he wanted to take ahold of his life by the crook of the neck and make a difference for himself."

"And you know what, Aidan? You're already doing it. You're setting yourself up for growth in order to become a better person - maybe it will attract Viola, maybe it won't. Does it matter? It's her silly fault if she doesn't see it. But if you really want to know?" She squeezed a little. "To me, you're handsome. To a lot of girls, too, I'm sure. Just stop worrying so much."
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"Ok..." said Aidan, easier said than done. But he couldn't help but smile to himself. she thought Egan didn't change because she told him to? Hah... woman had such a lack of understanding themselves and their influence on men.

"I'm... not so horrible bitter about my looks." said Aidan. I did have a vela as a girlfriend you know? "But Viola picks on things so... and I never did like my looks personally. But thank you."

He studied Hera a moment, then said, "You are so kind Hera. Do you realize you are basically every mans dream girl? You aren't only beautiful, but you are smart, helpful, nice... I think if most men were to sum up the perfect woman, you would be it. Seems the only people that don't like you feel that way because they are jealous."
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Hera blinked at him, and then waved him off.

"Oh, don't be silly. I'm not every man's dream - you're just flattering me." She laughed a little. "I have a lot of baggage. Lot's of troubles, and not to mention the twins. I'll always pick them over any man, and a lot of men don't like that. But thank you for thinking that."
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Knitting his brow, Aidan said, "No, it's true. I mean yes... kids are baggage. But that is a force beyond your control. I just mean who you are. The way man talk about you."

He shrugged, then said, "Just accept it. Or don't. But you are something of a standard. even the fact that you juggle twins and running a business."
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Aidan looked at her in surprise. He didn't think she would ask but... well alright. What harm could it do? They wouldn't know.

"Uhm… Well I am not always around when they are all talking... and of course I mean my cousin's crowd... my cousins, Cleary employees, Watchdogs... but, erm… Simon thinks highly of you. In fact he idolizes you a bit. He doesn't say a lot, but when he does I can tell. He's very protective of you as well. Always comes to your defense when Egan bitches about you."

Looking up thoughtfully he said, "Hugh has always spoken highly of you. Just the fact that when you divorced Egan he said you were still a member of the family and you were to be treated with the same respect as always despite the fact that... well like I said... for a wile Egan was quite bitter and said things that could easily have turned some of the employees against you" Aidan shrugged, then said, "But he didn't get far with that between Hugh and Shifty making their own thoughts known."

"And then others like Caleb, Anghel, Marcus they... uhm…" Aidan looked a bit confused for a moment, as though not exactly sure what to say, then he said, "Erm well... they... have... said they liked you."

That was putting it in the politest terms he could. Most of the Watchdogs likes Hera, but they could be a bit... bold in their descriptive talk of women they liked on a physical as well as personal level.

Moving on quickly he said, "And of course Ivan.... Although he doesn't say much these days. But it's more in what he doesn'tsay.... if that makes sense."
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Hera stared at him for a long moment, trying to process all of that. Really? She knew about Simon. Perhaps secretly knew about Hugh in some ways, but it had always been viewed as a more familial appreciation. Her was far too professional for anything else, right? It stung a bit knowing that Egan had bitched about her so vocally but did she really expect him not to?

And Ivan was an entirely other matter. She looked away, thinking for a moment.

"I never really noticed...I didn't think that many thought of me that way. I mean, I knew some would flirt but I thought it was all playful banter. Huh...Well uhm...not that it really matters, right? It wouldn't be fair to Egan to lead any of his family or employees or friends on."
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"Nope," said Aidan easily. "But I wouldn't try to stop you. Not sure why you should worry about what is fair to Egan. But on the other side... I said they all think this about you... don't know that they would ever act on it. Don't think any of his cousins would... except maybe Shifty." he said, not knowing that had already happened. He also didn't see Simon as Hera's type so thought of it as a bit of a joke.

Looking up then he said, "Maybe Dice but... You know... he's Dice. Caleb I think is with that pretty little blond security guard. He was all over her at New Years at least. Not that he couldn't be easily lured away but... she is pretty, even if she isn't you."

Looking at Hera curiously then he said, "why would it even be a question? I mean... aren't you sort of above all that now? You could be dating men who are more... I don't know... sophisticated? Well mannered? Not... you know… criminals? You don't have to keep being rebellious against anyone Hera. You are a full grown adult now."

Aidan just really didn't get it.

"No one in that lot is worthy of you. Only one I would have said to go for was Nathan, before he got married I mean. But the rest?" Aidan rolled his eyes and took a sip of his coffee.
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Hera froze for a moment as he mentioned Nathan, her heart stopping. For a minute, she thought Aidan was hinting at something that had happened, but when glancing over at his face, she realised that wasn't the case at all. Well, she presumed as much. Taking a long drink of her coffee, she nodded a little.

"Nathan is alright. A bit too uhm...domineering for my tastes on a romantic level; he and Astrid make a good couple. A dangerous couple...but good nonetheless. But it isn't that I like criminals. I just like men that are a little rough around the edges. It's endearing to knw that there's a different side to them that only I'm allowed to see."

She slumped back.

"It's not like I haven't had offers from other higher-class men. I had a bit of a thing with Kristoph Meyer not too long ago, and before that was Tarquin Iver who showed an interest. Apparently Nathan was trying to set me up with Gavin but," She grimaced, shaking her head. "Definitely not for me."