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Location: Harriet's Home • Date: 1926
Time of Day: Sunny • Weather: Late morning

Once Tussio had left, Harriet had locked her office door and she had ignored the incessant stream of knocks that had rattled against it. She had no intention of being seen in this state and trusted that Daphne would be able to take care of any emergencies that could arise. Once the club had closed, the crowd had dispersed and the employees had left Harriet had scurried out of the club and had taken the stairs that led to her home.

Knowing that any attempt at sleeping would be futile, Harriet picked a bottle from her late husband's personal reserve and filled a glass to the brim. Sitting in the study rather than the sitting room, her mind drifted towards the many nights she and her husband had spent going over the club's books. It had been where their first kiss had occurred, their first fight as well as their last. While they had never lived extravagantly, they had eventually made enough money to live comfortably.

Their status could easily be surmised when one stepped inside their home. High ceilings, rich wooden panels on the walls, paintings of up and coming local artists, even the upholstered chairs was a hint of their success. Since her husband had passed, Harriet had become a tad more modest in her decor; choosing to invest in finer pleasures than art.

Having lost track of time and her thoughts, Harriet was surprised to realize that someone was knocking on her door. Cautiously, she made her way out of the study and into the hallway, she pressed her ear against the door, almost expecting to hear Tussio Accorsi's dreadful laugh. As she was greeted with silence, she chose to open the door, but not before she quickly tied a satin scarf around her bruised neck.

She opened the door slowly and greeted her guest with a rather somber expression and the smell of incense mixed with a wif of strong liquor.
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It had been awhile since she had seen Harriet, nearly two months in fact, so when she visited Merlin's Nightclub three days ago, Caterina was all too happy to accept the woman's invitation to lunch. The Wizarding World Today had consumed most of her free time, so much that she hadn't even been able to have her usual Friday dinners with Madeline. Thankfully her neighbor hadn't been too upset with her, and they had been able to enjoy a lovely evening together yesterday.

Cat had mentioned to Madeline about her dinner date this evening, and her dear friend had simply smiled. Caterina had witnessed the connection Madeline and Harriet had, and she was almost disappointed that the English woman hadn't reacted further. She had half hoped the woman would request to join them, but of course Madeline was a Lady, and she was far too polite for that.

So Caterina came alone, the rain falling around her as the repelling charm she had cast did it's job. Her shoes were slightly wet, but that was nothing a drying charm couldn't fix once she got inside. She had thought about bringing some sort of dessert, but had decided against when she remembered Harriet's insistence that she only bring herself. Diana had had the morning off anyhow and Caterina wasn't sure traveling downtown for something sweet was reasonable in this weather, even if she apparated.

Moving through the club to the stairwell the barkeep had directed her to, it only took her a minute to reach the top of the stairs where a green with rich arabesque running through it greeted her.

She knocked gently, her toes starting to feel more than a little cold.
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She opened the door slowly and greeted her guest with a rather somber expression and the smell of incense mixed with a wif of strong liquor. A little confused when she noticed who was standing on the other side, Harriet's fingers drummed against the doorframe. "We are meeting for lunch aren't we?" She chuckled humourlessly, she had been looking forward to spending time with Caterina, but it seemed that recent worries had tainted her mood. "I forgot, I am sorry. Come in Caterina," she gestured for the woman to join her inside. Perhaps Caterina's presence would be reassuring, perhaps it would allow her to think about something other than her latest anguish.
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Clutching the side of her skirt in a tight fist, Cat shuffled into Harriet's home, a concerned look crossing her features as she took in her friend, "Would you like me to come back?" She asked, confused to why the woman hadn't been expecting her. "We can do this another time, Harriet." Cat smiled softly.
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"No," she pleaded, an urgent edge surrounding her one-word petition. Realizing her hand was wrapped around the woman's wrist, she chuckled uncomfortably. "No," she repeated attempting to sound more casual. "I can make us roast beef sandwiches," she let go of the woman's wrist and gestured for her to follow towards the dining room.

"A drink?" She offered while she pulled a chair for her guest.
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"Alright," Caterina said gently with a kind smile. Reaching for her hat, she untied the ribbon beneath her chin and slid it off, then she pulled off her gloves and set them inside her hat which she had placed on the entry table.

Taking a seat, she looked around the room she was in, admiring it silently. On the outside, Merlin's Nightclub seemed to be only one story, but with magical means, Harriet seems to have fashioned a home above the club. It was tasteful, if slightly neglected, but Caterina put that down to being a widow and not having the staff to keep up the maintenance.

She watched Harriet curiously as the woman went about procuring them drinks, "I do hope I'm not intruding Harriet."
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With a few wand movements, she procured them drinks. The last one to complete a dozen for her and likely the first of the day for Caterina. A bottle of wine from her late husband's reserve would likely be appreciated by her guest of means.

"Caterina, please, just sit," she insisted looking at her yet to be seated guest. "Unless, Unless," she cleared her throat. "Nevermind, sit please." She pointed at the glass of wine before her guest. "It's good wine," she assured before she sat.
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Taking the wine glass, she didn't hesitate to take a sip even though wine wasn't really her preferred drink. She really did enjoy harder liquor, something she had enjoyed greatly with her dearly beloved Garret before his passing. Madeline could barely hold her wine, and ended up doubled over from a single sip of whiskey, but she at least had Diana, a woman who seemed to withstand anything thrown at her, including whiskey.

Wine would do for lunch however, and Harriet had been correct, it was good wine, even if she barely paid attention to the taste of it as she peered at the woman across from her. Something was wrong, she had never seen her new friend in such a way before, and it made her pause.

"Are you quite alright, Harriet? You seem...flustered."
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"Oh?" She feigned ignorance of her state. "Running a business, you know how it is. Always something to worry about," she blamed, glad to evade without lying.

A few more flickers of her wand and the ingredients for sandwiches appeared. She would wait for them to finish their appéritif before she served them.

"How have you been?" She deflected, as soon as she could speak without interrupting her magic.
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Cat placed her hands in the middle of her lap and pulled her shoulders back tightly. Harriet might not be lying, but the evasion was very obvious. This wasn't Madeline in front of her however, and Caterina wasn't comfortable enough with Harriet to push her on the matter. If Harriet didn't want to talk about it, then they wouldn't.

So she nodded and smiled politely, ever the perfect lady. Cat did know what running a business was like, even if nobody wanted to admit that that's exactly what she was doing. The Wizarding World Today had been her father's baby, and it was up to her to carry on that legacy. Misogyny be damned.

She sipped at her wine again, "I have been well. I am very much enjoying the warmer weather we've been having, not that I've had much of an opportunity to spend any time outside." She was due for some sort of excursion. "How are you? I trust the club is performing to your standards."
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"Oh, well if you would like we could go outside. I have a nice roof garden." A project she had taken upon herself when she had gotten married and that had given her rather good results.

"The club is performing well, though we did recently go through a stressful drought," She admitted while she sent the ingredients towards a basket.
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"That would be lovely," Cat nodded, already moving to grab her hat. She left her gloves on the entrance table and secured her hat before turning to wait for Harriet to lead the way. Spending lunch outside was a wonderful idea.

"I'm glad the club is doing well. You're employers must be pleased," She said casually, nearly containing the shiver that shot down her back at the indirect mention of The Accorsi's.
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"I wouldn't say they are," Harriet shared as she carried the basket t towards the roof.

"Watch your step," she warned as she started ascending the stairs towards the roof. Once she opened the door a nice stone pathway greeted them. The smell of greenery and flowers surrounded them. While the roof garden was not as kept as she would wish, it was a nice haven from the frenetic pace of the city. The narrow pathway, framed with various shrubbery and rose bushes led them to a small area with a wooden table and chairs.

Again she pulled a chair for her guest. "My employers are rather hard to please," she offered as an explanation as she fiddles with the scarf around her neck.
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Not hiding the awe that overcame her as she took in the greenery surrounding her, Cat turned slowly on the spot as a pleasant smile formed on her face. It smelled beautiful up here and she was sad that Madeline wasn’t here to experience it. She was also sad that she wasn’t here pretending not be interested in the pretty blonde who was toying with her scarf.

“It’s gorgeous up here Harriet. I’m jealous.” Grinning prettily she reached for a yellow flower that sat to her right and thumbed at the soft petal. Leaning in, she sniffed it gently. It smelled sweet and she wondered whether it was some sort of honey suckle.

Pulling back, she rested her hands in the middle of her lap, “It has been quite some time since I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying your employers company, though the last time I did, they were nothing if not polite.” Maybe too polite if she wanted to think on it more, but trying to decipher the Accorsi couple was an enigma she didn’t have time for. “Anna is an intimidating woman.”
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"Thank you," she greeted the compliment with a meager smile. "I used to spend more time up here, but I find that I have less and less time for myself." Most of her waking hours were spent at the club or tending to club business.

Harriet was not surprised as much as curious when she heard about Caterina's encounter with the Accorsis. Few were those who truly knew who owned the Merlin and rarer were those who dared talk about them as openly as Caterina was. What business did they have with the Rothwells Harriet did not know, but she could offer a few educated guesses.

"They can be quite well mannered," she agreed as she heavily sat in a chair. A failure to comply and another side of them came out, a side Harriet had only heard of until the previous night. Perhaps she should count her blessings, at least it had been Tussio who had visited and not his attractively cruel wife. "She has a way of getting what she wants," Harriet agreed. "May I ask what kind of business you do with them?" She asked boldly.