A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #27644  by Nathan Iver
Nathan stood near the large picture window, back strain, hands clasped behind his back, expression serious.

“I am going to cut strait to the point,” said Nathan in clipped tones. “Astrid might have a right to fire you... but you do not have a right to quite.”

Nathan stood by the window, gazing out at the land scape. He could almost feel Ivan starting to open his mouth in protest, but holding up a hand quickly he said, “I own you... Ramazanov. And that means my wife does as well. We are as one in that regard. You question her then you are questioning me. You don’t trust her then you don’t trust me. Is that understood?”
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“No?” Said Nathan, turning and giving Ivan a disapproving look. “And why should she know this?... The answer is she shouldn’t. And if she wanted it proven to her that is her right. It’s true don’t need it proven. But I am not her. To me you are the best for the job over Magda, Petra, Zara, Kyle, Shifty, or Dice! Because I have known you for years. Truth is...”

Nathan drummed his fingers on his folded arms a moment, looking highly irritated before saying, “I can’t do with out you Ramazanov! Well I could. But I don’t want to. Damned inconvenient to change my ways now after so many years. Mr York is an excellent advisor and organizer and what not, but I function best with both of you. I don’t want to change and... so that is that. You will come back. You, Anghel, Caleb, Kostya... swore your lives and service. And you can’t do that properly when you aren’t here on my property looking out for things.”
 #27648  by Ivan Ramazanov
Ivan started back at Nathan a moment. He wasn’t sure if he felt more irritated that Nathan simply demanded he return, running over his own feelings on the matter... or flattered that he basically admitted he couldn’t function right with out him.

But finally he said,

“So you vant me back here, just like zhat eh? And vhat about wife? She told me to go. She is going to forget that? Forget not knowing if I am better in charge zhen Miss Shepard?”
 #27649  by Nathan Iver
Waving a dismissive hand, Nathan said, “She was just having a bit of fun. I think... but it doesn’t matter if she wants to forget about the challenge or not. Would you have questioned me if I said such a thing? No. And that is the point. She didn’t tell you to go because she wanted Shepard in charge. She told you to go because you questioned her on the matter. And then on top of that... your leaving caused tensions, which then lead to some unfortunate events involving... “ Nathan waved a hand in the air vaguely, then said,

“Let’s just say she may have become aware of the fact that things between Viola and myself were not exactly... as appropriate as she mat have liked. But I half blame it on you and you have to make everything right.”
 #27652  by Nathan Iver
What?! No!” Said Nathan, snapping his eyes to Ivan. “what the devil....? Have you thought I was all this time? No... heavens no. Not sure I would be alive if I was. Ah... no. No but I did kiss her and have her do a little strip tease for me.” Glaring at Ivan then he said, “Don’t give me that look. It was to lead her on. Not because I wanted to. Besides it was a decoy who didn’t do it half as well as Viola would have so none of it should count.”

Nathan rolled his eyes. Did no one get it?

“Well I don’t need to explain myself to you,” said Nathan in a bored tone. “But suffice to say it has been rough. She wouldn’t even come to my bed for a few weeks... which must have been torture for her...” he said, looking off to the side a moment as he contemplated the “sacrifice” his wife must have made just to prove how mad she was.

Looking back at Ivan then he said, “... and she knew I wanted you back, so building up to this has not been easy. So you own me your best effort.”
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Tell me about it... Nathan thought to himself, but quickly said, “Ah, yes. Exactly. Good idea. Ask forgiveness on your knees. I knew you were cleaver enough to come up with the right answer on your own.” He said with a sly smile.

“And ah... stay there until she is satisfied.”
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Yes, right...” said Nathan, picking up a carved figurine from a shelf and examining it closely. “Oh and, one more thing...” he added, almost as a side note.

“Things... can’t simply return to normal after just that. Apology or not... Astrid needs to know you fully understand your place and you understand hers. It is very important that she can feel assured that you will not question her authority, or her orders, or the like in such a way again.”

Stepping up quite close to Ivan then he said, “She is my world, my life. I caused her a great deal of distress before the birth of our daughter. I am not going to go into details, but it’s more then what I told you of with the fake Viola. Something that may haunt her and our marriage forever. And because of this I am in a rare mood to give her everything and anything she asks for.” He paused, then turning a bit and walking casually past Ivan and over towards his desk he said,

“It’s just a little demonstration of your ability to follow orders with out question, to fully trust, to let go of that pride of yours that got us into this mess in the first place... It crucial Ivan, and not an option if you are to reconcile...”

Taking out his wand then, Nathan sent a spell flying, signaling Astrid to come to his study.

“But we will address that later...” said Nathan. “On another date. When my wife is feeling even more herself. For now... make this right Ivan. I don’t care what it takes.”
 #27691  by Astrid Iver
It was then that Astrid entered, her back straight and her chin held high. Ingrid was currently being looked after elsewhere whilst she dealt with this matter; despite having some sort of a bond with the child, and at least vowing to protect her with all her might, things did not feel all too comfortable yet. Assistance was appreciated, as much as she didn't want to admit it.

She stepped into the room, not quite knowing what to expect, but as she saw Ivan, she lifted a brow and looked to Nathan. Was this what he was doing? They were working on their negotiation already?

She smirked, and then looked to Ivan.

Astrid said nothing, simply clasping her hands behind her back, eyes burrowing into Ivan as he stood there. There was a certain pleasure to watching a man like Ivan bend to her will, perhaps he would be squirming in his shoes the longer she glared at him. Either way, she would enjoy this.
 #27692  by Ivan Ramazanov
She really was an intimidating woman...

Ivan took a deep breath, then said, "Mrs Iver… I vanted to apologize to you for any disrespect..." He took another deep breath, then sinking onto his knees and looking up at her he said, "And I vant to beg your forgiveness... and ask that you forget my words and allow Watchdogs to return to Iver Hall. It vas all big mistake."

He waited then in silence, hoping she was appeased. He wasn't one for long winded, fancy speeches..
 #27693  by Astrid Iver
Astrid's eyes flashed as he sank down. The euphoria of it was almost unbearable! The slight quake in her breath was likely noticeable to Nathan, but not anyone else, and she instinctively licked her lips as she watched down there. Even after he spoke, she remained quiet, finding a very particular pleasure in seeing him so vulnerable without her muttering a single word.

She took a few steps forward until she was almost looking directly downward at him, a hand coming from behind her back and tracing an nail up his throat. She had pressed briefly at his Adam's apple before continuing up to his chin where she used a single index finger to force him to look up. The position of his head must have been a real strain for his neck, and she intended to keep him that way as she looked down at him.

"Tell me why you challenged my authority. In great detail. I would like to know how to break this habit out of the rest of your employees."