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 #20433  by Kay
Location: Minerva's Cottage • Date: November 1st, 1981
Time of Day: Early Morning • Weather: Overcast

Though it remained hidden behind thick grey clouds, the sun had been up for a few hours. The cold humid air clung around them pressing against her heavy chest. The loss they had suffered last night clawed at her in waves, some of them managing to spill over already swollen eyelids while some of them remained imprisoned in her chest, damaging every hopes and dream she carried for the young souls that passed through her classroom. Lily and James had been more than students to her, they had been her pride and joy, a purpose, a motivator for her draining yet rewarding vocation. They were gone now, leaving a hole in her soul, she could not imagine ever filling.

Except they had left legacies behind, one of inspiration and pride due to their immense courage, but also one in the flesh who was currently sleeping soundly in Minerva's arms. Albus had requested that she bring the child to his aunt's and uncle. An order she had considered reluctantly until she had seen the pair and had completely refused to leave the child with them. The sight of them had made her skin crawl, blood relation or not, Harry deserved to be in a home where he would be cherished and loved, not with the insensitive and rude muggles.

Entering the cottage barely made her feel better. While being in her space made her feel a tad safer, especially considering the multiple protective charms and spells Albus had added to her small home, there was a part of her that was nervous about the responsibility she was taking on. Minerva was a great witch, she would certainly keep Harry safe, but she had never been the most nurturing. It was only, temporary she reminded herself as she refused to consider what might have happened to Sirius when he had finally confronted Peter.

Unable to let the child leave her arms she tried to remain as still and as precise as possible as she used her wand to transfigure a few objects into the things she would need to take care of Harry. She was transfiguring her favorite chair into a cot when Harry blinked up at her.
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 #20446  by Lilly
Harry stared up at the biscuit lady with wide emerald eyes, still dressed in his snitch patterned footie pajamas his father had put him in. “…Momma…” the one year old mumbled in confusion as he started to squirm restlessly in McGonagall’s tired arms. “Mumma!"

"Momma! Mmmmmmm” he babbled, his face screwing up as if he were about to start crying again after having been rather quiet despite recent events.

This lady was nice - she smelled of ginger biscuits and Harry loved ginger biscuits- but he wanted his mother.

Little Harry continued to wiggle and squirm in McGonagall’s arms, his whines of protest becoming louder with each second that passed with him not being in his parent’s arms. His bottom lip trembled. Not even his fluffy orange kitty was to be found. Daddy hated fluffy orange kitty. It was fun to watch Daddy get frustrated when fluffy orange kitty knocked stuff off the kitchen counter during breakfast.

The memory made him randomly giggle.

And then it made him sad…really…really…sad, though he didn’t fully understand why.

Harry suddenly stilled in McGonagall’s arms. She had funny looking things on her face too, like his dad, but hers were shinier. Little hands reached up to grab at the frames resting on McGonagall’s face.
 #20547  by Kay
If grief came in waves, hearing the young boy ask for his mother generated an influx that had the strength of a tidal wave. Feeling helpless in a way she had never experienced before she sat heavily in one of her patted chairs. Focused on the squirming toddler, Minerva barely registered her body's relief when she finally leaned against something other than her own strained muscles. At a loss for words, she merely hushed gently as she watched him fight the blanket that had been wrapped around him tightly.

He was fighting the blanket, fighting her hold on him. He was awake, she knew she should let go of him, allow him to stretch a little perhaps even walk, but she couldn't let go of him. Every time she considered lowering him, setting him down on her knees as a faint sense of panic tugged at her chest.

When she noticed the hand reaching for her glasses, it was already wrapped around one of her lenses. "Harry," she finally spoke his name, every syllable patted with his painful circumstances, making her verbal warning rather weak. She took his little hand and unclasped it from her glasses, pushed them back up her nose and used a simple cleaning charm to wipe the finger marks off of them.

"Are you hungry?" She asked him, as she dodged another one of his attempts to take her glasses.
 #22439  by Lilly
While he couldn’t understand her, Harry and Minerva were on the same page. His hands continued to make a grab for the shiny object on her face, Harry’s babbling mouth latched onto the yellow blanket he was swaddled in. He suckled on the knitted fabric, looking up at Minerva in contemptment until his tiny tummy gave a loud angry rumble of protest. Harry broke out into another round of tears as he cried louder and louder, viscously chomping one the blanket.

No mummy. No daddy. No fluffy orange kitty. No shiny thing on biscuit lady’s face. And now his tummy hurt! This was quite possibly the worst day in his infant life.
 #25038  by Kay
She pulled him close to her chest and brought him to the kitchen. What could she serve him? Had Lily and James started serving him solid foods? Was he at an age where he could digest such a diet? How was it that she knew exactly how to deal with children above 10, but was at a complete loss when left with an infant?

"You will have to fare with me, Harry," she requested sheepishly when she finally settled on a menu. Little did she know that she would find herself thinking similar statements often in the coming months, finding her footing while trusted in this new role would be a great challenge.

Doing her best to soothe the boy while she prepared porridge and pieces of banana Minerva neglected to acknowledge her own stomach's protests. She sat him on her knee and took a spoonful of porridge. She made sure the cereal was not too hot and offered it to the little boy.
 #25736  by Lilly
He cried and cried, paying no mind to anything but his very hungry tummy until the biscuit lady rearranged him on her lap. Confused and a little curious as to what her intentions were, little Harry settled down to focus on the shiny metal spoon she was holding in front of his face. He nearly went cross eyed looking at it.

Harry opened his mouth wide as possible to take an experimental bite.

“Aaaahhhooom,” he hummed happily as he chomped away at his breakfast.

Portage dribbled down his chin as he opened his mouth to ask Minerva for another bite. He had never been fed bananas before but it was quickly becoming his new favorite thing.
 #26349  by Kay
Managing the peculiar balance of multitasking came naturally to the professor. She could teach a lesson while mentally annotating a paper and keep a class in order without neglecting any of the tasks at hand. Yet as she found herself balancing an infant on her knee while feeding him and attempting to keep him clean, Minerva had to admit to feeling slightly dizzy.

She had not given much thought to having children. Not since Dougal had stood in front of her, framed by cold morning fog, while his face had contorted from the pain of a broken heart. Somehow her own broken heart was currently letting her consider the barely-formulated hope that Harry might permanently be entrusted to her. Foolish perhaps, but still better than leaving him with Lily's sister.

"We will make sure to get more bananas," she promised, quick to notice his wide eyes every time the fruit reached his lips. Except his godfather would probably come to get him before her supply would need to be replenished. "Can you say banana?" She asked mimicking a childish tone she had often heard, but felt so foreign she would never use again. "Can you say banana?" She asked in a tone that was more professorial.
 #27575  by Lilly
A big goofy grin came across the young boy’s face. He liked bananas. He liked this lady who was giving him bananas.

“Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” laughed Harry, “Nnnaaananananananana!”

He looked up at Minvera with large emerald eyes of innocence.

“Nana!” He shouted proudly, unable to pronounce the “b” in the full word she was encouraging him to say.

“Nana! Nana! Nana!” He was talking through a mouthful of food, greedily swallowing each spoonful that she fed to him.

Small grabby hands reached for the shiny metal spoon she was holding out in front of him at the precise moment that someone started knocking at the door. “Nana?”

A man in secondhand robes stood on the front step of Minerva’s home. Stress had taken its toll on his young face which was marred with ugly scars slashed across eyes, cheeks, and nose. Unlike his friends, Remus Lupin looked entirely too old for someone who had just graduated from Hogwarts.

Having never visited his former transfiguration professor at her own residence, he could only hope that he was pounding his fist on the correct door.
 #30438  by Kay
She could not help but smile at the little boy's worthy attempt. The smile faltered as she imagined what Harry's first sentence might be. She wondered if she would be there to witness it. Would she see the child's eyes wander across the room as he awaited parental congratulations that would never come?

Her sorrowful musing came to an abrupt end. She offered Harry a piece of banana and plopped him on her hip. She would not leave the little boy behind.

Wand in hand, balancing the baby on her hip she peeked through the window. Suspicious despite recognizing the figure outside, she slowly opened her front door. "Mr. Lupin," she greeted wearily.