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 #26898  by Purple
Arkady Nikolayevich Vasiliev ★ Factory worker ★ Werewolf

Either he was a good liar or genuinely had no idea what Arkady was talking about. As his life was on the line if exposed, however, Arkady preferred to remain cautious. He nodded to Newt. "I will." His stomach then gave another growl of protest. "Give me food and I may even be civil," he added with a wry smile.
 #27028  by Lilly
Newton Artemis Fido Scamander ★ Magizoologist

Newt nodded. “That sounds like a fair trade.”

He ducked down into his case again. The sound of clanking pots and pans and shuffling footsteps could be heard from the distance in which Arkady stood.

A moment later Newt popped up and stepped out of the case with some small slabs of rotisserie chicken and potatoes cut up into bite sized cubes. The food was wrapped in a cloth napkin as he handed to to Arkady. “It’s all I’ve got left,” he said with apology, “The rest went to my creatures and I haven’t had a chance to get more.”

Newt closed his case, took a seat on the closest wooden crate, and helped himself to a roll from the bread basket purchased earlier that day. “Last time I was here...I accidentally let loose some of my creatures.”

He nervously glanced around to ensure no passerby were in earshot of their very private conversation. “They didn’t cause much trouble compared to the obscurus incident and Grindlewald’s infiltration of MACUSA...but it was enough to place me on travel probation and prohibit me from returning with my creatures.”

Newt looked down at his case and back up at Arkady. “...But I couldn’t just leave them...they are not ready to be on their own, and my assistant has her hands full with the more healthier ones back home.”
 #27035  by Purple
Arkady Nikolayevich Vasiliev ★ Factory worker ★ Werewolf

Arkady gratefully accepted the food, wolfing it down with all the grace of a ravenous beast. After the day he had (and night!), it couldn't be helped. It was the most delicious food he'd eaten in years.

He paused mid-chew at the mention of the obscurus incident. He swallowed thickly. 'Grindewald was in MACUSA? I had not heard of this. Obscurus though....' Arkady lowered his eyes. 'Was terrible. Was only child. People should never have magic suppressed."
 #27037  by Lilly
Newton Artemis Fido Scamander ★ Magizoologist

‪A tidal‬ ‪wave of empathy and‬ ‪sorrow washed‬ ‪over Newt‬ ‪as he‬ ‪thought‬ ‪of what happened to Credence. He nodded in agreement to Arkady’s comment. ‬

‪“His name was Credence,” he said quietly, “Grindelwald wanted to use him as a weapon.” ‬

‪Newt gave a heavy sigh. ‬

‪“I’ve traveled the world. I’ve seen wondrous places, discovered fascinating cultures, and played with beasts presumed to be imaginary. But humans...humans are all the same. It doesn’t really matter what continent you travel to. Magic or no magic...one way or another...we’re all monsters in the end...‬”
 #27060  by Purple
Arkady Nikolayevich Vasiliev ★ Factory worker ★ Werewolf

A weapon? Arkady shut his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose. Grindewald was as evil as the tales told of him back home. Newt's words drifted into his ears, echoing in his head. Arkady's eyes opened, though his head remained lowered.

"I may be monster," he said quietly, lifting his gaze to meet Newt, "but you are not. You are kind man. Strange, yes, but kind. I see that. You care deeply. They say you can tell much of man the way man treat's inferiors. It sounds to me that you treat creatures like each is worthy. That is not monster. That is good man."
 #27567  by Lilly
Newton Artemis Fido Scamander ★ Magizoologist

“Monster?” said Newt with a timid smile, looking amused, “You’re no monster. ”

There was a very hungry growl coming from inside of his case and Newt didn’t hesitate to drop a few rolls into it. Whatever beast that made the hungry complaint was quiet now, leaving the magizoologist to refocus his attention on his new friend.

“If you won’t let me take a look at those wounds…will you at least let me put together a medical kit for you to take home?”
 #28216  by Lilly
Newton Artemis Fido Scamander ★ Magizoologist
"My creatures," repeated the Magizoologist, "Some of them. Not all of them. "

It was at that exact moment in which a curiously shy bowtruckle peaked out from under the lapels of Newt's coat and climbed onto Newt's hand. "Except for Picket," he smiled, " He's too attached."

The bowtruckle looked from Newt, to Arkady, to Newt, and jumped into the basket of pastries with a happy high pitched noise.
 #28352  by Lilly
Newton Artemis Fido Scamander ★ Magizoologist

"Is it that obvious?" he said cheerfully, looking away from Arkady to watch the playful bowtruckle jump in and out of the bread basket like a child bouncing around in autumn leaves.