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 #26197  by Lilly
Newton Artemis Fido Scamander ★ Magizoologist

Newt’s head snapped up in alarm. He looked offended, as if someone had suddenly called his niffler a porcupine in mistaken identity and ignorance.

“I just want to give her my book,” he said defensively with no context, " I promised…”

The trip was intended to be a quick visit, just long enough to see Tina and check on Jacob’s bakery before heading back to London before the British Ministry of Magic realized he was gone. One more act of disobedience and he would for sure be on lock down for any international travel in the very near future.
 #26200  by Purple
Arkady Nikolayevich Vasiliev ★ Factory worker ★ Werewolf

The man looked so scared, so forlorn, so....utterly out of place. The sheer innocence of it all sent Arkady into a roaring laughter. He hadn't laughed like this in years, clutching the tree for support as his hat toppled off his head from the spasms that shot through his body.

'Forgive me,' he said finally, wiping tears from his eyes. 'You are very strange man. You come all this way for book?' His eyes narrowed, though a mirthful smile still played on his lips. 'You do not deny what I say.'
 #26202  by Lilly
Newton Artemis Fido Scamander ★ Magizoologist

“That all depends on what your definition of strange is…”

Newt repeatedly blinked at Arkady’s sudden mad man behavior, unsure of what to think of it.

“Yes,” he said with more confidence now, “It’s my book. I wrote it. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”

This wasn’t’ about a book. This was about a girl.

“I promised an in person copy to my girl…my f-friend…” Newt cleared his throat, “- to my friend.”

 #26203  by Purple
Arkady Nikolayevich Vasiliev ★ Factory worker ★ Werewolf

Arkady chuckled. 'My strange is foreign man letting niffler run about in no-maj area, calling niffler friend, and having poorly-hidden secret of giving book to lover when he is not supposed to.' Arkady looked at his timepiece. He was already 10 minutes late, and had no food to help him recover from a long night, or to get him through to the end of the day.

The smile finally fell from his face as the pang of magicless living came back to him. With magic he could get better clothes, better food, better job. He could hoodwink the nomaj to get what he needed in order to lead a more comfortable life. Nothing like his life back home, but certainly better than this. With magic he could finally have dignity again.

His timepiece ticked in stubborn response. He was already late, and nowhere near the factory. Arkady bit his lip, turning back to Newt.
'Forgive me, am late for work and factory is far. Can.....' He hated asking for help. He swore he wouldn't get involved with magic here. And yet...
'Will you Apparate me?' Arkady lowered his eyes. 'Or have you money for taxi?'
 #26215  by Lilly
Newton Artemis Fido Scamander ★ Magizoologist

“Well, when you put it that way…” Newt mumbled before he was cut off with Arkady’s sudden need for apparition assistance.

He nodded in agreement. Arkady looked like he had a rough night. The very least Newt felt he could do was show the stranger a little compassion.

“Yes. I can help.” The sooner he got back the better. Maybe he could make it in time to change into normal clothes and head down to Jacob’s bakery incognito before the last of the fluffy puffskein shaped cinnamon rolls sold out.

 #26237  by Purple
Arkady Nikolayevich Vasiliev ★ Factory worker ★ Werewolf

'Thank you,' he replied, picking up his fallen hat. 'I work at Adler Textiles in Greenwich Village. Is in Manhatten. Do you know....?' More than likely he didn't. The Garment District was a place for working immigrants, not gentlemen, even if they were a little strange. 'Ummmm....do you know St Patrick's Cathedral? Is near there....'
 #26273  by Lilly
Newton Artemis Fido Scamander ★ Magizoologist

Newt nodded, “I know where the Cathedral is, yes.”

He tucked away his wand and extended an arm out to Arkady. It was only then that he realized they had yet to properly introduce themselves. “I’m Newt, by the way, Newt Scamander.”

The niffler was sound asleep, snoring quietly into Newt’s armpit. “Hold on tight.”

In a whirlwind of flying colors and blurs, the pair had successfully apparated beside St Patrick’s Cathedral in a very narrow alleyway.
 #26277  by Purple
Arkady Nikolayevich Vasiliev ★ Factory worker ★ Werewolf

Conscious of the time, Arkady could not return the introduction. He simply grasped the man's hand, registered his name in his head, and ran off to the factory with a hurried thanks.

Mercifully, he had not been fired. The foreman was late, and didn't notice how Arkady arrived at his station only a few minutes before. Nor did his coworkers call him out. He looked ill enough for them to take pity. All throughout the day bundles of cloth were dumped on his lap, and he was expected to shear these into proper shape for gentlemen's coats.
The work was so monotonous, so repetitive, and so dull that he often drifted off into his own thoughts, brought back only by the splash of red that was now on these clothes, and the knife wound across on his fingers. Offcuts of cloth became his bandage (the cost for which removed from his meager pay), though the blood each time miraculously disappeared before the foreman could notice - it seemed his magic yearned so badly to be channelled that it channelled itself in weaker forms much like when he was a child.

A fifteen minute meal break came and went, during which time, now aching with hunger, Arkady got a bit of bread off of his coworker, and drank heavily from the public water pump just outside.

Inside, he sheared large swaths of cloth, ran smaller pieces through the cutting machine, and tossed the finished product to the next worker to sew. Shear, cut, toss. Shear, cut, toss. Shear, cut, yelp as his own clothes get caught in the machine. Curse as a new hole decorates his threadbare shirt. Ignore yelling and cursing from foreman as Arkady has wasted time. Shear, cut toss.

Fourteen hours later, Arkady was free to leave. He was exhausted. He was hungry. He was sore. He had a handful of pennies in his pocket. Enough for a roll and maybe a bit of tea. Assuming there was a bakery open at this time of night. He'd heard of one that opened recently near his home in the Lower East Side. One that made curiously-shaped rolls and things. Perhaps he would get one of those.

When he finally arrived, after a few wrong turns, it was with resigned dismay that he saw the 'closed' sign on the window. His stomach gave a loud groan of protest just as he saw a figure silhouetted nearby. He seemed oddly familiar.

'You...' he started 'Scama....Saman...' he gave up trying. He couldn't remember the name.
 #26288  by Lilly
Newton Artemis Fido Scamander ★ Magizoologist

He took no offense to Arkady’s lack of introduction or sudden dismissal. The man simply had places to be and things to do, something Newt could certainly understand. But apart from his morning meeting with the Russian werewolf, the magizoologist had a rather calm and uneventful day.

After returning to the empty flat he was borrowing from muggles who were away on holiday, Newt spent the remainder of his morning caring for the magical menagerie of creatures he carried with him in his battered-up suitcase. He tucked the niffler into bed, exercised with the mooncalves, bottlefed the occamy brood, and cleaned out the empty habitat that previously housed Frank the Thunderbird. Once his animal husbandry tasks were complete and he had woken up from a much-needed afternoon nap, Newt decided to practice what he was going to say to Tina. He paced the floor, a nervous wreck, talking out loud to himself until both exhaustion and frustration took over.

“Tomorrow”, he told himself, “I’ll talk to her tomorrow.”

Having nothing else to do but wander around New York, Newt left the muggle residence to journey down to witness the success of Jacob’s new bakery. He knew he was close when the heavenly smelly of deliciously baked goods reached his nostrils and the sound of loud chit-chatty customers reached his ears.

Cautiously Newt slipped inside, making sure to not draw too much attention to himself as he melted into the crowd of people spilling out of the tiny bakery. Business was good and his friend looked happy. Newt was happy too, when he recognized the familiar shapes and figures of the baked goods, because it was enough confirmation to know that their forgotten friendship and crazy adventures were safely tucked away in Jacob’s subconscious memory.

After a bit of bribery, he was able to convince a stranger to buy a basket of random assorted goods on his behalf. The stranger only agreed so long as Newt payed for his rolls. But it was a reasonable compromise for Newt. He didn’t’ want to risk exposure to Jacob…not when he seemed so happy with how things currently were.

The rest of the evening, a few feet from the bakery, Newt sat on a stack of wooden crates with his baked goods to engage in delightful conversation with his good friend Pickett the bowtruckle. Apparently bowtruckles liked glazed cinnamon puffskein puffs pastries too. The little creature was waving his arms in excited gestures, wiggling his body to and fro as Newt watched on with a smile until he realized they were not alone.

He suddenly stood up, squinting in the darkness to see who was addressing him. Pickett quickly hide himself under the lapel of Newt’s coat.

“Me. Yes, Me.” His shoulders relaxed after recognizing the man as the one he had run into earlier that day in Central Park.

“Oh, hello. For a moment I thought you were-“ he shook his head “-never mind.”

Newt motioned to Arkady’s arm, “ How’s the uh-“

 #26289  by Purple
Arkady Nikolayevich Vasiliev ★ Factory worker ★ Werewolf

A sweet aroma struck his senses and his stomach gave another growl of longing. But he was not about to accept food from a stranger. Side-along-apparation was one thing, but the man seemed far too odd to trust with much more than that. He frowned in confusion at the man's half-finished question. Arkady looked from his bandaged hand to his other arm.

"Oh, ah..." Arkady rolled up the machine-mangled sleeve to check on his earlier wound. Though healing in the morning, underneath the dim light of the street lamp Arkady could see that the wound had reopened from the constant movement of the day. "Ah," he reiterated with a note of grim discovery. Perfect. There was probably blood on his sleeve too, though the light wasn't bright enough to illumine that particular annoyance.
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 #26291  by Lilly
Newton Artemis Fido Scamander ★ Magizoologist

In the dim light he could see the old wounds and the new. “You’re as stubborn as a manticore. Do you know that?” Newt’s tone was that of disapproval. He grabbed his suitcase from off the ground and moved it behind the larger pile of crates to prevent anyone from discovering it.

“I’ve never met an armless werewolf but that’s exactly what you’ll become when your limbs rot off from infection. Now come on, grab that basket of bread, and follow me.”

He unfastened the latches on the case and stepped inside it...completely inside of it.

His head popped out a minute later with an impatient look on his face. “Come on!” He disappeared again, waiting inside the suitcase in the mud room for Arkady to join him.
 #26298  by Purple
Arkady Nikolayevich Vasiliev ★ Factory worker ★ Werewolf

Everything about that response left Arkady completely and utterly baffled. From the man's complete nonchalance about Arkady's condition to walking into a suitcase, his disembodied head popping up after a moment to scold him....Arkady may have been away from magic for a while but this was not something he'd ever seen before. Expansion charms on satchels were one thing, but how large could that suitcase possibly be to fit two grown men? More importantly, what was in the suitcase that would lead two grown men to stroll down inside?

No, between these surprises, the hunger, the pain, and exhaustion, this was all too much for Arkady. This man was making it too easy. Arkady trusted him less and less. He was obviously being lured.
"No," he replied flatly, rooted to the spot. "This is trap. Is this why you help me? Find where I am working, where I am living? Who sent you? "
 #26880  by Lilly
Newton Artemis Fido Scamander ★ Magizoologist

Newt sighed heavily and once again popped his head out of the suitcase.

“No one sent me,” the magizoologist explained, “I’m not even allowed to be here to be perfectly frank with you. I could get into a lot of trouble, but not as much trouble as you’ll be in if they find out New York has a werewolf marking his territory in Central Park every month. That makes you my responsibility.”

He could have cared less about where this man worked and where he lived. The only thing Newt cared about was ensuring New York didn’t have a rampant werewolf on the loose. Especially after what happened at Hogwarts in his youth that resulted in him being expelled.

“Er…that didn’t’ come out as gentle as I intended,” he apologized “Look I’m not much of a people person. Most people don’t’ like me and I don’t like most people. But you and I are now acquaintances and I believe it’s in both of our best interests if you let me help you Mr….?”

 #26881  by Purple
Arkady Nikolayevich Vasiliev ★ Factory worker ★ Werewolf

Arkady scowled. "I do not mark territory like common dog." He sighed uncomfortably, looking both ways for eavesdroppers before lowering his voice. "I....try to stay out of way. Find locations with few people. I....do not always wake up in same place. But," his eyes flashed with wounded dignity, "I do not hurt people." As far as he knew, anyway. "I am not menace. I only try to survive in godforsaken city."

Arkady looked suspiciously at Newt. "But it seems I am right in thinking you should not be here," he added in reference to their previous conversation in the park. "Are you communist? Have you ties to Reds?"
 #26885  by Lilly
Newton Artemis Fido Scamander ★ Magizoologist

Newt grimaced. He didn’t intend to offend Arkady. He was only wanting to help, though it did please him to hear that he was at least attempting to take proper precautions to avoid an incident.

“Communists? Reds?” Newt had no idea what Arkady was referring to, for he was out of touch with the happenings of the muggle world and was quite content with living in his own little bubble of tending to magical creatures and helping Dumbledore with favors when need be. Apart from that, he wanted nothing else to do with politics or the outside world.

“If I tell you why I’m not suppose to be here…will you at least tell me your name?”