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 #25518  by Percy Weasley
Location: Diagon Alley • Date: June 30

Well, the last couple of days had been extremely awkward. Ever since the Minister had come face to face with You-Know-You, Percy's life had flipped upside down. Suddenly, he had to admit that the Minister he had been supporting for an entire year, at the cost of losing his family, had been wrong. That You-Know-Who was indeed back. That Dumbledore had been right. In the Ministry shakeup, Percy had managed to fly under the radar, since technically he had only been following orders, but that didn't stop Dumbledore's supporters from looking down at him.

So he had, against all reason and judgement, been avoiding work. Somehow, he had a good number of sick days stockpiled, so he had cashed in on a couple and was on his third day straight of staying home, trying to sort out his life, and trying to figure out if he should be reaching out to his family or not. He didn't know. But he had run out of quills (and journals), so he had to make an emergency trip to Diagon Alley.

As Percy made his way down the street, he glanced around, keeping to himself. Things were a mess, and he didn't know how to fix them.

After buying a bundle of fresh quills and a couple of dragonhide journals (gosh he missed Charlie), he decided to stop at Florean Fortescue's for some ice cream. Maybe that would calm his nerves.
 #26438  by Freja Ostberg
The sun was shining, Freja was finished school and the young girl couldn't be happier. She had only been finished school a few days but the former Hufflepuff was already looking towards the future. In just a few days, Freja would be off travelling the world for the year and she couldn't wait. With the strife and tension that was currently happening in the wizarding world too, it was the best time for Freja to leave the country for the foreseeable future. She'd feel much safer being away from the UK with all that was going on.

She had decided on this sunny day to do some last minute shopping for some essentials she might need while travelling. She made sure to pick herself up a small journal that she could keep track of her travels in too. By the time she had finished she had worked up quite an appetite and with the summer sun shining down she felt the only thing to get was an ice-cream.

Upon ordering her ice-cream in Florean Fortescue's, the young girl turned around, and without noticing, tripped over a chair that had been left askew. Freja fell forward, her ice-cream flying out of the tub and on to someone's chest. Freja mumbled a number of Swedish curse words under her breath, as she did when she got angry in public and immediately reached for napkins on the counter behind her.

"I'm so sorry. I'm usually not this clumsy."
 #26544  by Percy Weasley
All of a sudden he was covered in sticky ice cream, and Percy could barely bring himself to be annoyed, he was so stressed out about everything. Instead, he just looked down, his face weary and drawn, then at the girl. He felt like he might recognize her, but she looked like she was younger than him so maybe not.

"It's... fine," he said, looking around and not seeing any napkins nearby aside from the ones she was grabbing. He glanced down at his shirt again, then back up at her. "It happens." He was to frazzled to even consider complaining about this.
 #26674  by Freja Ostberg
"Honestly, I'd be more concerned if something like this didn't happen," Freja replied with relative ease, handing as many napkins to the older man as possible. "I can be unbelievably clumsy sometimes." she smiled, before standing up straight, throwing the end of her ice-cream into the bin next to her. She watched as a mop floated slowly towards her to clean up the mess she made. Freja smiled apologetically at the owner before turning to face the stranger once more.

"Look, the least I can do is buy you an ice-cream to apologise," she suggested, "It's hard to say no to free ice-cream"
 #26698  by Percy Weasley
Part of him was tempted to refuse the ice cream. Percy wasn't exactly an ice cream person. However, she was so insistent, and seemed so nice, and he was so miserable he almost wanted it.

So he nodded. "Sure," he said, offering a shrug of his shoulder. He took the napkins, dabbing at his shirt in vain, then sighed. A quick motion later, and he had pulled out his wand and pointed it at his shirt, muttering "Scourgify" to clean his shirt. Then he looked at the girl again.

"I haven't been to Floreans in such a long time," he admitted, glancing at the storefront. "What flavour would you recommend?"
 #26821  by Freja Ostberg
Freja laughed as the stranger asked for her recommendation. "Well you really have asked the right girl," she replied, a bright smile on her face. Freja had spent many summers here with her parents. They'd spend hours looking in every shop before treating themselves at the end of the day to a huge ice-cream (which seemed even bigger to little Freja.) She loved trying the different flavours and was always among the first to try any new flavours that may arrive.

"I suppose it really depends what you're into." Freja began, turning to face the rows of colourful ice-cream before them. "I really like the butter pecan, mint and banana." Freja pointed to each as she spoke before turning to face the man. "Their mint ice-cream is the nicest I've ever had," she said.
 #27158  by Percy Weasley
Percy's gaze followed her finger as she pointed, taking in all of the flavours. In the past, his ice cream experience had been limited to vanilla and the occasional chocolate, so these flavours were out of his comfort zone. He was determined to make an effort to be open, though, so he glanced at each flavour again. He did like the little mints that Fudge's secretary had kept on her desk, so maybe mint was for him?

"I guess I'll try the mint," he said, nodding to the clerk. "Uh... two scoops, I guess." A moment later, he was being handed a cone. "Thanks..."

He took an experimental lick. "Oh, that's actually... kind of good." He stood aside, letting her choose her flavour.
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"Good choice," Freja replied with a smile before turning back and taking in all the flavours the shop had to offer.

"Can I get one scoop of mint and one of the peanut butter please." she asked with a bright smile. She watched as the girl behind the counter scooped out her ice-cream and placed it into her cone.

Upon receiving her ice-cream she turned back to the stranger. "Well, cheers I suppose," she said with a laugh, lifting her ice-cream into the air gently before taking her first taste.

"Just as good as always."