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 #26074  by Evelyn Winters
“No, that’s Marcus Sullivan,” She answered with a snarl that she hid behind her cup of coffee. Most of the food that Vera and Louis has brought up to her was left untouched as she savoured her bitter coffee. Louis was making a good job at demolishing the fruit on her plate which made her proud that her son loved fruit as much as he did.

She snagged one of the blueberries from his palm, “Because church is something special between you and your Mummy.” Evelyn answered.
 #26148  by Vera Hadley
Vera attended church, Evelyn did not. It was an agreement that they had never really discussed. For a second the lines on her forehead betrayed her uneasiness with the realization, but quickly the blonde was able to contain her thoughts. They were having a wonderful morning and Vera had no intention of spoiling it.

"Louis is quite the cook, other than chocolate, most of his suggestions were good." She chuckled when Louis laughed at the mention of chocolate.
 #26162  by Evelyn Winters
Not really a breakfast person, but willing to indulge her wife and son, she cut a small piece of the omelette and took a bite. It was good, and she made sure her audience knew it. Louis beamed with pride, and when she offered it to him, he practically climbed into her lap to get it.

"I don't see any chocolate on my plate. Did Mummy not let you sneak me any, mon fils?"
 #26181  by Vera Hadley
"She did not," Vera answered for Louis. Though she had not let her son put chocolate into his mother's breakfast or even on her tray, the blonde took something from her pocket and presented her hand to the pair. "I took care of it myself," she opened her hand to reveal a piece of dark chocolate for her wife and a milk chocolate one for her son.
 #26209  by Vera Hadley
"Thank you," she echoed the words their son had said when he had received his chocolate.

"We will have to leave soon," the blonde announced as she glanced at the clock on their bedside table. "Louis, love why don't you go put your shoes on?"
 #26210  by Louis Hadley
Mouth open, ready for a second helping of omelet, the boy looked up at his other mother. Understanding that he was expected to listen to Vera despite his desire to stay cuddled up to his mother Louis silently made his way towards the foot of the bed.
 #26224  by Evelyn Winters
Not for the first time since Vera had started attending church with their son, Evelyn suddenly felt the desire to ask them to stay, to spend the morning with her, but church was something mother and son did together, and Evelyn didn't want her own selfish needs to come between that. Plus, she really did enjoy the quiet that came with their absence. She managed to get a lot of work done before they came back and Evelyn had to slip back into her mother role.

Still, that didn't mean she wouldn't miss them.

"Hang on Monsieur, came back here. I didn't get a kiss." Grabbing her son by his ankles, she dragged him back up to her and when he was close enough, she flipped him over so that he lay on his back on her legs, his little legs stretched up across her abdomen. Letting go of his ankles, she grabbed his hands and pulled him upwards until he was close enough for her to kiss him on the nose.
 #26432  by Louis Hadley
Bursting with laughter as soon as his mother's hand had wrapped around his ankle, Louis offered no resistance to his mother's pull. Still chuckling when his mother's lips tickled the tip of his nose, the little boy chirped when she pulled away.

Hands framing his mother's face, the little boy looked into Evelyn's loving brown eyes. "Je t'aime maman," he shared as he relaxed in her secure embrace.
 #26723  by Vera Hadley
Vera nodded in agreement. "Good idea," she added as Louis started quacking through another fit of giggles.

Taunted by the clock at their bedside Vera knew it was time to say goodbye. "I'll miss you," she admitted without much shame though she knew it was quite the irrational statement. She kissed Evelyn's cheek, the corner of her mouth and then her lips; a journey she had often traveled, but would never tire from.