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 #25387  by Charity Arlington
Location: Central Park, New York • Date: May 7th, 1926

It was the late afternoon, and since the weather had become so much more pleasant recently, Charity had begun to enjoy spending more time outside again. She worked hard, and spent most of her day indoors at her desk, continuously feeling as if she has to prove herself still.

But today she left work while it was still light out, and she had brought some letters and submissions for the newspaper with her to read as she sat on a bench in Central Park - as much as this was supposed to relax her, she wasn't able to leave all of her work at the office.

Though what Charity was not expecting, was for a strong gust of wind to take her by surprise and blow the piece of parchment out of her hand.
 #26508  by Georgia Taylor
Georgia had been taking a walk in the park- one of her favorite daytime activities. Of course, at night, she was racing as fast as she could through the darkness to bring illegal alcohol from the bathtubs of West Virginia all the way to connections in New York City. It as a lucky thing that she had a day off where she didn't have to find a new route down south. In fact, she was taking a little vacation for a bit.

She wandered through the park, hands in her dress pockets, marveling at the beauty of the flowers in bloom, when a piece of paper flew towards her as she walked into the breeze. The wind pressed it up against her middle and her face and she battled it to get it down, which when the wind eased up, was easy. Pulling the paper down, she started to read a line here and there, curious as to what she had been hit in the face with.