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 #26333  by Maria Bear
 22 May 2019, 05:57
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 #26335  by Vyreia
 22 May 2019, 06:16
Heya Binxy!

I know this is still a WIP, but I thought I'd comment on it since Maria is a cool character idea.

I don't think CAW has years like Hogwarts does; I think she would be a Senior? I'm a Brit so I'm not too sure so hopefully an American can help with that hahaha! Also, we don't have an American Ministry - it's the American Bureau of Magical Affairs. Because of this I don't think president is an option? I think it's called the Secretary of Magic, unless she wants to be the no-maj president - who knows!

Also, it would be good to clarify whether she was born in America or England, as she can't become secretary without being born in America or having a parent from America.

Okay, last thing, I swear. I'm just interested in the character is all! It would be a good idea to have the backstory question in here so we can see how she got to this position as it's super high up and would require a lot of work. Maybe also offer some insight as to why she chose to represent the cloaking party over the revealing party? I'd be interested in seeing it is all :)
 #26338  by Maria Bear
 22 May 2019, 06:45
Im so glad you commented all this! I posted what I have so far in here instead of continuing to write in my documents because I knew I would have gotten something wrong with the American stuff, like the year/senior thing, and I knew I would have missed something to put in her app, like you suggested how she got her position etc. I wouldn’t have included that just her history on where she was born, and how she was turned LOL The rest I was going to add in anyway ^_^

I’ll add all this in soon! Thank you :)


@Vyreia I think I'm finished, what do you reckon? *rubs chin debating*
 #26351  by Arsene
 22 May 2019, 15:50
It's awesome to see more Bureau employees!

Just a few more things to think about - ambassadors are usually representatives to another country on behalf of the US, UK, whatever government they serve. Maria would be the American ambassador to [country name].

This position is also only be appointment so the current Secretary of Magic (Revealing party) would have had to appoint her to that country. And of course, she'd have to speak the language, know the laws, and understand the culture as well :)

These are just some things to think about to help you get a better understanding of your character!