A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #26437  by Dexon Binx
Dexon thought it would be a good idea to sweep Prudence off her feet, and take her away for a long weekend. The Russian dancer at the club, Marisha, she was telling Dexon about some nice places back at her homeland that would be nice for him to take Prue to, and the second Michelle gave him the green light for some time off work, he took Prue away.

The pair of them were sitting in a park. For just a park it was rather lovely. He would have preferred to of taken Prudence for dimmer in a nicer restaurant, but he doubted any restaurants served what they ate. "What do you think? Do you like the view?" he asked while turning on the park bench to look at her better.
 #26500  by Prudence Binx
"Just...as pretty as it was in 1996." She only said in a tone that one could connect to pure annoyance as she looked out on the country she never planned on coming back to unless to help with the other club Misty had. Or stay at the hotel ignoring the fact she was there by downing so much wine she thought she was back home, though his attempt was appreciated...and really sweet...He should not have taken Marisha's advice. That had been a very very bad idea on his part...and she'd be talking to Marisha when they got back.

"When you said getting away...I was thinking...maybe Hawaii. The flowers and ocean would look beautiful under the moon after all." She suggested, giving him a little smirk.
"And think about what we could do in the water?" She said trying to lighten the mood her leg still crossed.