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 #26356  by Peyton
-Emilia York ★ Sixteen ★ Ravenclaw
Emilia sat carefully on the ledge of the big stained glass window in the quiet corridor. It was springtime, so most of her schoolmates were spending their time outdoors, frolicking in the fields or playing with the giant squid in the lake on the school grounds. She didn't enjoy that sort of thing anyway; she was graceful... a lady. And the squid was disgusting.

Besides, she rather enjoyed the way the inside of the castle stayed cool when the rest of the world started to warm up. It gave her a reason to wear her cardigan, which she absolutely adored. And, being alone inside, away from distractions, she was able to daydream about the boy she liked, He was tall, dark, and handsome. Sometimes, she thought he looked at her the way she looked at him, but she was on the fence as to whether or not there could even be a possibility of something between them.

They were cousins. While their pureblood family may have supported it at one time, she wasn't sure if they would now. Or if she was even alright with it. But there she was, regardless, thinking about what it might be like just to hold his hand. Lost in curious thought, she leaned her head back against the frame of the window and watched multicolored birds flit from tree branch to tree branch.
 #26360  by Vyreia
Ciceron York ★ Magical Seer ★ 6th Year, Slytherin
Ciceron was glad that it was finally Spring. It meant that half term was coming up, ensuring that some of the other students would be going home to their families soon. To him, it didn't really matter whether he returned home or not. He got to stay in similar company regardless; the only difference this year was that Hera would not be in the family home anymore. Not that it mattered. She was off gallivanting with her new boyfriend...he already knew that wouldn't last. He was cheating on her, but he wasn't about to say anything.

He'd heard that Viola and Noella were going home this year to plan a shopping trip to France. Typical. Ciceron, however, was far more concerned about what one cousin in particular was going to do. And as if the universe knew, the next corridor he walked down led him right to her, and his smile lit up from the sight. Pretty as ever.

"What are you doing here, all alone? Wouldn't you prefer to be outside? It's a nice day." He commented, stepping up to where she was seated and leaning against a pillar, arms folded. He smirked at her, tilting his head. "What are we planning to do for half term? Stay here or go home?"
 #26362  by Peyton
-Emilia York ★ Sixteen ★ Ravenclaw
It was easy to get carried away with her thoughts, one leading to another and that one leading to another yet, and the little smile on her face was proof that those those thoughts were pleasant. Hearing footsteps, she sat up a little, making sure that her back was straight as she glanced to see who was coming.

It was Ciceron.

It was her cousin.

She smiled perhaps more than she should have, clasping her hands in her lap. "Bit too much sun, I think," she replied, looking up at him with big, innocent eyes-- the kind given to someone very special. She couldn't help it. Just seeing him made butterflies stir awake in her stomach and her heart skip beats.

Biting her lip just a little, she glanced to the side and then back, not able to help the little smile at seeing him. "I think it's just as well we stay here instead of going back. It's only a few days. And we would have the castle mostly to ourselves. Wouldn't that be exciting?" she asked, really just wanting to spend a little more time with him before she had to pretend that he was just her cousin again.
 #26364  by Vyreia
Ciceron York ★ Magical Seer ★ 6th Year, Slytherin
Ciceron smirked a little, giving a nod and looking off to the side. She was giving him those eyes again. He wasn't sure if she even realised that she had eyes like that, but she did. They seemed to pierce straight into him. She could ask him to kill his own father and he would for her; anything she asked and he would do it like a well-trained puppy. He really hoped nobody else noticed.

"That's very true. We can likely stay up a little later...but I'm sure the professors will have their eyes on us at night. At least we don't need to go to lessons. We could even try and sneak into the forbidden section of the library if we're sneaky enough." He commented, looking over her briefly. Though he hoped after that she hadn't noticed his eyes wander for a second.

"Although I can't get in the Ravenclaw dorm, perhaps we can hang out in the astronomy tower. It's one of my favourite places, you know."
 #26370  by Peyton
-Emilia York ★ Sixteen ★ Ravenclaw
Emilia nodded in agreement, looking out the window and thinking about how her classmates were getting caught doing things all the time. "It's true, I heard that a Gryffindor got in trouble just for being in the library past curfew. They were on their way back from the library. Getting caught is a shame, but at least they were docked house points," she said, nodding thoughtfully. "Better for the rest of us."

She turned back just in time to see Ciceron's eyes trail up over her. She blushed and blinked down. Suddenly, she felt self conscious, and maybe a little worried about how she felt. Daydreaming was one thing but actually having her cousin look at her like that made her nervous.

"I do like the astronomy tower. You can see all the stars, every single one," she said, looking forward to spending more time with the other.
 #26371  by Vyreia
Ciceron York ★ Magical Seer ★ 6th Year, Slytherin
Nodding, Ciceron looked away. She was avoiding eye contact; it meant she likely saw him looking at her. Damn, he was stupid for thinking he could get away with that. At the same time...he sort of wanted her to know that he wasn't turned off...more than that, he was attracted to her. He knew it wasn't really the norm anymore but it felt natural.

At least right now it did.

Ciceron was positive that if anything ever did happen, he would come to the realisation that it was all just hormones and he wasn't actually in love with his cousin. That was, of course, all it was. A silly crush on the girl he spent most time with. Perhaps next year he would feel the same way about Georgia, or Leah, or perhaps Abigail. They were all pretty.

But looking back to Emilia...they could have been the most beautiful around and they still would not have a hair on Emilia.

"I have the best view of one right now." He smirked, looking at her before nodding his head, gesturing for her to follow."C'mon, let's get up there before anyone sees us."
 #26375  by Peyton
-Emilia York ★ Sixteen ★ Ravenclaw
Emilia's breath caught in her throat as Ciceron compared her to a star. She blushed again and did everything in her power not to giggle like a little girl. No one had ever talked to her like that, and for some reason (probably her strange attraction to him), it didn't matter than this was her cousin.

She was really on the fence about that.

He motioned for her to follow him and of course, she absolutely did. She stood up gracefully and smoothed out her dress. "Are you sure no one will catch us?" she asked, a little bit of an excitement in her voice. She didn't do much to break rules, keeping herself rather goody-goody, but she was willing to take a chance. It would be easy enough to get out of if they were caught.

She smiled at him. "Lead the way, Ronnie."
 #26377  by Vyreia
Ciceron York ★ Magical Seer ★ 6th Year, Slytherin
"Of course I'm not sure. What do you think I am, psychic?" He glanced over his shoulder at her, winking before turning to lead the way. It was weird to think that they had the potential of being alone, away from other students, professors, and family members. He'd always been close to Emilia, but ever since joining Hogwarts together, it was even more evident how close they were. Who knew. Their parents sort of knew wither them being born within the same year that they would share similar experiences at the same time. Perhaps even they didn't realise how far this had gone?

A short time later, they had reached the top of the tower. The classrooms were empty, not another student in sight. So, as any teenage boy would do, he unlocked the astronomy classroom with his wand and tiptoed in, glancing around.

"Coast is clear, Emmie." He spoke lowly, opening the door for her and making his way to the little balcony at the end of the room. "Do you think we'll manage to stay here until curfew"
 #26380  by Peyton
-Emilia York ★ Sixteen ★ Ravenclaw
Emilia followed CIceron all the way up to the top of the tower, watching for anyone along the way. She was impressed that they hadn't been caught and owed it all to how sneaky her cousin was being. They'd known each other their entire lives and Emilia was sure she had never seen him this determined over something.

Once at the top, she smiled at him unlocking the door and letting them through, calling her Emmie on the way. He was the only one who called her that and she secretly loved it. "I certainly hope so. We got up here expertly, it would be a shame to put that to waste," she said, looking around and realizing that they really were all alone. No parents, no relatives, no professors. Just them. She turned to face him, looking up with almost timid eyes.

"It's been a while since it's been just us," she commented, playing with the bottom hem of her cardigan.
 #26420  by Vyreia
Ciceron York ★ Magical Seer ★ 6th Year, Slytherin
Ciceron nodded, looking around for a moment longer before finding a suitable shelf to look at.

"It has...you know, it's also been a while since I read your cards..." He commented, pulling out a polished deck of cards from the bookcase he was looking at. Had he known he was doing this, he would have brought his own, but this made things easier regardless. He looked over his shoulder at her, smirking.

"When was the last time? Two, three years ago? Do you even remember what I predicted? I've practiced a lot since then, so I think I would be more accurate this time." He pulled out a chair for Emilia, gesturing for her to take it before taking his own across a table from her.
 #26483  by Peyton
-Emilia York ★ Sixteen ★ Ravenclaw

Emilia raised her eyebrows, remembering the last time he read her cards. He'd told her a bunch of stuff that was common knowledge- things that really anyone could know. Or pretend that they knew. She thought it was fun, though a little silly. Regardless, she smiled and took the seat he offered for her. He was such a gentleman.

"I believe you told me that I was going to do well on my exams," she replied, a tiny smile playing at her lips. She always did well on her exams. And on her homework. And in class. There wasn't a bad mark on her record and she planned to keep it that way. "Are you going to tell me that again?" she asked, a little humor in her voice.

She looked at him across from her, and it reminded her of a daydream she'd had once of them on a dinner date together. All they needed was some fancy wine and a candle on the center of the table. Blinking out of it, she raised her eyebrows.
 #26551  by Vyreia
Ciceron York ★ Magical Seer ★ 6th Year, Slytherin
"I'll try not to." Ciceron smirked at her, knowing very well that his last attempt hadn't been very helpful in the grand scheme of things. Of course she would do well in her exams; she was Emilia York. She was one of the most intelligent witches he knew. But this time, he wanted to be a little more specific, especially since he was soon going into his final year. He wanted to at least make use of the Hogwarts divination, astronomy, and tea reading equipment. Hey, why not use a crystal ball...or take one. He bet he could get away with it.

But then again, would would he need to? He was filthy rich!

He began to shuffle the deck proficiently before spreading the cards across the table.

"Pick 3"
 #26568  by Peyton
-Emilia York ★ Sixteen ★ Ravenclaw

Emilia smiled a little at his smirk and looked down at her lap, straightening her dress a bit. She really needed to stop that. He was going to think she was insane for feeling how she did for him. Maybe. Or maybe he wouldn't. Maybe there could be something between them. They were only cousins, after all, and she knew he was a pureblood. Keeping her family pure was something she was very interested in.

She watched as her perfect and capable hands expertly shuffled the deck of cards and spread them across the surface of the table. Her eyes met his before she looked down at them and took her time selecting three as he'd asked. Sliding one forward a bit, she looked to the next and slid it forward, and then to the third, and pulled it out a little, then gracefully moving her hands back to her lap and looking back up at him.
 #27795  by Vyreia
Ciceron York ★ Magical Seer ★ 6th Year, Slytherin
Ciceron nodded, sliding the other cards away into another stack to the side, no longer needing them. He cleared his throat, arranging the cards she'd picked into a neat row, sure to keep the edges aligned. Presentation was everything, after all. With a flash of a smile, he turned over the first card.

"Two of cups. It represents partnerships and commitments." He cleared his throat. "In a past position, it shows that you have an established meaningful relationship with somebody. It's possible that remained committed to this partner will reward you after patient devotion."

He lifted his brow at her.

"Tell me about him. Is he in our year or?"
 #29261  by Peyton
-Emilia York ★ Sixteen ★ Ravenclaw

As it turned out, Ciceron's interpretation of what he was seeing in her cards was actually very close to the truth. In fact, it was the truth. Emilia definitely had an established meaningful relationship with someone. She wondered if the reward for her patient devotion was to marry that very person. To have a family with him.

She smiled very slightly, a rosy tint bushing her cheeks. "Oh, you automatically assume it's a he then?" she teased, but really she was digging for more information on what his thoughts were- if they were aimed in a similar direction as hers.