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 #26270  by Aidan Rogan
“Good question,” said Aidan with a wry chuckle. “But no. I already called everything off with her. And not because of you. Because of Michelle Binx. She threatened her very life. Not that I don’t care about you as much.. I mean I don’t... but you have Nathan’s protection. Also Michelle doesn’t have as much reason to hate you. But Michelle understands now that I won’t be seeing Cecile any more. And so she is safe. Happy?”

He said, crossing his arms and sitting back in the chair.
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Viola thought for a few seconds, taking in all of what he was saying.

"She's going to hate me regardless, you know. Whether I do something or not. She's a woman with a wild imagination; so we could sit here and talk about the weather, but her mind will immediately think we're having hot, wild, and nasty sex."

She leaned down, looking him in the eyes.

"I'm not about to be attacked over something I haven't even done."

With that, she reached up, gripping him by the collar and dragging him up, her mouth clashing to his as she feverishly kissed him, her other hand lacing into his hair.
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Aidan was about to explain he really wasn’t too concerned at this point what Michelle thought as long as Cecile was safe, but suddenly he found Viola gripping him, her mouth crashing down on his!

For a moment he didn’t even know how to respond! Maybe she was feeling a sudden passion in that moment, but he certain wasn’t... or hadn’t been. But she was a beautiful woman! With a nice body, and soft lips pressed into his!

He quickly found his “passion”.

Aidan brought up his hand and gripped her arm, kissing her back, then pulled her around and down onto his lap where he kissed her some more.

He still wasn’t sure what happened. Was it that simple? She wanted to sleep with him because Michelle would think she was? Didn’t quite make sense to Aidan buuut.... he wasn’t going to question it. He remembered how good the night of the Christmas Ball was...
 #26275  by Viola York
Viola straddled him, gripping him tightly, kissing just as passionately. After his mention of not tying her down, she had thought briefly of leaving to find Gavin...but it wasn't that easy, was it? Aidan made it clear that he was aware of the consequences, including if their reputation was at stake.

She suddenly paused in her kissing, though her grip pressed harder as she stared into nowhere. Carefully, she brought her focus back to Aidan. Her brows began to furrow, confusion hitting her face. It was as though she was about to speak, but soon realisation began to form.

Her grip on his tightened again, and she felt her world crash around her.

"We need to call Nathan." She said, her voice shaking. But her hand soon slapped down on Aidan's shoulder as she said even louder. "Get Nathan here right now!"

She began to pull herself up from Aidan, dampness clear on her jeans as she hurried to the bathroom.

Her water had broken.
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“I uh, what?...l” said Aidan as she dashed away.

What was going on? Why get Nathan? What exactly.... OH MERLIN!!!

Suddenly it struck Aidan what was happening! She was wet because her water broke. Not because... well... no. Of course not. Wow... he hardly had time to think! Was this happening? What was this going to mean for him?!

No, no time!

“Ok! I’m going!” He shouted out to her before turning and running off.
 #26310  by Viola York

A little time later, Viola didn't know where to put herself. She had heard that Hera had gotten a shower to relax whilst in labour, apparently her mum had gone straight to the hospital, but Viola didn't know what to do. It hurt. It hurt more than anything she'd ever experienced. The little breaks between contractions made it worse due to the anxiousness of the next one. She didn't know what potions would be safe, what would cause harm, or the best position to be in to make the blasted pain go away!

They seemed to be getting a lot more vicious quickly, and eventually, she had fallen down onto the sofa, unable to get back up as she curled up through each contraction. She squealed, squeezing her eyes shut, just wanting it to be over. She wasn't sure exactly how far along she was, but she was far enough to know that it felt like she needed to start pushing or doing something!
 #26318  by Nathan Iver
It was then that the door swung open and in walked Nathan, saying as he did,

“You will see Aidan. All will be well. Child birth is very...” but then catching sight of Viola he paused in his tracks, then stepping swiftly to her side he knelt beside her and said,

“Viola, it’s Nathan. I’m here with Ciceron. Have you been timing the contractions? How far apart are they?” But from her look... he wouldn’t be surprised if they were coming one on top of the other by this point!”

Nathan... was not prepared for this. He had been almost certain she would tell them it was a false alarm when they got there.

Of all nights to be drinking the way he had!
 #26319  by Aidan Rogan
Aidan had been following close behind, but he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Viola. She looked so pale, so terribly in distress, and he didn’t know what to do! What should he do. He wasn’t her husband, hell he wasn’t even her boyfriend! If he was maybe he would hold her hand or something sweet and tell her she would be alright but... but... that seemed so awkward and frankly unwanted. It wasn’t like they were at the end of a journey they had started out together, planned, been working on. They had never been to a birthing class, or talked about names, gender, hopes, dreams... he just thought he had more time!!!

Also... maybe the reality had never really sunken in...

Did she even want him in the room when the time came?

Did he even want to be in the room?...

And so he just stood there. Frozen.
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Viola immediately gripped Nathan by the shirt collar, bringing him close and seething into his face.

"Does it fucking look like I've been counting between them!? I don't know how-" She cut herself off with another burst of pain, squeezing her eyes shut and gritting her teeth harshly. Everything hurt. Her mind was going blank and she couldn't think properly, and barely even realised how hard her finger nails were burying themselves into Nathan's chest.

"Fix it!" She screamed, her other hand clawing at the sofa.

It felt like an eternity until the contraction was over, and Viola fell back limply, her head on the arm of the sofa, sweat gathering on her forehead and chest heaving for air.

"I'm never sleeping with a man again. I'm gonna be a lesbian after this. Someone owl Petra, tell her to hit me up..." She mumbled to herself wearily.
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Ciceron entered the room, wide-eyed. But he snapped out of it quickly as he saw Nathan spring into action.

"Move!" Ciceron snapped as he shoved Aidan out of the way, pacing past to the bathroom before re-emerging with several towels. He threw them onto the sofa before glancing around. It was a good thing they hadn't unpacked yet, as he knew which bag was for Viola's potions. He stepped to it and unzipped it immediately, writhing through it before he found something to help ease the pain.

"Don't just stand there like a wet lemon, Aidan. Warm up the towels, get a cloth, and stop annoying me with your gormless expression."
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Seeing what Ciceron was doing, Nathan said, "Find the strongest painkiller that she has in there. It doesn't matter what. I think this baby is coming too fast to be affected by much. In fact I'm not sure it's going to do much for Viola by the time all is finished."

He then chuckled lightly at Viola and said, "no sex ever again? Famous last words."

Glancing to Aiden then he said, "Also see if you can find twine ... and make some really strong black coffee and bring it to us the second it is ready." Glancing to Ciceron he said casually, “Hopefully all will go as nature intended and there will be no complications...”

He was really not sober enough for complications tonight...
 #26340  by Aidan Rogan
Aidan stared a moment longer, then snapped awake, turning and running off to find the things needed.

First he got the towels, heated them with his wand, then came back and tossed them onto a chair near Ciceron.

He could hear Ciceron telling Viola to breath, and Nathan saying in a surprised tone that she was nearly 9 centemeters (whatever that meant), and asking if she had an urge to push.

Next Aidan went into the kitchen where he started to to heat water for the coffee. He pulled out two mugs, then sat back against the counter, put his hands over his face and sighed...

This was all happening too fast and it suddenly struck him that he was about to become a father!

But he couldn’t! How could he?! Was this all worth it? Most of his life he didn’t even have a mother or father and even when they were there they did a pretty shitty job of it! He had no good examples!

Aidan began to breath hard, trying to keep from hyperventilating. He had never had a panic attack before, but he felt like he was on the verge of one...
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Aidan was right. It was happening too fast for Ciceron to understand too. This entire pregnancy was something strange; it had lasted too long, survived too much, and yet was about to end so quickly. But having downed his coffee despite the boiling heat, dosed Viola with the painkiller, and prepped everything...he felt he had at least done what he could.

Some time later, after a lot of screaming from Viola, there had been a moment of silence. It was promptly followed by crying.

A few more minutes passed; Viola had fallen limp, breathing heavily, sweat on her skin and body shaking. She had her eyes closed, clearly glad it was over. Little did she know that the real difficulty would be the next 18 years or so.

Ciceron stood, holding something wrapped in a blanket, looking down at the little form.

"Would you like to hold your baby?" He asked, though as he looked out, it appeared as though Viola would need a few minutes to recover. He glanced to Nathan. "She's had a boy."