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 #26058  by Marley Dalton
Location: Darlington Ranch • Date: Spring

Marley had followed her friend into the kitchen dying to ask about the young man she had not expected to see at the Darlington's Easter Brunch. Once she was certain no one had followed them she bumped her hip against the Ballet Master's. "Louis is integrating nicely," she observed gently as she knew her friend was rather secretive about her relationship with the young playwright.
 #26062  by Lidia Ostrivnyj
Her friend had never really be subtle, so when Lidia had excused herself to go check on the dinner being prepared in the kitchen, she had barely been able to contain the eye roll when Marley had announced that she would help her.

Snatching a potato out of the air, she rubbed a thumb over a dirt spot that her magic had neglected to remove. Turning on the faucet, she ran the vegetable under the cold stream as Marley bumped into her.

Lidia eyed the woman suspiciously, "I felt it was polite to ask him to join us considering his mothers were out of town."
 #26063  by Marley Dalton
"Very kind indeed," she confirmed with a knowing smile. "Have you ever thought about how things will be once the play is over?" She inquired curiously. "Do you think he only has one play in him or will he make a career out of it?"
 #26153  by Ava Darlington
"A career out of what?" Ava asked as she entered the kitchen. Dodging a few items whizzing about the room, she waved her empty wine glass at the questioning gaze of her sister-in-law. "You're out of wine, dear." Smiling smugly, she moved across the kitchen and snatched up a bottle of red wine. Pulling out her wand, she waved it at the cork and it slowly wiggled free, then she poured a generous amount into her glass.

She made a satisfied noise in the back of her throat, "Lidia, you never did tell me how you managed to employ Evelyn Winter's son to write a play for you."
 #26157  by Lidia Ostrivnyj
Stiffening at the sound of Ava's voice, she shot Marley a look and then turned to face her sister-in-law, "I'm sorry, I was going to bring out some more when I was finished in here, but Marley wanted to discuss the play."

Letting the potato go, it whizzed back into the air and then began to cut itself into small slices, "Louis' mother's are away for Easter so I invited him to join us. He's very talented, and he approached me actually about the play."
 #26158  by Marley Dalton
Realizing her friend was volunteering more information than her sister in law had requested Marley smiled softly. It seemed Lidia's secret might be weighing on her a little more than she had let on.

"I cannot wait to see the play," the blonde shared excitedly. "Ava, is there any chance you might see it?"
 #26208  by Ava Darlington
Ava shook her head immediately, "Not unless they perform in the states. I might work for the Ministry of Magic once again, but my work still allows me to continue living in Washington," She explained to Lidia's friend.

She took a sip from her glass of wine, "What does Sasha think of young Louis hanging around?" Ava asked with a raised brow.
 #26223  by Lidia Ostrivnyj
Without a single ounce of regret in her voice Lidia replied to Ava, "Unfortunately we will only be touring Europe. But maybe one day." She smiled tightly and then moved across the room.

"Why don't we go and join Marget back in the sitting room. We have wine, and my kitchen isn't a disaster, so there's no need for us to be in here." LIdia eyed Marley as she ignored Ava's question.
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Marley loved Jude. From the moment they had met, his playful smile, his kind heart and his devotion to Lidia had been more than enough to win her over. Expecting a similar heart when she had been told she would meet his sister, Marley had been surprised to meet someone who was so different. Ava was calculated and her smile was glacial, there was a sadness to her that made Marley want to hug her. Yet when she mentioned Sasha, Marley frowned, there seemed to be ill will in her question.

Wondering if her friend would be able to evade her sister in law for long, Marley followed them outside. Smile widening as soon as she noticed her wife, Marley's attention was immediately focused on the beautiful blue-eyed blonde.
 #26617  by Ava Darlington
Following behind Lidia and Marley back into the large sitting room she had spent many years growing up in, she retook her seat, the exact same one her mother used to place herself in during gatherings.

“More wine, Margot?” She asked, lifting up the bottle and tipping it towards her glass.
 #26624  by Margot Dalton
Not willing to follow after her wife, Margot watched as Ava got up and disappeared into the kitchen for more wine. The ex-congresswoman has always intimidated her, but ever since her not so private fall from grace, Margot has been unable to find the once formidable woman. Lidia had told Marley a year or so ago that her sister-in-law had started to drink and seeing how many glasses Ava had had today, Margot was inclined to believe her.

The trio weren’t gone long, five minutes tops, but the blonde woman was incredibly glad to see all parties unscathed. Marley wasn’t the type to keep herself out of a tussle between family members, especially if one of those members were a friend. A best friend.

“Ah, no thank you. I’m fine for now.” She replied, holding a hand over top her glass. It was only two in the afternoon and Margot wasn’t much of a drinker, never hand been.

She turned to Marley, “Marley, have you told Lidia about the lunch you had with Paszek yesterday?”
 #26747  by Marley Dalton
"I met her to give her a painting I had dedicated to her," Marley explained perking up. Noticing the expectant look her wife was giving her she realized that this might not be the information she had intended her to share. "She is considering coming out of retirement," Marley paused as she got distracted by a nest in a nearby tree. She pointed at the nest. "I've always envied birds," she mused.
 #27406  by Lidia Ostrivnyj
Lidia quirked her head, "Is that right?" She asked, trying to envision Petra Paszek coming back to the Academy. It had been a number of years since she had worked along side the Polish woman and Lidia was unsure how she felt about working along side her again.

"Paszek is doing what now, traveling?"
 #27408  by Marley Dalton
"She is seeking inspiration," Marley echoed the sentence she had heard Petra say while they had met for lunch. "She will likely come to see your play, Lidia."

And with that, her attention went back to the birds.
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"Paszek," Ava murmured against the rim of her wine glass. Her teeth were stained pink from all the red she had consumed that day. "Isn't that the werewolf they had running the Academy when you were there as a Teacher's Aid?" She asked her sister-in-law.