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 #23518  by Rixius Rains
Location: Slytherin Common Room • Date: March
Time of Day: Early Evening • Weather: Raining

Rix was currently chilling in the common room. The usual lot he would be seen talking to were either in their dorm room, or around the castle somewhere. Rixius wanted to be in none of those places, so he was currently sitting with his legs hanging over an arm chair by the fire, and a copy of latest Quidditch weekly magazine propped up on his legs as he read.
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 #23540  by Eliza Villiers
There was nothing Eliza loved more than a rainy spring evening when the fire was glowing in the Slytherin Common Room. Considering the Slytherin Common Room was usually quite a cold one, the fire burning brightly was often a welcome sight.

Eliza, along with her giggling group of friends, burst into the Slytherin Common Room, most definitely disturbing the peaceful ambience that had just been present. The group of four entered the room, three deciding to go up to their dorms, leaving Eliza Villiers on her own.

By the fire, she spotted Rixius, definitely one of the better-looking boys of her year. He was also someone she had wanted to be part of her social group that she had been gathering the past few months. So far, no sixth-year slytherin boys had been worthy of her time or attention, so why not chance her arm with Rixius.

Eliza sat on the couch opposite the boy, holding her hands out for the fire to warm them.

"Anything particular interesting in that, Rains?" she asked, nodding at the magazine on his lap.
 #24037  by Rixius Rains
Rixius was rather enjoying the silence, the calm and peace where he could read without being disturb. However, that soon changed when a bunch of loud and giggling girls had entered the common room. Rix's eyes peered over the top of his magazine so he could watch the girls, both in annoyance at them disturbing the silence, and also because he liked to look at the girls, especially if they were as cute as that lot.

The male Slytherin watched as most of the girls vanished to their dorms, leaving just Eliza behind. Rixius watched Eliza for a moment as she took a seat by the fire, but he soon pulled his gaze back down to his magazine and continued to read.

"Just some interview with the Wimbourne Wasps' beater, Brooklyn Stone" he replied, his gaze looked back up from his magazine and back over to Eliza. "I think it's an interesting read" though he would, seeing as that was his favourite team, and also a woman he fancied. Rix didn't usually like tomboys, he liked girly girls, females who dressed more feminine. But there was always something he liked about female quidditch players.

"It's probably nothing that would interest you, though, right? Aren't you more into painting your nails and doing your hair?" he asked, and though the question might have sounded rude, he didn't mean it to be, after all, Rix liked girls who took pride in the appearance like that.
 #24297  by Eliza Villiers
Eliza fell backwards into the couch, relaxing her entire body. She let the warmth of the fire take over her entire body. Eliza turned her head slowly towards the male as he asked her a question.

"Oh Rix, it's like you don't know me at all." she scoffed. "I'm not just a pretty face y'know. I also enjoy a bit of quidditch in my spare time. A girl of many talents some would say." she smirked, her attention turning back towards the fire.
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Rixius chuckled when Eliza said she wasn't just a pretty face, and his brow rose with curiosity when she said she has many talents. "Oh really?" he asked, "and what other talents might you have, besides from looking pretty and playing quidditch? Are you any good at Quidditch?" He figured she must be good other wise she wouldn't play, right?
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Rixius's smirk had only gotten bigger with Eliza's reply. She was confident, he liked it. He glanced around the rest of the room to see if anyone else was in earshot, there was a couple of second year girls playing games in the corner, so he kept his voice low. He didn't like the idea of little girls over hearing him flirt. Having a little sister himself is what made him self conscious like that.

"Well, there are a few things I could think of that I wouldn't mind you being good at" he replied, "one thing I can't really say right now...." he glanced over to the little girls, then back to Eliza, that smirk holding strong on his face. "One of the other things would be kissing, and the other thing I wouldn't mind you being good at is singing".

Rix got up from his chair and went over to Eliza, he reached a hand out for her to take so he could take her over to the sofa so they could sit together, and possibly be able to talk quieter with no one else overhearing them.
 #25158  by Eliza Villiers
Eliza was a flirt. She knew that. And she knew she was good at it. She liked having the attention of others and really she didn't mind how she got that attention. A smirk appeared on her own lips as he leaned in closer to her.

"I'm definitely good at one of those things. The other...not so much." she smiled as watched as he stood up and approached her, holding out his hand for her to take. After looking at his hand for a second she decided to take hold of it and sit with him the other side of the Slytherin common room where it was a bit quiet.
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Rix plopped down onto the sofa and instantly pulled Eliza down beside him, though he made sure he pulled her down very close so she was as good as sitting on his lap. He turned his body to face her.

"Let me guess... You're good at snogging, and not so good at singing?" he chuckled, "if that's right I suppose I can't be too disappointed that you can't sing me a song". He presumed she'd be willing to kiss him, with how big Rix's ego is, he felt confident she'd treat him to a kiss or two so the lack of a good singing voice wasn't a bad thing. "Kissing is way better than singing after all".
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Eliza allowed herself to be pulled down onto the couch beside her fellow Slytherin. She smiled her usual smile, lips closed, her eyes looking up at Rixius from beneath her lashes. She had perfected the good girl look and always used it to her advantage.

The blonde listened to Rixius, as he made it abundantly clear that he wouldn't mind a kiss or two. She leaned in towards the boy, as though she was going to kiss him before turning ad whispering in his ear.

"Oh, Rixius, if you think I'm going to kiss you that easily then you clearly don't know me well enough at all." she said before untangling herself from his arms and standing up and facing him.

"Kissing is only better than singing when both parties are good at it." she teased before turning around to head up the stairs to her dorm.
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Rixius was feeling all smug when he thought he was about to get a kiss from Eliza, but when she diverted her lips to his ear so she could whisper something, he was suddenly filled with curiosity. He listened to her words and was soon smirking. His smirk remained on his face and he remained seated as he watched his fellow slytherin get to her feet, he was half tempted to pull her back down playfully so she couldn't leave, but he let her go.

"Don't you worry, princess! I'm a fantastic kisser!" he called after her as she headed to her dorm. Rix couldn't help but to chuckle to himself as he felt amused by what just happened. "To be continued..." he muttered under his breath while getting to his feet, then headed off to his own dorm room. Rix definitely felt like he had some unfinished business.