A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #24617  by Thelma Falklands
Location: Gryffindor Common Room • Date: 9th of April, 1978
Time of Day: Late Night • Weather: Heavily raining

It was getting late. An ornate grandfather clock that sat as the centrepiece of the fireplace mantle illustrated the slow creep towards midnight. The turbulent rainstorm outside rapped impatiently against the Gothic windows of the Gryffindor tower. At the centre of the room a toasty fire roared merrily, clarifying the room with a hospitable glow.

Tucked away in one corner of the room sat a particularly distressed seventh year student. Thelma, despite her best efforts, was not having a grand past few months. It had dawned upon her only recently that if she really wanted to get anywhere in life she'd have to do well in her N.E.W.T.S. Studying had never been something Thelma favoured, nor something she was particularly proficient in. Still, she was determined. No matter how many mental breakdowns she would have to endure.

"Ugh, this is bollocks!" Exclaimed the witch suddenly, her outburst piercing the tranquil ambiance of the almost empty common room. She hurled a scrunched up ball of parchment into the fireplace for good measure. This was not going well: her head hurt tremendously, she was extremely tired from a full seven hours of studying and she still didn't understand a thing about N.E.W.T level Transfiguration.

It wasn't only going to be a long night, but a long few months until graduation.
 #24814  by Dianne Osgood
Dianne came creeping into the Gryffindor common room through the portrait hole at a very late hour, way, way past curfew. She had lost track of time, and was hoping that nobody would be in the common room when she returned, and she could just sneak up into bed, no questions asked.

How wrong she was.

Before she had even fully entered, she heard the voice of her friend, swearing and throwing things. Crap.

"Alright there, Thelma?" Dianne said teasingly, hoping that this would invite her friend to vent about what was bothering her, and they could avoid the whole 'what were you doing out after curfew so late' scenario.
 #24894  by Thelma Falklands
The sudden motion of someone entering the common after curfew stirred the curious seventh year who turned from her chair to take a peek at the intruder. Realising that it was just her dear friend, Dianne, Thelma got up from her seat and bounded over to her fellow Gryffindor.

"And what are you doing sneaking around at night, Dianne?" Thelma chirped gleefully, any trace of her boredom from earlier now extinguished with the promise of a little gossip.
 #24896  by Dianne Osgood
Well, her initial plan of hoping that Thelma was distracted enough by her work to care about what Dianne was doing already hadn't worked. Brilliant.

"I was just, you know, going on one of those late night walks, as I do," Dianne grinned, though there was a twinkle in her eye. She knew she'd end up telling her friend what was actually going on in a minute, she just thought she'd try and have the air of mystery for a bit longer. Plus, when they were younger, Dianne really did enjoy just sneaking out of the common room at night for the fun of it.
 #25436  by Dianne Osgood
"Okay fine," Dianne said, knowing that unfortunately she shared a room with Thelma, so there wasn't even anywhere to go to get away from her incessant questions.

"I was with Heath Mudge, you know, from Ravenclaw," Dianne tried not to let herself blush or show any form of emotion, "we were just at the top of the Astronomy tower, talking."

Herself and Heath had been partners in Potions class for years - while the dungeons weren't the most romantic of settings, something did seem to have come from it.
 #25442  by Thelma Falklands
Thelma's eyes gleamed as soon as Dianne mentioned a male name. She scooted her seat closer to her dorm-mate. This sounded much more interesting than revising for the NEWTS.

"Heath Mudge as in the guy who almost got Ravenclaw's seeker position this year?" Thelma inquired with a newfound sense of attentiveness. "He's dreamy, are you sure you guys were just talking?"

Anyone that wasn't completely loony knew that the Astronomy tower wasn't just a place for talking. Talking was more something you did in the great hall. The Astronomy tower had a much more intimate vibe.
 #25552  by Dianne Osgood
"Yeah," Dianne said, fully grinning now.

"We started hanging out more after we did that huge Potions project together, like we kept getting together to work on the project but then kind of realised that we just like hanging out together and don't need Slughorn and his homework as an excuse," she explained.
 #25740  by Dianne Osgood
"Yeah, he really is!" Dianne said, "I kind of wanted to ask how much experience he had, like if he's kissed loads of other girls, but I didn't want to come across too needy, or like I cared about that stuff too much," she told her friend.

Dianne's go to approach with boys was always to play it cool.
 #25951  by Thelma Falklands
"Do you think he will ask you to become his girlfriend?" Gushed the other Gryffindor but then fretted over whether that meant Dianne's time and attention would be divided. She ought to be happy for her friend if that ever happened though. Maybe some cute boy would ask Thelma out and then they could all double date at Madame Puttifoot's Tea Shop.