A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #23678  by Caleb Pryer
Caleb did not like the way this was going at all! For some reason Nathan was taking Viola’s side even though he had to know the woman was insane! And an extream exagerator!

But suddenly she was gasping, falling foward and....!

“What?! No!” Said Caleb as the accusations came flying. “Of course not! Isn’t this bad enough with out you making up stuff on the spot to-“ But he was cut off on the spot by Nathan
 #23679  by Nathan Iver
“Hush you!” Said Nathan, looking then to Viola with a bit more concern than Caleb thought he should under the circumstances.

Putting a hand on Viola’s arm to steady her he knit his brow and said, “Are you serious? What are your symptoms? Where is the glass you were drinking from?”
 #23681  by Ciceron York
Ciceron had excused himself from his newly wed bride, hearing the commotion not so far away. He paced toward them, eyebrows furrowing the closer he got.

"Will you keep your voice down, you'll alarm my gue-" He cut himself off as he got closer, seeing the genuine pain on her face. He stood, dumbfounded, for a moment before glancing up at Nathan and then to Caleb. This was sudden. Too sudden.

"Pryer, go and get someone scheduled for the entire night shift and bring them to Viola's room; she'll be guarded all night. And while you're at it, bring an emergency magic kit."

He glanced at Nathan, pursing his lips. "I certainly hope that our enemies haven't chosen today to strike. That will put a real dampener on yet another marriage of mine."
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" And bring her wine glass to me," Nathan added to Caleb before looking at Ciceron and saying, " yes, let us hope there are no mysterious notes revealing that the bride has been sleeping with the head of security again... but on the other hand that would has been easier to deal with..."

Putting his arm around Viola shoulders, Nathan quite suddenly scooped her up into his arms so that he was holding her, looking to Ciceron then as he said,

" Which way will bring the least attention to us? Do please leave the way..."

If someone had the intention of ruining the celebration... Nathan had the intention of not letting that happen...
 #23694  by Caleb Pryer
Caleb glanced between the two men in confusion, then rushed off to comply.

But couldn’t they see she was making it up?! It was all theatrics! She was just trying to get him in trouble like she promised she would. But he was happy to get out of there before she pulled out some fabricated proof that he had poisoned her or something
 #23698  by Ciceron York
Ciceron led the way, gesturing for Nathan to follow along the wall. In the corner of his eye, he spotted Astrid making her way to speak to Danica, likely just some formal congratulations. But her eyes flicked over, seeing Nathan with Viola in his arms. Despite her unperturbed expression, he could feel the sudden coldness in the air.

Even so, the relationship between Nathan, Viola, and Astrid was not his concern. It was Viola herself that was the problem. He led the way to Viola's old bedroom, opening the door and allowing the two to step inside before making his own way in and shutting the door. He began moving stuff out of the way, furniture that had simply been stored in here or found its way closer to the bed than it needed to be. As soon as she was laid down, he shifted hair out of her face to feel her temperature.

"She's burning up." He said simply before shifting his hands down to her stomach. "Have you done anything recently? taken anything? Made any enemies?"
 #23699  by Viola York
"What?" She mumbled out, wincing in pain as Ciceron pressed her stomach, hissing through her teeth. "No...no - I just had the wine or the champagne or whatever it was. I'm not on any medication."

She paused for a minute, trying to think. Had she done any experiments? She hadn't made any enemies, that she was aware of. Perhaps she's done a potion that had an inhalation affect, though she had calculated them all and made precautions before hand.

"The last thing I took was that thing, for the situation."
 #23700  by Ciceron York
Ciceron snapped his eyes to her, furrowing his brows.

"The thing? The situation?" He clenched his jaw. "You mean the pregnancy potion? The one Nathan gave you? Well, that can't be it - that wouldn't have harmed you like this unless you took more than advised..."

She went silent.

At the sudden revelation of what was happening, he glanced over to Nathan. Anger began to bubble up in him, and he clenched his fists.

"How much did you take!?"
 #23704  by Nathan Iver
When they first arived at the room and Ciceron began to speak, Nathan had already started to come up with his own theories. The day of the wedding... coincidence? He thought not... Perhaps Danica had heard of Cicerona and Viola’s special relationship and had decided to give herself a little wedding gift... he really wouldn’t put it past her. Or maybe.... but then Viola and Ciceron began to speak of the potion... but that was not recent at all! Still, as Viola spoke of trying twice because of two seperate dates, Nathan brought his hand slowly up to his his head, rubbed at his temples a moment wearily, then said,

“Viola... I specifically told you the potion dosage was for the conception date that you had assured us of.... the one that named Ciceron as the father. The date you were so certain of you claimed there was no doubt as to who’s it was. I told you it would only work for sure if you had the date correctly. Before you went and took a second dosage you should have consulted with me. What? Couldn’t admit you didn’t know for sure who the father was? What did you think? It might ruin our perception of you? Good, wholesome girl that you are?” He said a bit sarcastically.

“Well... clearly you were right the first time as I think you would know by now if you were pregnant but really... please be more careful!”

Looking at her thoughtfully then he added, “I don’t think the potion is the issue this far after but... it might have done a little damage that didn’t show itself untill now. It’s something to keep in mind. In the mean time drink this,” he said, handing her a small vile. “If you were posioned it might help, but it won’t interact negatively with any other antidote should we find one later...”

And it wouldn’t because it was actually a simple potion that would make her throw up the contents of her stomach in a matter a seconds after she took it. Nathan mean wile picked up a bucket he had seen laying on the floor and placed it calmly on the bed
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Ciceron watched as Viola drank down the liquid, about to settle down before lurching forward and beginning to vomit violently into the bucket. So much for her wanting to look irresistible to the rest of the party. But Ciceron watched regardless, and then began to speak rather coolly.

"What do you think happens when you take a damaging potion like that...double the dosage...and if it was going to cause such damage, why would it take so long to do so. Do you think...it's perhaps possible for the potion to have delayed it rather than terminate it?"

He looked over to Nathan.

"Just speculation, really...but Viola has been gaining weight-" He was cut off briefly by Viola shouting a resentful 'hey!' in between wretches. "...as I was saying; she has gained weight, has been very hormonal, perhaps very energised in a lot of bedroom matters from what I've heard..."

He looked to Nathan, watching carefully. This was dark magic, after all, and something perhaps possible. What if it had simply paused the pregnancy for a few months? Or perhaps...stinted growth? He wasn't sure.
 #23706  by Nathan Iver
Looking a bit more deffensive than an “expert potions master” like him should, Nathan lifted his chin and said,

“Well I... am not exactly... Well this sort of potion is not an area I usually deal with. I wouldn’t have had to draft it up if it weren’t for you two and your foolish experiments, and you...” he said, waving a hand at Viola, “with your promiscuous ways...”

His brows knitting then he said, “Are you really suggesting that...” He looked closely at Viola’s face. Was it carrying a bit more weight? But smiling then he said, “The potion... could have some odd effects if not handled right but... surely if she is pregnant it is Gavin’s....” yes, all was well.

“Are you quite finished?” He said, looking to Viola. We can always do a quick examination... see if your uterus has grown and such... could you be pregnant?” He said, raising a brow at her.
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Viola grit her teeth.

"No, there's no way I'm pregnant. Me and Gavin did loads of stuff but nothing that could get me pregnant - I'm not stupid. I know how bad it would look if I got pregnant before the wedding."

She had finally finished being sick, slumping back onto the bed with a pungent look on her face.

"Can someone get me a mint or something? My mouth tastes vile."
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Ciceron felt the pieces coming together.

It wasn't him...so who's was it? Well, that was if the examination showed she was indeed suffering a delayed pregnancy.

"Who else? Not me, not Gavin...who, seriously, has an opportunity to be the father?"