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 #21839  by Percy Weasley
Location: Ministry of Magic Lobby • Date: January 28

It was a nightmare. With the Death Eaters having escaped from Azkaban, and an employee being killed, the Minister's office was busier than ever with inquiries and requests for interviews. It was almost too much for Percy.


He was doing everything he could to keep things running as smoothly as possible. That meant he was working late nights and early mornings - in fact, Percy was often the first person into the building and the last one out, aside from the occasional overnight workers. It was taking its toll, but he would do anything to make sure the Minister was happy and that he kept his job.

On one such morning, he had arrived at 5am to finish filing some paperwork, and by 8am was finally taking his first break, wandering to the lobby to pretend he was arriving with everyone else. The dark circles under his eyes said otherwise, though.

He tried to blend in with the crowd, carrying a coffee cup (and a second one for the Minister). It worked, for the most part, until he swerved to avoid someone and both coffees ended up all over his robes.

"Fantastic!" he blurted out, groaning loudly.
 #22457  by Cathrine Stel
Cathrine had intended to come to the Ministry early, so as to avoid the mass crowd, but in the morning she found that the Roxbow's Draught ran out, and she started brewing a new dose before realising it would take half an hour...and of course she couldn't just put it aside because the half-done potion would get volatile (explode randomly, really) if not completed proprly. So she was half an hour late.
What was worse, she was getting hungry (according to her original plans she could have returned home in time for a late breakfast) and she allowed the scents of fresh croissants to lure her to the Ministry's buffet.
And now, with her usual (lacking) sense for humans, she bumped into a young Ministry worker. Or he bumped into her? Who cares. What mattered, both of them were now soaked in hot coffee.
 #22595  by Percy Weasley
Percy let out a second loud groan. "One of those was for the Minister!" he exclaimed, indignantly. He turned to the girl, trying to figure out if he had seen her before. She didn't look like someone he had seen in the Ministry before, that was for sure. "And my robes are a mess! I have a meeting with Mr Fudge first thing!"

The way he was going on, he wouldn't be surprised if people thought this was the worst thing that had ever happened to him.
 #23141  by Fleur Delacour
"Excuse me - " Fleur was just about to ask the man who very obviously looked like he worked there for directions when he bumped into another person and spilled coffee over the two of them.

"Oh! Let me help you -" she started pulling out her wand so she could do a drying spell. It was then that she noticed who she was talking to. She did not know Percy well, but she knew his brother Bill quite well. And so she knew about what the man in front of her had done.
 #23301  by Cathrine Stel
Cathrine took a blink at the half- (?) veela woman, and decided that witch was competent in handling the redhead. So instead of further communication, she took her wand and cast 'Tergeo' on all three of them.
 #23636  by Percy Weasley
He had barely noticed the other girl, but the offer to help caught his attention and Percy glanced up. He recognized her immediately from the Triwizard Tournament, but beyond that he didn't really know much about her. His thoughts were interrupted by the spell being spoken.

"Well, I... thank you," he muttered, still bitter over losing the Minister's coffee. "You really should watch where you're going, though," he reproached her, glancing back at Fleur suspiciously. He wondered why she had hesitated. It wasn't as if they knew each other outside of him judging one round of the tournament, right?