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 #23168  by Evelyn Winters
Evelyn smiled gratefully and then continued on with her dinner. She only had two carrots left and half a slice of ham when Vera spoke again, making the editor-in-chief put down her utensils and reach for her wine glass. She took a hefty sip and then smacked her lips lightly.

"She owled the other day, but I've been too busy to reply." She sniffed, the lie rolling off her tongue easily. Truthfully, Evelyn hadn't been able to put quill to scroll without letting the rage inside her bubbling over and into her words. It had been years since she and Emerson hadn't spent Christmas together. Not since Julian had convinced Emerson that spending Christmas down south was a good idea. Emerson had halfheartedly extended an invitation to join them, but Evelyn had intruded on so many Christmases since Elaine's death, that she felt the family deserved to spend it alone. It had been the loneliest Christmas Evelyn had experienced since she was a child.

Grabbing the hand resting on her thigh, she threaded their fingers together and stared at the way they fitted together so perfectly, "I do have something I want to discuss with you Vera, but I am unsure how to proceed. You said you wanted to remain involved, but I fear that I may be doing more damage by doing just that."
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Vera slowly lowered the glass that had been resting against her lips.For months, Elaine had gone undiscussed though her ghost had been so very present.

"What are you so fearful of?" Her fingers clenched around Evelyn's. "What kind of damage are you afraid of doing?" Vera turned on her stool so she would be facing her wife.
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Evelyn gently rubbed her thumb over the back of Vera's hand, the sun spots that littered her skin drawing her gaze. She played connect the dots with the beauty spots, a small smile gracing her features as she did so.

"I've kept my distance from Elaine, for your sake, for our sake, but I don't think I go on pretending like she hasn't just resurfaced. Not any more at least," She braved a look at Vera, smile disappearing as she readied herself for any sort of negative reaction, "There a things she deserves to now, some things you know and some that you don't. I owe Elaine an explanation and I believe she does also."
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Her smile faded, but not out of malice or jealousy. She held Evelyn's hand a little tighter, and brought her free hand to her wife's cheek. "Evelyn," she breathed leaning a little closer to the brunette. "I don't want you to pretend like she hasn't resurfaced nor do I expect you to stay away. Especially not for my sake." Trying to lock eyes with Evelyn, Vera paused for a few seconds.

The prospect of Evelyn meeting with Elaine made her stomach churn, but it would have been selfish of her to express her fears when Evelyn needed closure. "All I ask is that you remain open and honest with me. No matter what." Whether good or bad, Vera wanted to know.
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Unable to look away from Vera as she spoke, the woman's hand on her cheek preventing her from turning her head away. She was tempted to close her eyes, but Evelyn was sure that she would only offended Vera if she did so. Her wife was trying her hardest to remain understanding, to remain brave while Evelyn only continued to hurt her.

"I promise," She murmured, turning her head slightly to kiss Vera's finger tips. "You're too good to me. I'm so very glad I convinced you to me marry me."
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"You did not need to convince me. You asked and I said yes." Their engagement story was rather odd, but so very spontaneous and genuine that Vera could not help, but smile as she remembered it.

"I love you, Evelyn," she whispered before she closed the distance between.