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 #23180  by Sora Hahn
Sora looked over his face, and despite the pain, began t smirk.

"There is no reason for you to keep me alive, Kitten. You and I both know that. It sounds to me like you want me to give you reason not to kill me so that your conscience doesn't weight heavy. You can it won't but...we all know it would."

She glanced away, up at the ceiling, and soon began to turn, gasping in pain. She rolled until she was on her back, staring upwards, arms spread out at her sides. She stared up for a moment, and suddenly, before she could stop herself, her chest heaved a breath. When had she become so pathetic? A pawn being used by those weaker than her. But something about Kit was just...different.

"From the moment I laid eyes on you, I wanted you. In any way possible. Dead or alive. And now that decision is on your shoulders - how will you have me? Perhaps you can write about me...make me famous. That's what you wanted, right? An interview with a vampire. But maybe this will be the better story - write about how I attacked you and broke your legs, talk about how I murdered Anthony Dane's son, talk about how I murdered Anthony Dane as a fledgling vampire in exchange for you, talk about how I ravaged you and your Veela's dreams, and talk about how I attacked you in the street before you burnt me alive in self defence. Kit Harper's biggest story, a 4-part-memorabilia of events leading to a vampire's demise."
 #23195  by Kit Harper
“You really think you are going to have a legacy after this?” Said Kit in surprise, raising a brow before shaking his head and saying,

“It’s not going to be like that. I want you burried and forgotten. No hand reaching from beyond the grave...”

With that he walked up to her, pulled a black dagger from his belt, then plunged it at her heart!

He didn’t want to do it but... she left him no choice...
 #23196  by Sora Hahn
Sora's eyes widened as she saw him approach, arms sticking to the mattress as she started to move away. But she was simply too weak, and before she could move more than an inch, the knife plunged through her chest. She gasped intensely, but it soon clogged with blood, hand surging up to grip his wrist as she looked up at him, dark eyes wide.

She began to shake, hyperventilating, trying to mouth words at him. But nothing came out. And her body couldn't take the strain, her hand loosening and falling back to the mattress, eyes fogging over as death began to sweep over her.
 #23206  by Kit Harper
Kit watched and oddly he felt... nothing. He knew he would in time but at the moment... he just watched as her eye became dim.

Shaking his head slowly he said, “You couldn’t even bring yourself to say you would just leave me the fuck alone...”

Really if anything... he began to feel a weight lift off his chest.... this was truely the end of the nightmare....