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 #22341  by Markus Green
He had his table, a table in the back where the light was dimmer making it not acceptable for many others. He had his chair, one that never seemed to change even when groups took extra chairs. One would think that would be the one table they'd take it from seeing as the table was rarely used, and today he once again had his book of choice as he opened it and leaned back in said chair.

His can leaning on the side of the table where he could reach it, and a snack that was quiet beside him on the table - a gift from Prudence he got lost in his book. He was glad it was the weekend, allowing him to do so.
 #22388  by Lilith Daemon
The school year hadn't been a lot of fun. Lilith Daemon hadn't run afoul of the new administration as much as some Ravenclaws and most of Gryffindor, but she had noticed that that the atmosphere around the school was completely dreary. It affected even the flighty and introverted blonde.

So she was happy that she was able to take advantage of a quiet Saturday to head to the library. She didn't need to do much actual studying (she had already pretty much read every textbook and was obsessive about practicing spells), but she did want an isolated place to read several books on the last Wizarding War. She preferred not to get the questions her housemates typically asked when they saw her delving into darker subjects.

As the Ravenclaw moved through the library, she saw the perfect seat near a less-than-well lit part of the room. As she eagerly moved to sit down, she saw someone else sitting near it. She frowned. It was another Ravenclaw.

"Oh, it's you," Lilith said as she recognized him. And then looked around. "You've picked a very nice spot for peace and quiet." She frowned again, wondering if she should look for another seat.
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Normally, he'd be antsy when hearing another student before him. However, with the dull mood of the school everyone seemed to cool down on their attitudes. He simply turned another page, and waited for them to pass as they usually did once they realized reading or studying would be a littler harder in this area of the library. He only prayed it wasn't a snogger waiting for their boyfriend to snog in the shadows of the one place Umbridge seemed to not go in.

All fears fell from his shoulders when he heard the voice of the person he knew.
"And It's you as well." He raised an eyebrow, had Prudence really scared this girl off of him? Interesting. "Usually pick this spot, because it's usually away from people as well as always open." He explained.

Another pause, she seemed to be shuffling her feet.
"If you want to take a seat, take a seat." Getting annoyed at the air of wonder she was mustering around that area.
 #22564  by Lilith Daemon
Lilith bit her lip. She hadn't really wanted company. But this was such a nice spot. She didn't really want to let Mark have it just because he had gotten here first. Although if she had reflected on that a little bit, she would have realized that was a perfectly valid reason.

"Um, yes, I think I will," the blonde said as she sat down. She took out a book and then looked around, still a little antsy that she wasn't completely alone. "It is nice to find a spot where people don't really bother you. It's quite hard to get any reading done with constant interruptions. Or just lots of annoying conversation. That's why the library can be a lot better than the common room. Even our common room is full of students who don't respect others reading. You'd think Ravenclaws would be better. But not all of them are." She sighed, as though in disappointment.
 #22574  by Markus Green
He waited, hearing her shuffle a little bit...as if she was trying to figure out what she was going to do. Prolonging the unsure air in the air that was putting him on edge a bit. He turned the page, waiting silently for her to either go on her own way or sit down.

As she proclaimed she would take a seat, and finally did so he was relieved. He settled fully back into the book expecting that to be the end of it, almost annoyed when she chose to make a conversation about manners interrupting reading habits.
"Like what you just did, ms. Daemon?" Speaking calmly he turned another page. "I'd say their rubbing off on you." He finished, his fingers going a crossed another line.
 #22606  by Lilith Daemon
Lilith blinked at Mark, not understanding him at first. Then she realized he was accusing her of interrupting his reading. How rude! It wasn't as though he owned this spot. And she was just settling in. She should have known his new found politeness at saying it was fine for her to sit down had been a false flag.

"I doubt it," she said, kind of icily. "As I said, it's annoying when people interrupt important reading." She emphasized the word and smiled coldly, before pulling a book out of her bag and then opening it in a melodramatic way.
 #22625  by Markus Green
He owned no such thing, and he'd never given claim over any area of the library. Explaining that however if she had said it out loud was energy he didn't have anymore, He was tired with the combination of school and home warping into one.
"Ms. Daemon, I have no energy to start an argument about what reading is important and what reading isn't." He said lightly enough, "The main point was, you commenting you were annoyed at people not being quiet while a book was open when you yourself chose to make conversation in a library no less." He said, it being obvious that he had already had a book open and thus not adding that in.
 #22680  by Lilith Daemon
Lilith glared at Mark for a moment before turning her gaze back at her book. She wasn't terribly interested in his company anyway, so why bother to try to be nice? It was seldom worth the effort. This was something she was discovering was even more true this year.

Doing her absolute best to remain perfectly quiet, she began to read about the opening days of the last Wizarding War, including comparisons being made to the slow build-up of followers of You-Know-Who and Gellert Grindelwald. This part of the book didn't really interest her. Wizarding politics was boring. She just wanted to get where they started to describe the magic that these wizards could perform.
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He seemed unaffected by her stare, though internally he was sick of getting glared at. Prudence had glared when he had walked away from tricking Umbridge, Umbridge glared at everyone and now she was glaring at him for simply pointing out the fact she had tried to do the one thing that made her want to sit alone in the first place? If anyone had the nerve it was her in his opinion.

He cleared his throat, leaning back in his chair, as his pale, thing fingers turned another page of the book. With his notes out of date he had finally taken out the toads dada book and for the first time wasn't skimming it. Part of him wanted to know what was making her tick and maybe the book might give him an idea of what that was.