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 #22525  by Caleb Pryer
“Right here?” said Caleb blinking back in surprise. They weren’t in a high traffic area but still...

But he complied then, getting down onto his knees, keeping his eyes on her as he said, “Viola, please, please... leave my co workers alone, and leave me be. I beg you...”

Humiliating? Yes, but if that was all she wanted he would do it to keep her happy
 #22526  by Viola York
Viola smirked down at him, and then brought her hand up, gripping his jaw.

"Try harder. You think one plea is going to change my mind? Absolutely not. I expect you to be my little maid. I might even get you an outfit." She winked then shoved him away. "Get up. You're making a fool of yourself with that pathetic attempt."
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Caleb did as she said, saying in exasperation,

“I know what you want. You want an entire change in mental, physical and emotional attitude down to the tone of my voice and the look in my eyes. You want me to look and react to you like you were Nathan, or Astrid but Vi... I was in a very long term and complicated relationship with you. I know you in so many ways. When you were held up high and when you were a despised prisoner I was watching, and then when you were my girlfriend and fiancee, when you cried, and you looked to me for comfort.... even when we had fights, both petty and serious... When you moved in with me, when you got pregnant, when you claimed to be done looking for a wealthy, powerful man... You are demanding I act a certain way that would satisfy you but... even if I tried to do everything you would see it as different. You know our history as well as I. Can’t you see how unreasonable your demands are?”
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“You think Nathan is just going to let you start torturing us!” Caleb snapped back.

Whenever she mentioned his friends it was very hard to stay calm. She pretended to have more power then she did! Was she even in Nathan’s good graces at the moment? It had to be more than a bit of a bluff...
 #22531  by Caleb Pryer
Suddenly gripping her tight by the upper arm and jerking her into an empty hallway and behind a large potter plant, Caleb grit his teeth and seethed,

“You leave my friends alone Vi, or I swear I will kill you with my own hands. Consequences be damned! And if one person dies mysteriously tonight there will be a tell all about you and your relationship with me and everyone else I know about in the gossip columns tomorrow!”

He knew he had probably made a fatal mistake, but thinking of her harming an innocent like Robin drove him to it.
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Caleb clapped a hand over her mouth, pressing her back against the wall as he hissed, “Shut up! I am not doing anything to you!”

But he knew it was likely too late! Somome must have heard.... Ah yes, there was the sound of foot steps at the hall enterence!

Caleb dropped his hand and stepped back from her, looking her dead in the eyes with a look that tried to say a hundred words in protest.
 #22535  by Nathan Iver
And the one who arived...? It was Nathan.

His voice heard before even stepping around the plant as he said,

“What on earth...?”

His wand was in his hand as he appeared, but looking from Viola to Caleb an amused smile came to his lips as he said,

“Viola... trying to cause a scene at your cousins wedding? You do know this day can’t be about you... you get every other day in the year. The least you could do is keep everything low key and give him one day as a wedding gift...”
 #22536  by Viola York
"Seriously?" She gaped at Nathan furiously. "He dragged me back here, begging me not to be mean to him or whatever. You think I asked to be pushed back against the wall by this low life?"

She shoved Caleb back by the shoulders, seething. But then she looked to Nathan, eyes narrowing.

"I cry for help, and you come over here chuckling? What the fuck kind of help are you?" She looked away, mumbling to herself. "One more reason to leave Iver Hall."
 #22538  by Caleb Pryer
Caleb, who was looking nervously at Nathan, though greatful it was not Gavin, said,

“Sir... She was threatening me, and my friends, if I didn’t comply with everything she said, and some how magically change my attitude towards her. All I did was move her her to..” but he was cut off at once by Nathan...
 #22539  by Nathan Iver
“What?!” Said Nathan in a mockingly shocked tone. Putting an arm around Viola, almost protectibely, he said, “You mean to tell me this slender girl... frightened you so much with mere words, that you saw fit to manhandle her? Really... an aristocratic girl who has not had an eigth of the training you have had in killing and defense caused this?” Nathan clicked his tong, then looking at Viola he said,

“Please, tell me in your own words what happened.”
 #22540  by Viola York
Viola frowned. She felt a sliver of fear run up her spine as he looped his arm around her - the idea of Astrid stepping around the corner made her skin crawl. She didn't want to be stripped and whipped again, but she also didn't want to cause Nathan to switch sides on her.

"I wanted to offer him a chance for forgiveness. He didn't like the options I gave him, so I told him I would pick one for him. Next thing he's dragging me over here and-"

She cut herself off, lifting her hand up and gripping Nathan's shirt suddenly, gasping as she curled forward. She scrunched her face, dropping the wine glass to the floor where it smashed, clutching her stomach with her now free hand.

"Merlin! What the fuck...did you poison me? What did you do?" She scolded through gritted teeth, looking up at Caleb. "Is this some stupid prank?"