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Damon Ainsworth


My Name or Nickname: Maki
OOC Account:Maki
Quills Account(s): Free season character

NAME: Demon Ainsworth
DATE OF BIRTH: April 15’th 2006
BIRTH COUNTRY: London,England
OCCUPATION: Hogwarts Student [7th year]

What is the concept for your character?
He could be the new light of the ainsworth family, or he could go down the same dark path the rest of them did. He’d the empty slate that could either purify or taint further.
What other eras will they be active in and what will their job be in each era?
[Instructions]Born into The Ainwsorth family, a family of known former death-eaters this blond haired light eyes boy is seen as their second chance at a future of not being known as a family to be hated and tainted by the past. Years after the second wizarding war, His mother did something to break the pureblood cycle and married a half-blood but kept her family name and demanded their son have it. His father who seemed to be ruled by his mother hand agreed.

Growing up, he knew he was kept from his dark family history as an attempt to keep him from going down the same path. None the less he was just as spoiled as all the others Ainsworths before him. He grew up cocky but with passion for the art and compassion that former members of the family didn’t have. If one gets past his dark clothing and goth like appearance and bullheadedness they find a loyal friend – at least…that’s what people say about him.

He came into his magic a bit late, it just showing up before his first year of Hogwarts. Though, during his childhood his parents gave him a head start. In doing this they found he loved learning, sometimes taking the classes and going further with the topics without him needing their push. Oddly enough when he wasn’t learning he was exorcising, passing a ball with his father, jogging, running you name it.

School wasn’t easy at first, his family name not giving him much wiggle room in making friends, however as the time went on people started to see he wasn’t like his family and friends ever so slowly became easier to make. In his 7th year he plans on taking his team to victory again, taking his place as seeker seriously.

Played By: Maki