A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #22182  by Coco Thorndale
Location: Hogwarts, Black Lake • Date: February 3rd, 1996

Now that Coco had successfully completed her first term at Hogwarts, she could safely say it wasn't entirely what she was expecting. She had expected a fun, carefree atmosphere where she could make friends, learn magic and have an outlet for her energy - instead, she found herself in some sort of prison ruled by a pink toad faced woman.

Either way, Coco didn't want to let it bring her down - and now it was cold in Scotland, it was snowing, and Hogwarts grounds looked all pretty, frosty and white. After class, she couldn't get out of school quick enough, especially since her last lesson had been Defense Against the Dark Arts which was beyond boring.

All wrapped up in her Gryffindor hat and scarf, she made her way down to the lake, which had frozen over. She picked up a big stick and started tapping the lake, to make sure it really had fully frozen over.
 #22367  by Prudence Binx
"Wanting to take a winter swim?" came a voice from one of the trees, plot book in her lap. Umbridge might check the outside like the inside but Prudence had made sure to get high enough up she'd really had to look up to see her, within reason. She wasn't trying to get high enough to break her neck should she fall.

The girl looked like a first or second year, but she'd be shocked if she was 3rd or higher. She put the plot book in her robe pocket and plopped down, black snow boots hitting the new snow. Mark wasn't going to come around and stick with another person around, so Prudence basically just accepted she would have to deal with the girl to amuse her.
 #22390  by Kyle Shaw
Kyle settled onto the branch of the tree he just climbed. Even though it was chilly and the Black Lake was frozen over, it was still his favorite spot to relax. The boy settled his Gryffindor scarf and robes. Afterwards, he got out the Defense Against The Dark Arts book that toad Umbridge assigned to him. Seriously though. Who thought limiting the class to reading the book was a good idea? DADA was still his favorite class that he did well in, but he might just fail this time around in order to spite her.

Kyle sighed and played with his hair a bit. Today it was a silver-pink color while last time his hair was purple. At least he didn't turn into a girl today and in front of the whole class. Despite how good his sister was at helping him keep his secret, that would have been embarrasing. Kyle jerked when a voice came from one of the other trees. He looked around to fond the source, but saw a fourth year Slytherin moving towards a first year of his own house. As much as he is loathe of getting involved with people he didn't know, he disliked Slytherins more. He assumed she was going to pick on the younger one by the lake, and Kyle decided to intervene.

On his way down, the boy lost his footing on one of the icy branches and landed on his arse. Getting up, he approached the Slytherin, matching her footsteps. Maybe he would cast a hex on her? Probably not. Knowing Slytherins, she would probably run off to Umbridge and get him detention. Instead of acting on it, Kyle filed the idea away for the future. When he got closer, he finally spoke. "I don't think you should do what you're probably thinking of doing. Why don't you head on back to your common room?"
 #22433  by Coco Thorndale
Coco really had thought she was there alone, when she heard a feminine voice coming from a tree. She was a little bit taken aback, but then she loved climbing trees so it wasn't unusual for other people to do the same.

"Swim? No, not really," Coco started to say, wondering what the girl was on about seeing as the lake was practically frozen over, and she'd have to smash a hole in it first to access any water.

But then she was surprised once again, by a thud, and a sixth year who she recognised from being in Gryffindor appeared from a second tree. Though he was talking to the Slytherin girl, and still not really sure what was going on or what just happened, she remained silent and watched to see what would happen next.
 #22443  by Prudence Binx
"Then I wouldn't suggest trusting it not to break under you?" She mused, talking to the girl like a five year old. "Unless all you Gryffindor-" She found another voice behind her, of course someone had to ruin her fun. The older Gryffindor was one she'd seen in Potions class due to Umbridge making most of the professors takre 1-4 and 4-7 in the same class. He seemed obnoxious to her.

"What a shocker, your not going to combined your stupid bravery and go skate together?" She asked, fixing her near perfect ponytail.
 #22450  by Kyle Shaw
Kyle raised an eyebrow at the response. Stupid bravery? Only Slytherins would call it that. He made a mental note to find the young Binx and put a hex on her just for kicks.

"I would've if I brought a pair of skates. Thing is, I wasn't planning on skating in the first place. I was just up in a tree reading and I saw you about to pick on a fellow Gryffindor. So I intervened."

He stood there with his arms crossed and holding onto Umbridge's trash DADA book to make a point.
 #22462  by Coco Thorndale
Coco wasn't too impressed either with the comment about stupid bravery - her instinctive Gryffindor pride did kick in and she felt very defensive. Not that she could take on a fourth year - she had been practicing her magic but it wasn't like she was a genius, or particularly gifted at spells.

"What is your problem?" Coco muttered, but loud enough that the Slytherin girl could hear, and rolled her eyes. The older boy seemed to have her back, so she was feeling brave.
 #22491  by Prudence Binx
She blinked, once at the boy. Then at the girl and finally at them both. 'Woowww'; she thought as she tried to find a way to tell them what was wrong with his thinking. Thinking this girl seemed to agree with.
"Let me," She pointed her wand to a tree limp overhead the lake and zapped it from the tree. The limb fell on the ice, it giving way with no fight. "For once...I was actually trying to assist." She said calmly.

She turned to the boy,
"Still want to skate? That's what I meant by stupid bravery." her tone bland. "Look, I'll leave you two alone to snog. Have someone else I want to bother anyway." Her wand slipped back into her shoe lining, She hugged her cloak to her, heading back up to the castle.
 #22533  by Kyle Shaw
Kyle kept an eye on her as she walked away. After she disappeared from his vision, he turned to look at the first year while closing his book.

"Sorry you had to go through that. Slytherins aren't a pleasant lot, but you probably figured that out already. Name's Kyle by the way. Kyle Shaw."
 #22616  by Coco Thorndale
"I'm Coco," she told the older boy, feeling a little bit shy now that their common enemy had left and the two of them were alone together.

"It's okay, about the Slytherins," she shrugged, "I do lessons with some of them, and it's easy to ignore them."