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RPVictorian Era Plot & Overview
One of the world's most famous wizards begins his schooling at Hogwarts in a time when non-magical society's obsession with death and the afterlife threatens to accidentally expose magic.
Forum rules: Welcome to Victorian Era! Set in 1894, this era encompasses the formative years of one of the world's most accomplished wizards and explores non-magical society's fascination with death and the spirit world. Jump in to one of the roleplaying regions available below, or keep scrolling to browse all of the latest news from the era to learn more about what is going on in the world.

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 #21511  by In The News
✦ The London Gazette ✦

Volume V2 Issue #1 ★ 20th January 1893

The Most Exquisite And Magical Journey Of Mister Algernon Stagg And His Expedition Party
Earlier this week, Gentleman and bachelor Algernon Stagg announced his up and coming expedition to the East, planning to travel to unknown magical locations in Egypt, British India, and various islands in between. He states that he has collected a crew of civilians, professionals, and historians to accompany him in this endeavor.

His counterparts are Alda Fleming, Sidney Lyon, Ezeril Brattle, and Angus Middlemiss - all expressing subdued excitement to be attending such a far away trip. The expedition itself has been funded by fine gentleman and pureblood Emlyn Nathaniel Iver,who has also insisted on attending on the excursion.

Stagg has expressed that he will be giving an insightful and riveting interview upon his return, and the details of discoveries will be seen in his many columns to come.

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 #21519  by Algernon Stagg
Upon reading the article, Algie sucked in a sharp breath. It was official. The whole of London now knew about his plans and the group he was taking with him. If he came back with nothing, he would surely be a laughing stock, but if he ventured out too far, he was definitely destined to die.

"Oh, goodness...What have I done?" He muttered behind the his hands.
 #21582  by Philomena Elmstone
Mena bit down on an apple as she glanced at the headline as she grabbed some of the newest crime pamphlets which came out that day. She looked up at the paper boy.

"You reckon I can convince muggles this stuff is haunted?" she asked the boy through chewing. He made a comment which made Mena laugh before she gave him his money and went back into the street.
 #21753  by Septimus Silvester
Sep flipped the paper open and scanned the articles before shoveling oatmeal into his mouth. An expedition was about to set off? How fascinating! Egypt, the colonies, islands across the sea. How interesting it must be. Sep wished he could set off with them, but explaining his absence at school to his father would be impossible. Maybe, after he graduated, he could travel like Mr. Stagg. Closing the paper, Sep took another large mouthful of oatmeal, and began to daydream.