A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #21101  by James Potter
"First off, " said James holding up an index finger ," I'd never plan a prank on this large of a scale without my best mate. "

He held up a another finger as if counting.

" Secondly, while i'm particularly fond of finding loop holes at Hogwarts I am not particular to breaking wizarding law and having them snap my wand in half or throw me in Azkaban. "

A third finger was held up.

"And third I'd like to think that my head is much smaller this year THANK YOU VERY MUCH, SIR. But if you could manage to get your own out of your bum and help me find a solution to re homing our little stray."
 #21241  by Louise Havisham
"Oh just kiss already," Louise groaned, half-concealing a grin. "And I'll thank you boys to not take credit for my own cleverness. But since you're both content with bickering....."

Louise turned and began to scan her environment. It seemed like an ordinary train compartment. Peering outside, the train appeared to be travelling on an ordinary track. The trunk out of which she climbed.....was not normal.
Her hands leapt to her camera and she immediately began taking pictures of the contents.
 #21242  by Sirius Black
"First off," said Sirius holding up an index finger, "of course you wouldn't."

He held up a second finger, as if mimicking his best mate, which of course he was.

"Secondly, you'd do anything to impress Lilly Evans, and I'll be in Azkaban before you bring a real muggle to Hogwarts,"

A third finger was held up.

"And third your head is roughly the size of - OI!" For Sirius had finally registered that the muggle was doing something very VERY against school rules.
 #21446  by James Potter
James whipped his head around to see Ms. Nosey McCree photographing the cozy compartment along with his things. “Oi!” He snatched up the snitch animated boxer briefs that were hanging out of his trunk, waving them in Louise’s face as he spoke frustratedly.

“Stop that!” James made a grab her camera.
 #21457  by Louise Havisham
*Click * *Click* Two prime shots of animated snitch boxers and then her camera was thrust to the ceiling out of reach of the boys' grubby hands. "Oh no you don't, this is my livelihood, you know!"
Internally, Louise was cursing herself. The opportunity of a lifetime and she left her miniature camera at home! She could have been taking these prime shots completely unseen but instead it was probably getting batted back and forth in the paws of her cat.
 #21458  by Sirius Black
"Accio camera! Sirius yelled. The camera flung out of her hand and into his, and he quickly stuffed under his school robes crumpled up at the end of the seats. "James, knock her out or something! Before the whole train hears!"
 #21468  by James Potter
James ignored her protests and complaints and watched as Sirius summoned the camera from her greedy picture taking possession. He didn’t need to be told twice to silence the muggle and responded appropriately by drawing his wand on her.

“Not letting you get away this time,” he said with a subtle twist of his wrist as he commanded the wand. “Somnium...”James caught her before she hit the ground and carefully propped her on the seat next to the window.

“Now what?” He asked, tossing his invisibility cloak over Louise to keep her from being discovered.
 #21475  by Sirius Black
Sirius stood over the pair, stowing his wand away and peering down the hall for onlookers. Mercifully there were none.
"I think...." Sirius looked back at James, a solemn look on his face. "It's time to initiate Operation Quackers."
 #21479  by James Potter
James’s face took on a sudden look of seriousness before a smirk slowly stretched across his face.

“Operation Quackers,” he agreed as the compartment settled into silence.