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 #21275  by Sora Hahn
Sora had been watching closely from the shadows. It had been a while since her last ordeal with Kit, but ever since that night, she had craved him even more. It was getting out of hand; she was even going to his house at night just to watch and see what he was doing. Usually he would be writing on that dumb muggle machine, or reading a picture book - almost like he was a child. But recently, he had been accompanied by that Veela. Poor girl was still suffering from nightmares. Oops.

But now Sora stalked her prey, waiting for a moment that he was unaware, a little more alone. He apparently was less keen on travelling via alleys...but she couldn't blame him. Every time he did that, he always seemed to get jumped by something or someone. Whilst he was distracted by a window display, Sora snuck in beside him, side-eyeing him.

"Hello, Kitten." She spoke lowly, smirking devilishly. "Long time since our little fight...I have been doing some thinking, and I have come to the conclusion that I am ready to accept your apology."
 #21284  by Kit Harper
Kit nearly jumped out of his skin at the sound her her voice, whipping around and then said, “Merlin Sora! Don’t do that!” He glanced quickly around him. Why did he have to be so alone at the moment.

“What are you trying to do? Give me a heart attack? Clear your throat or... I don’t know... tread harder next time...” It had been so many months since he had seen the vampire that he had almost thought she had left him alone for good. Wishful thinking perhaps?

But now what did she want? When he left her she had been... well entirely different. She had acted sad, almost broken. It was bery confuseing. She had clearly wanted something from him he could not give, but she showed no trace of this now.

“A-apology?” He said, stammering a bit. “Appology for what? I owe you an apology?”

Who knew what she had concocted in that mad head of hers!
 #21304  by Sora Hahn
"Isn't it obvious?" She spoke, leaning against the wall and looking over him carefully. She couldn't get the thoughts of him out of her head, especially after that night together.

She stepped up to him, nose to nose, lifting her chin. She skirted her eyes over his neck, the memory of biting his flesh fond in her mind. It had been a standout experience, one that she wasn't entirely sure how to react to. But then again, she had learned from it, somewhat.

"You said you don't know me." She said suddenly, her tone low. "You should apologise for not trying harder."
 #21311  by Kit Harper
“I, uhm...” Kit stammered and glanced away a moment, considering some sort of weak appology to try and pacify her in the moment, but realiseing this never worked out well in the end he took a breath, then looking back at her said,

“I could say the same for you. Where is my appology from you? And before you say you do... no one ever really got to know a person by stalking them.”
 #21317  by Sora Hahn
Sora opened her mouth to speak, and then snapped it shut again, furrowing her brows at him. This was unusual...he never really spoke back to her like this. She folded her arm, looking over his face.

"You would make a great vampire with a tongue like that." She smirked, stepping forward to him. "Tell me everything."
 #21327  by Kit Harper
“See? Like that...” said Kit with a slight smile. “I would make a terrible vampire. Despite rumors I don’t lie, or manipulate people for my entertainment, or glory. I am honest, seek truth, I value the light and all that it shows. I work endlessly to expose darkness for what it is. All things you don’t respect, or appriciate. My loyalty is not for sale to the highest bidder. I am not secretly like you. And if you really knew me... you would not like what you saw.”
 #21329  by Sora Hahn
"And how would you know what I like if you don't know me, hm?" She cooed, smirking back. This was interesting. Kit had been prey for so long - a toy to play with when she was bored, tugging at his feelings and emotions, testing his reactions and watching him squirm. And now he was biting back with little quips and comments. Was he perhaps no longer afraid? Surely not. He was petrified! He was just trying something new.

She brought her hand up, tucking her finger under his chin and smiling enough to show off her fangs.

"You can expose me any time you want. You want the truth? The world is fucked up and depressing. Are you really trying to tell me that even with everything you and all your friends have been through, you still want to believe this world is worth saving?"
 #21333  by Kit Harper
“It is,” said Kit bluntly. “It is full of good people. The bad always stick out like a sore thumb. But we forget a sore thumb is attached to an entire body full of healthy parts. Bad, evil always draws the eye. I should know. The reason we don’t write as many feel good pieces is because stories about goodness and happiness don’t sell. We can’t take our eyes off a train wreck, even if it will haunt us for days. But we forget at once the scene of a happy family, playing in the park with their friends. Our eyes move past it because it bores us... and then we believe the world is full of cruel, thoughtless, heartless, ignorant people.... Sadly... you are among the duped if you believe the world is not worth saving Sora.”

He looked her in the eyes, then said with a gesture around them, “I see no evil. I see no men with bats beating puppies. In fact in my life time I probanly never would, even if I met thousands of people. But the media will find a case half way around the globe and bring it to your front door.And yes, I am aware I am part of that. The news is important. We can’t live in a bubble. But I bring people the truth so they can act and not live in ignorence. But the truth is also the fact that most of the world is worth saving. And it can only be saved if we stomp out these evil fires that spring up around us, attempting the disrupt that silent majority that is worth being saved.”

Taking a step to the side then he said, “And now I shall step off my invisible soap box. But I think you can see you are not going to sway me from this thought.”

Tilting his head he said, “If you knew me, you would know I seek a woman who shares these thoughts, and appriciates me for me. With out these truths I don’t know what I would even be to you. Just an empty shell. What attraction would there be?”
 #21335  by Sora Hahn
Sora was silent for a moment, staring at him. She tilted her head slightly at him, allowing him to speak at length. It had been an incredibly long time since anybody had spoke like that about the world she'd lived in; centuries perhaps. She remembered wallowing in self pity for her first hundred years, crying over her family and lost loves, and then spending the next century searching for revenge. She was too late by that point. It was the late 1800's that she found another of her kind who hated the world, and then she made a pact to become exactly the evil everybody wanted her to be. And now she was. She dreamt of bathing in blood, laughed at the wars both muggle and magical, toyed with emotions and fed until she was fit to burst.

"Fuck the attraction." She said suddenly, snapping her eyes to him, her face stoic. "People are obsessed with darkness, but you see light? What light do you see in me? What light was there possible in Marlowe? Is anyone truly evil? Is that why you risk your life? Why did you approach me to begin with? Are you so desperate for everyone to see light?"

So many questions whirling through her mind as she stepped forward to him, her face firm and unreadable.

"Should everybody have a second chance? What would make you turn your back on someone? Have you ever thought of yourself as evil?"
 #21340  by Kit Harper
“I never said all of that,” said Kit, shaking his head. “I believe in light, but I also believe there is evil and darkness in the world. I believe there are people who chose it. That is why I fight against evil when I can. I don’t see good in everyone...”

He paused a moment then, looking back at her in silence before adding, “But I also believe we all have the capability to chose good. That is what marks the good from the bad. The ability to chose. But this is something even you believe in Sora. If you thought morals were relative, or destiny, you would not speak of the evil in the world. There would be no evil. But you do. So you also believe in an induviduals ability to chose what is right over what is wrong. And so that would be the light in you. I don’t see it. I don’t see it at all because you have never demonstraited a selfless act that was not a manipulation, or for a personal gain. I see no light, but never the less I believe it is there. I have faith in that. In Marlow? Same thing. I believe he made choses. I believe he chose to pick the bad over the good. But it was his choice. The light was his ability to turn back at some point, but he ignored it. Or maybe he secretly gave to the poor.” Kit shruged, and said, “I am only going off of what I know or have been told. As for me?...”

He paused and looked up, then said, “Thankfully I have never done anything I would call evil, but yes, I have done things that were wrong. No one is perfect. I suppose that is why I feel I have some insight at all. I understand the seduction of bad over good. But I fight against my demonds. I don’t embrace them. I have the ability to feel shame, repentance, guilt. It’s all part of the imperfect human struggle. But it makes those who chose to do good the real heroes in life, doesn’t it? That’s why humans are worth fighting for. As for whether everyone deserves a second chance?... Chance at what is the question. I think a murderer in Azkaban for life is free to repent, and live a decent life, to the best of his ability, safely behind Azkabans walls. We all have to live with the choices we make. It’s up to us how we respond to where we are.”

He fell silent then, hoping he had properly answered all her questions. But finally he said, “I don’t blame you for being so bitter. But the entire world did not hurt you. Why take revenge on the entire world?”
 #21341  by Sora Hahn
Sora folded her arms, narrowing her eyes at him.

"Why take it out on the world? Because I got bored of taking it out on the Japanese." She commented, pursing her lips and looking off to the side for a long moment. What was she even supposed to say? Because she was lonely? Of course not! She had her clan...sure they weren't always the best but...they were her new family, right?

"How about we do a deal? You get to show me something you're passionate about that makes you think the world is good, and you do a favour for me."
 #21351  by Kit Harper
Kit chuckled at this, then said, “Oh I get to do I? I had no idea I was chomping at the bit to do so...” shaking his head he said,

“Sorry, but I am not on a mission to bring vampires to the light. I wanted to interview you because I thought it would make a good story. But if you want me to do you a favore why don’t you just ask?”
 #21358  by Sora Hahn
Sora frowned deeply.

"Because asking is weak and puts me in a vulnerable spot. As soon as you ask for a favour, you become at the mercy of the other person - whether it is used as leverage for the other person, or they mock you during, or reveal the context to others after. No, I don't ask. I make deals to ensure that I have an even footing and know where I stand."

She turned her face away.

"Clearly you have asked your fair share of favours from people. What is it? Don't believe in trades?"
 #21368  by Kit Harper
“Quite the contrary,” said Kit. “I have made many deals, some times to my detriment. But you did not make a fair bargin. I get to try and convince you of something you are set against, in exchange for a favore. I would be a very bad haggler if I was to agree to that. How about instead you tell me the favore... then I tell you what it is worth it to me to give it to you. That way we both get something we want. Sounds fair to me...”

And then she couldn’t hold him to something awful he hadn’t agreed to yet...
 #21371  by Sora Hahn
Sora pursed her lips, folding her arms in response. He...sort of had a point. She hummed, and then looked away as she spoke.

"A curse of the Jiang Shi is that we cannot visit where we called home after being turned. Whenever I try, I find myself in another place, or stuck in mist. I don't know what happened to my family..." She hesitated. "I was turned during an invasion; I don't know how they did, but I doubt there is any recognition of them after centuries. They were good people..."

She frowned.

"I want you to go to Pusan...or Busan...whatever they call it now, and just...tell me what it looks like now. And if you would be willing to um...do a memorial or something for my family..."

She couldn't look at him. This felt weak. If he did mock her, she would certainly make him regret it.