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 #21169  by Eleanor Miller
"It's fine," Eleanor waved off Phillipa's concerns. She smiled fondly at the young girl. Missing Hogwarts, she could certainly relate to that.

"I would be happy to have you." She gestured towards her basket. "We will need more ingredients." She looked towards Eloise. "Could you get a bag of potatoes?" She looked at Phillipa hoping she wouldn't mind her daughter wandering towards the next aisle.
 #21174  by Phillipa Doran
Before Phillipa could say anything, Eloise was off down the isle and disappearing with a 'yep' called over her shoulder. Phillipa just stared for a moment, impressed with how fast her daughter had just moved, but also slightly annoyed with how quick she was to disobey.

"Well..." She said to herself before letting out a breath and then turning back to Eleanor.

Phillipa licked her lips, "You really don't have to, Eleanor. We will be fine. Eloise has survived my cooking so far. I'm sure she'll make it through tonights as well."
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"I know," as she looked into Phillipa's eyes she realized it was not the daughter she had been worried about. Perhaps what she had not anticipated when she had decided to avoid the blonde had been how worried she would be when left in the unknown.

"How are you?" Force of habit almost made her reach for Phillipa's chart. Her hand rested awkwardly at her side.
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Sucking in a breath, she let it out slowly with a relieved sigh. Eleanor would at least let her pay for the groceries. Phillipa would make sure of it.

Feeling the weight of Eleanor words, as if acknowledging her illness out loud made her remember about it, Phillipa drooped slightly, "Tired, but I'm always tired, so..." She shrugged, "Eloise said I had lost weight. I hadn't noticed until she mentioned it." The real estate agent had actually lost 12kgs in the past few months, something that she was now pretty self conscious about. Standing in front of the mirror for forty minutes probably hadn't helped.

"Have you moved floors or something? You said you would be working during my next treatments but..."
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With nausea, stress and lack of appetite weight loss was not unusual in patients with Phillipa's illness. Phillipa was incredibly pretty considering, the nurse thought before she could catch herself.

Of course, the scrutiny would be turned towards her. Why hadn't she anticipated it? She nervously pushed her mousy brown hair behind her ear. She couldn't lie, it wasn't even worth a try. Eleanor looked at her hands. "I'm on the same floor. I just thought," she tilted her head. "Well after what you said, I thought it might be better if I took a step back. I don't want," she pulled at her fingers nervously. "You have Emerson, I didn't think you would notice."
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"What did I say?" Phillipa asked, trying to wrack her brain for something that could have caused Eleanor to want to distance herself. Despite being exhausted and full of potion, Phillipa had been sure that she had remained pleasant during their time together. Though it was highly possible that something may have slipped out when she wasn't feeling one-hundred percent. Sometimes it was hard to remain conscious and alert during treatments.

"Did I say something to offend you?"
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Eleanor frowned. Did the blonde not remember? She started fiddling with her scarf. "You did not offend me." The nurse reassured, ashamed that she had made Phillipa think otherwise. "You mentioned that you had noticed that I paid more attention to you than other patients" she rectified, wondering if Phillipa would remember.

"I got the potatoes!" Eloise interrupted before the blonde could say anything.

"We should get the rest of the ingredients," Eleanor jumped on the diversion.
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Yes, Margot had said that, but why had that caused Eleanor to felt the need to distance herself. Then it hit her, just as her daughter rounded the corner with a bag of potatoes.

"Good job, hun." She said as she eyed Eleanor. They would need to have a conversation tonight because things obviously needed to be cleared up.

Listening to Eleanor, Margot stood and then went about collecting the rest of ingredients that the nurse mentioned they would need. After insisting that she pay, Margot, Eleanor and Eloise left the Magic Neep. In one hour they would get together again and begin preparing Christmas dinner, something Eloise kept reminding her of every few minutes.