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 #17549  by Sir Regulus Archangel
Location: Head of Department's Office • Date: 15th September 2002
Time of Day: 07:30 am • Weather: Brisk breeze, Dry

An early morning and Regulus was enjoying a brief moment of quiet, well except for radio was playing somewhere in his office the morning news bulletins indispersed with music. At the side of his desk was a growing pile of discarded international newspapers, he was currently onto one from the States. Every now and then a hand would reach out for his coffee cup. For the moment at least, it was calm.
 #20384  by Nina De Falco
It was a very rare occurrence that Nina was give the opportunity to head into work later than her usual start time. Normally she would be in the office at seven o'clock, but today she was not set to be there until nine. Of course that meant she finished two hours later, but Nina hadn't thought it much of a penalty considering she got to sleep in for an extra hour.

That had been her plan at least, to enjoy that extra of hour of sleep before getting up and readying herself for work, but before she fell asleep the previous night, Nina had been struck with a brilliant idea that she was sure would brighten not only her day, but Regulus' as well.

Making her way down one the ministry's many hallways, a container filled with pastries and breakfast goods hovering next to her, Nina stopped outside a thick door and knocked three times. She didn't open the door like she would have had she been visiting Regulus at his home, instead she waited to be called or for the door to swing open from the other side. This was Regulus' work space and she respected and cared for the man too much to pretend like it wasn't.
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Regulus was mid taking another sip of his coffee at the moment the knock or several occurred at his office door. He didn't think much of it even though it was early in the morning, well for most it was. He lowered his coffee cup to the saucer and called out, "come in." He returned to finish off the column he was reading, he envisaged that a visit to the states was on the horizon. He then slowly folded down the newspaper and looked to the door.
 #20449  by Nina De Falco
Turning the handle and then shouldering the door open, Nina slipped inside Regulus' office with one of her signature, beaming smiles. She snatched the Tupperware container out of the air but didn't move from where she stood in front of the door.

"Good morning, Sir Regulus. I apologize for the unexpected visit, but I brought pastries to make up for it." Nina tapped her manicured fingers against her offering. "And maybe even something more if you need extra sweetening up."
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The paper was then rather hastily put down on seeing who the unexpected early morning visitor was. It was also with some relief it wasn't his Finnish counterpart who was currently vising the country. Nice chap but rather prone to drone on about magical fishing practices at any given moment. Thankfully, he was in the care of the Minister.

"Well good morning, Ms De Falco. Now this is an unexpected but not at all unwelcome visit." he smiled warmly, getting to his feet as he did so and made his way out from behind his desk.

"I've been rather neglectful of late. So to come here this early with pastries...well now, I am not sure I deserve such delightful treatment." he paused and then added "but I'd be foolish to decline it."

He made his way over to her, gesturing her in to the office so that the door could be shut, thus allowing him to place a very gentle kiss upon her lips.

"What pastries did you bring?"
 #20542  by Nina De Falco
Humming lightly as Regulus kissed her, Nina rocked back on her heels and stared up at the much taller man. Her smile brightened, if that was even possible for Nina De Falco, and she reached out with her free hand to thumb the soft fabric of his wizarding robes.

“I brought you some almond croissants, a blueberry danish and a small apple turnover. I may have eaten the second blueberry danish before I left home.” Nina smirked and patted his chest fondly. “Have you eaten my dear?”
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Regulus smiled warmly, "well, I'm sure that's the perk of being the chef."

He tilted his head to one side at her question of whether or not he had eaten, "come now you should know me well enough by now, I live mostly on coffee and ink.." his hand gesturing to the two items upon his desk. Regulus enjoyed life, and eating fine food was among those habits but to be fair he'd often forget to eat or simply didn't bother. One of the many things that used to drive Alexis spare.
 #20861  by Nina De Falco
"Well, isn't it a good thing I'm here then." Pecking Regulus on the cheek once more, she moved away and made her way towards the man's large desk. Setting down the container, she pulled the lid off and then, pointing her wand at a silver paper clip, a plate appeared which she then deposited a blueberry danish onto it. "Eat." She told the man, taking a seat on the corner of Regulus' desk.

Rubbing her hands down her thighs to straighten out the barely there wrinkles, she crossed her legs at her ankles and sighed, "I am going to be honest. While I came here to make sure you ate this morning, I do have an ulterior motive and I'm hoping the baked goods will work in my favor."
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Regulus could hardly turn down such a demand, so he did as he was told and turned and took a seat not in his usual chair behind the desk but instead in one of those in front of it. He watched Nina as she set about dishing up one of the pastries and soon handed it over to him.

He took a bite before he was 'scolded', after an appropriate pause to digest the bite he spoke, "delicious...and you have an ulterior motive? I am as they say a captured audience."
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"Well," Nina began, feeling more than a little embarrassed, "Since my divorce, I have spent every Christmas with either Gianna or one of my sisters. It is my favourite time of year so I go out of my way to make sure that I am surrounded by the ones I love." She and Regulus hadn't said the words yet, at least not to one another, so the woman felt like she was approaching uncharted territory. "This year however, I was perhaps wondering whether I could spend it with you. If you would be willing, that is."
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Regulus wouldn't be lying if he said he was curious with perhaps a little hint of concern at where the conversation might go they had spent a considerable amount of time together and cared for each other deeply but there were some topics not discussed. Yet.

"Oh.." he said, when she asked about Christmas plans, the way it was asked did make him smile.

"Of course, I would love that very much. Though, would you mind at all if some of it was with Alexis? I know it might seem a little peculiar but we've had it as a bit of tradition. Though we've not yet finalised ideas I think it would be splendid it to spend it with the most important women in my life?"
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Nina beamed, "Absolutely not. I would love to spend more time with Alexis." Regulus' Goddaughter was an interesting woman who Nina really liked. Spending Christmas with both her and Regulus would be quite the treat. She would miss Gianna however, but the girl had promised to be available for New Years Eve where the De Falco's had their own traditions.

"When is your first meeting of the day?" She asked the lifted her foot to stroke Regulus' thigh.
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"Capital" he said and beamed in response.

Regulus managed to remain perfectly composed despite the foot brushing against his leg, which was no mean feat. He looked her in the eye for a moment before using his wand hand to gesture to the appointment book on his desk, it floated over to him and he glanced over it, with a little bit of a squint.

"Rather unusually I am without interruptions until..." there was a slight pause as he sent away the diary, only to then replace it with a small note pad and quill, which he used to scribble a small note on it. It promptly ripped itself off the top of the pad, neatly folded into a bird and flew off.

"9 o'clock. What are the chances?" he added, sending away the quill and notepad and turning his attention back to Nina.

"I don't believe I've had my full breakfast this morning, one can't work on an empty stomach after all?" he gestured to her to come closer.