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 #20985  by Andrea Carter
Andrea went white. "No!" she replied. "I mean, we could adopt, or you could carry, if you wanted to, or--" Andrea stopped, hoping she wasn't getting ahead of herself, but this situation she had got herself into meant she had to have a very real and frank conversation with her girlfriend. "Ade, I would love to share a home and a family with you." She placed her hand on her tummy. "I'm just not sure I want this child." Did that make her selfish? Possibly. But Andrea had to be honest - with herself, and with Ade.
 #20986  by Adelaide Howell
Adelaide sighed, feeling slightly better, but still a little strange about the direction in which her morning had gone. She had never expected to have this conversation at 6am on a Thursday morning, but there you have it. "You should speak to Noah though, before you decide." She kissed Andrea on the forehead, deciding this time that she would go to work, if only to take her mind off it. "I'll see you later," she promised.