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It was not his day to habe the twins, but Egan made his way up the path to Hera’s home all the same.

He knocked on the door, but when there was no answer he realised he was likely there before she returned home from her place of business.

That was alright... better even. Gave him more time to think. And so sitting down on the stairs that lead up her front pourch, he waited, taking a cigarette out and lighting up.

It was a bit chilly out but... he didn’t mind the cold... especially when he wore a jacket made from an expensive and magical material that did an excellent job of keeping him warm.

Taking out his wand he began to amuse himself by poking at dried leaves on the walk way and steps, and burning them to ashes with a hot wand tip. It was something to do...
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Hera walked down her street from her nearest port key point. Nikoletta was skipping ahead, clearly excited to go home and play with her toys, and take the really annoying woolly hat off her head. Damien had decided to stay with his mother, holding her hand and jogging to keep up with her strides.

Past the hedge, he house finally came into view, as did Egan sat on the step. In surprise, Hera paused, hesitating - though, Niki had shouted to her dad and sprinted to him for a hug. Catching up with her, Hera approached the front steps of her house.

"Egan?" She spoke. "What are you doing here? It's freezing out, you could have let yourself in..." She moved past him, unlocking the door and stepping inside, ushering the two children to take off their outerwear and shoes before they both trundled into the living room. She gestured for Egan to follow, closing the door behind him and giving another glance to the kids before heading to the kitchen.

"Do you want a drink?"
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Egan picked the little girl up and spun her around, beaming at her a moment before glancing to Hera and saying,

“Honestly I didn’t know I had the ability to enter your house any more. Figured the locks and spells were all changed. Didn’t matter... I enjoyed the evening air.”

Following Hera into the house he put his daughter down, gave his son a pat on the head and said to them, “Go up stairs and play for a bit. Let’s see who can build the highest tower of blocks in your play room. I will come up later to see who wins.”

Moving towards the kitchen then and hearing Hera’s question Egan paused, his mouth screwing up in an unpleasent way, as though he meant to say something nasty, but after taking a breath he said, “Yes... yes that would be nice...”

He had been about to make a biting coment about Hera actually offering him a drink or did she mean tea? Because surely she didn’t mean a real drink and!...

But he held these words back. He was trying to do something different here.

Leaning back against the kitchen counter, hands shoved in his pockets, Egan said,

“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking... it’s been sort of forced on me. An awakening I suppose. And Hera... I wonder if you would be open to going to couples counceling with me?”

He paused, then said quickly, “Not to reunite. I mean just... saying we are going to be pleasent for our kids and being pleasent for them is two different things. I don’t know about you but I have a lot of built up anger, resentment, tention and it’s doing things to me. You and I handled the break up by fighting, tears, anger, hurt... then trying to hurt each other as we tore our lives appart, then trying to pretend we could just... start being civil because of the kids. But I want more for all of us. I want a mediator. I want us to talk everything out. I want us to have a real co-parenting plan, and mostly I want to let go of this... these feelings of resentment I have towards you.”

Egan looked away a moment and said, “I think you suggested something like it way back, but I wasn’t ready to listen. Well... now I am. I want this to all work out the best it can.”
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Hera nodded, putting the kettle on, remembering how Egan liked his tea and started to make it. At his words, she couldn't help but snap her eyes to him, blinking in surprise. That was certainly different. It was odd all together that he was here to begin with, but now it made sense. She had to wonder though...

"This is very sudden." She began. "What made you change your mind? I don't really suppose it matters in the end, does it? But if you feel it will help us to settle into this new set up, perhaps cooperate to make a new arrangement, then we can do it."

She poured the hot water, passing it over to him to take before lifting her own and taking a sip. She gestured him to follow into the living room where she seated herself on the sofa and placed her cup on the drink mat on the coffee table.

"So what was you thinking? A mediator we both know? Or a professional we pay? Do you just want to talk things out and use a mediator to keep it civil, or pay for actual therapy or counselling?"

She wondered in Yuliana had put him up to this.
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“A professional, “ Egan said, taking a seat. “Actual counselling. I told you to talk to a professional when you were having your break downs, but we should have gone as a couple as well. Maybe it wouldn’t have all come to this.”

Egan sat back in nis seat and sipped his tea, but finally said, “Yulianna called off our engagment. So... that happened. But it gave me a moment to think. I felt alone, crushed, angry... but mostly I had to face why I was so deperate to create a new perfect life. It was to escape the pain and anger I felt at the thought of you. But it also made me realise Iwould never be able to let it go by trying to buy happiness. So here I am... tring to do the only think I haven’t tried yet... working things out with the mother of my children.”

Egan sighed, resting his chin on his hand, his eyes scanning the floor as he said, “I wanted you to hate me. But I am not so keen on that any more.”
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Hera furrowed her brow. Yuliana had called it off? Ah, so that's why he was here. But why would she call it off if he was just buying her everything and practically worshiping her? Especially doing it so suddenly. Not that it particularly mattered. Hera was sure he wasn't here to talk about Yuliana and their break up.

"Well...at one point I thought I did. I was more just hurt than anything else, or just helpless. But I don't think I could ever hate you unless you did something to harm our children, which I don't believe you would do willingly." She shrugged.

But soon, she began to frown, looking away.

"I wanted to make you feel the same way I felt, whether it was your fault or mine. I just wanted you to understand what it would be like to be so pathetic and weak and alone. But I don't like that idea much now, either."
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Egan sighed, and was quiet a moment, but finally said,

“I should go. I just wanted to get the nall rolling on that, let you know I wamted to trying going about things the right way for once with you...”

He stood up slowly then as he said, “I should go stop in and see the twins first. I told them I would judge their towers.”
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Egan paused at the door, gave her a slight smile and a nod before making his way to the stairs.

But he meant what he said. In his current mind set his reflections showed he had never done anything the right way by her. Should never have gone after her in the first place, because it lead her to this. Should never have defended her against Ciceron that night because she only got beat around and hurt by him after. Anything that brought pleasure to him only brought pain to her. He wasn’t even careful enough to keep her from getting pregnant. He then married her because she was pregnant, then married her still because he felt like it would hurt her too much to call off the wedding because the baby died. And because of that?... they brought two little lives into the world that would now never have the security of both parents under one roof and loving each other.

And so it went on. Anything he thought of he came to the conclusion... he had never done right by her. Well... this was one thing he was going to do right. No more petty revenge or bitternesss. He had wanted to marry Yulianna because he just wanted to escape and have someone there... but also because he knew it would hurt Hera. To show her just how much he had moved on, and what she had opened up her family to with the divorce!... But he was done now. He just wanted to do one thing mature and responsible for once.