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 #18080  by Septimus Silvester
Location: Knockturn Alley • Date: 30 September 1895
Time of Day: Midday • Weather: Breezy

Septimus really wasn't supposed to be here, but that hadn't stopped him before. The school term at Hogwarts had just started and already he'd been handed a sentence for punishment he didn't feel he deserved. The Potions Master was an unlearned twit who wouldn't know Sneezewort from Silverweed if his pathetic life depended on it. It wasn't like Sep was going to blow anything up, he just wanted to "enhance" his assignment with a few unlisted materials he'd found in the cupboards. He'd known what he was doing. But the lick-spittle professor reported him to the headmaster.

Now he was a free man. Though, at present he was a tad more free than was intended. Getting from the grounds to London had been tricky, but it wasn't the most daring adventure Septimus had ventured upon. Nor was this his first time in Knockturn alley.

Sep perused the shop windows along the alley. Perhaps he could find something nefarious enough to plant in the potion master's desk. A little turnabout was fair play, after all.
 #18293  by Rokuro no Batsu
Finally glad to be back on the ground, the first thing Rokuro wanted was a drink. With his clothing and Japanese style hat protecting him from the sun he looked around his new 'home'...well for now. He didn't like this, he didn't want to be here. He wanted to be home, human and with family but it was because he couldn't do that, that he was here. Walking down an alleyway trying to find a pub where he could grab a drink before he figured out any other future plans.

People spoke around him, probably seeing him as out of place because...truth be told he was. His knot was of his samurai days, him having yet cut it off and his outfit seemed to match the former era as well. His next stop would be finding new clothes to blend in, after he got his drink.

Hunger not really a problem, the young sailor who he had talked into helping with that problem had fixed that. Through all of his years living like this he had found a way to work around it, that didn't mean half the people in this area didn't smell tempting...it just meant he wasn't havign trouble fighting his urge.
 #18617  by Septimus Silvester
Nothing was catching Sep's eye, unfortunately. There weren't a lot of options for something that would simultaneously give his potions master a scare, and be benign enough to keep the incident from his father's ears. He'd already received one howler this year for the incident with the extra ingredients. He didn't particularly care for another this early in the school-year.

Turning his back on the shop's window Sep headed off down the dark cobblestoned street looking for something to catch his eye. He'd escaped this far, he would rather not to waste this day of freedom on lollygagging about. He strolled along until he saw something that seemed at least mildly intriguing.

It was a man, certainly. But he was dressed in odd clothing, they didn't look like anything belonging to a British subject Septimus had seen around these parts. Perhaps he was from the far off China that Sep had read about in his history of magic books, when he actually bothered to pick up his book. There was only one way to find out.

"Excuse me, you there. In the robes and fancy hat." He called out, strolling over towards the man down the alley.
 #18624  by Rokuro no Batsu
All signs were useless to him, instead, he focused on the sounds. Bottles hitting the counter would indicate a drinking establishment. People talking over others might mean that as well. Though voices alone might also just mean the shop was busy with people, going into those places would be by chance and nothing more. He was finding nothing to suit his needs, making sure his hands stayed in his long-armed robes to keep from getting burnt.

He heard someone call someone out, but thought nothing of it. Not knowing what the man had said other than 'robes' he had seen a couple others in wizarding robes from the land he was on and assumed he was shouting them out...until he heard the footsteps near him. His eyes quickly focused on the young man now steadily walking towards him.
"Ano..." His voice deep as he did their version of 'umm', this would be his first time responding in the language he had been trying to learn since he had chosen to move here just a few weeks back. Needless to say, he didn't know if he was ready.

Maybe he should have waited? But no, Japan had nothing for him and if he had waited the need to go home would have driven him nuts. He would just have to muddle through.
 #19210  by Septimus Silvester
Sep approached the man, and it was definitely a man now that he was close enough to make out the stranger's features. He was tall, with asiatic features and strange robes. Sep's own robes were bundled up and stowed in a safe spot. It wouldn't have done for him to make it all the way off campus grounds only to be busted wearing a boldly blazoned Gryffindor seal. It would have called all sorts of attention to the fact he had absconded from Hogwarts. Instead, he was dressed plain and unassumingly in a black pant and white shirt under a black cloak. The man's robes were like nothing he'd ever seen, though. They were foreign, and looked a great deal less comfortable than his own at school.

"You, yes you." He approached and examined the man from head to toe. "You don't look like you're from around her, do you." Now he was stating the obvious. "Where are you from then? China, yeah?" He scrunched his face up in thought. England had colonies in China, it would make the most sense. His father had told him about some of his dealings with these far eastern wizards. They were an odd sort, according to father Silvester and what he had picked up in History of Magic. And Sep was intrigued.
 #19222  by Rokuro no Batsu
He'd worn these clothes all his life, Japan was only starting to change in ways of clothing as some Japanese were still fighting the changes. He was one of them, ashamed for his people who welcomed the fact people were discarding their ways for those of the new worlds. Why he'd chosen to go to the new world was simple: He wanted to get as far he could from Japan and China wasn't far enough - not to mention they were the reason for the start of the samurai's downfall. They had been having trouble with the Chinese for years, the western people were just adding fuel to the already roaring fire.

"Watashi?" He pointed to his nose, the man confirming that a moment later. The words weren't fully understood but he did know China and he did know how to say his country in English...maybe, just maybe muddling through wouldn't be so hard.
"Japan." He said getting the main idea of the question, usually, when one named a country they were asking where you were from. Right? "Engrish ne?" He asked.

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 #19357  by Septimus Silvester
Sep scrunched up his face. The man didn't seem to have a firm grasp on English. "Yeah, you." He nodded. "Japan?" He didn't know much about Japan. He knew it was over there, in Asia. Near China. But there were no colonies there as far as he knew. He supposed the would still have magical folk in Japan. "Do you speak English?" He cocked his head to the side "Have you been in London long?" He wanted to know more, how the man had ended up here. Why he wore robes like that, or his hair long and wrapped up on his head like a woman's. Sep's curiosity was getting the better of him.
 #19720  by Rokuro no Batsu
This man was looking at him like a...well like an item that he was choosing if he should buy or not. At least that's how the Japanese man saw it as the man started looking him over top to bottom. He simply nodded hearing his home country and assumed the man was confirming where he was from, maybe make sure he understood Rokuro's words. 'long', He knew that word...that meant was this guy asking how long hed been in England? Given his lack of English Rokuro was pretty sure that was the case.
"Just came." He said, though his words were heavily accented.
 #20234  by Septimus Silvester
Just came? To England, then. Which explained a lot, including the odd dress and hair, and the fact that this man seemed to have a poor grasp of English. "So you know no one in London, then?" Sep shifted on his feet, contemplating. He hadn't found anything to get back at the professor, and it was looking like today was going to be a wash. How fortuitous that he should come across such an interesting specimen as this. "Why don't I buy you a butterbeer and you tell me all about this land called Japan, what do you say?" He motioned toward Diagon Alley and the Leaky Cauldron. At least his day would get a little more interesting.
 #20237  by Rokuro no Batsu
'no one' 'london', he only knew London because that's where he had wanted to go, if this man had said any other area chances are he would not know what he was talking about at all. However no one, that was the man probably asking him if he had been here before or not in order to meet people. He hadn't. He also was aware of stranger danger bu being a vampire wasn't really fazed with the idea.
"No one." He felt it safe to repeat to get his point acrossed.

As the man said his country again with this 'butterbeer' word he stepped forward.
"Japan? want to know?" He asked in very broken English. "Butterbeer? " He asked.
 #20610  by Septimus Silvester
"Yes, yes. Want to know." Sep nodded, steering the strange man back towards Diagon Alley and the Leaky Cauldron. "You'll like butterbeer." he decided "It's sweet, like butter. Do they have butter where you come from?" He pondered, talking more to himself than to his companion. He was sure the poor man was only catching the meaning of his every other word. "You drink it, like this." he mimed drinking from a goblet, hoping his point got across.

What an interesting day this was proving to be indeed.
 #20675  by Rokuro no Batsu
The man was speaking gibberish to him, which was really his fault because in all reality he heard butter and sweet. The fact he now found out it was in a drink made him wonder what English people were like in way of what they ate and the fact that he was almost afraid to find out.
"butter?" He said through his strong accent as he was led away with this strange man.

"Japan, beautiful. Sakura tree have to see." He said remembering the good parts of his homeland. "I try." He simply said on the drink, "What you pay with?" He asked. He wondered if England used the same currency as Japan in wizarding terms.
 #20825  by Septimus Silvester
Sep nodded, sounds like he was right. The man was only picking out a few words from what he was saying. Oh well, people had said in the past that Sep was capable of carrying on a conversation by himself. And if the man had some interesting things to say. Like these things about trees. "Sakra trees, you say?" He mused, wondering what these trees must look like. "Fascinating."

Pulling a couple coins out of a pouch in his pocket as they walked, Sep showed the man the money he would buy their drinks with. "Galleons, sickles, and knuts is what we call them. These here" he pointed to the bronze circles "are knuts," shuffling the coins around, he pointed to the silver "sickles", and finally he pointed to the solitary gold piece "and galleons." Sep quickly shoved the money back into the pouch as they approached the door of the Leaky Cauldron. He wasn't about to be robbed for all he was worth in the middle of the street.

"I'd like to visit your fascinating country one day, Mr..." he drifted off realizing he didn't know the Japanese man's name. "Well this is embarrassing, but it would seem we haven't had formal introductions yet. I'm Septimus. But most just call me Sep." He pointed to his chest, hoping to declare his meaning more clearly. "And you are?" he pointed his hand back in the Japanese man's direction, hoping the intent was clear.
 #20833  by Rokuro no Batsu
"Hai, Sakura tree pink. Sakura tree pure." He nodded, that was the only thing he'd miss of his land, was the pure blossoms blooming and coming to life. The man really should see it one day, it would change his life. Though coming from a country that was raised on thinking of them in that way maybe that was just his way of thinking about it.

As the man showed him the currency he was relieved, in his rush to get out of Japan he hadn't thought about that little that little issue. Taking out an old looking pouch he showed his own.
"Same." He said with a straight face. "I'm glad." He said quickly putting his away as well before he fixed his hat to keep his skin from the sun before they finally managed to get out of the danger zone for him burning up. It was when they entered he took it off.

Looking at the man he bowed, before the two say down.
"Batsu no Rokuro. Nice to meet you Septimus-san." He said finally taking the seat. He understood the very bear basics like name, Mr....anything more than that he was going to have to learn the hard way.
 #21355  by Septimus Silvester
"Batsu? Well isn't that a curious name." Sep observed, calling over the bar keep to order them a round of butterbeers. He placed the coinage in the man's hand, and turned to his new drinking buddy.

"So what brings you to our fine city of London then, Sir Batsu?" He asked before taking a sip of his Butterbeer, motioning for the foreigner to do the same with the other glass the bar keep had placed before them on the bar.