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 #20252  by Caleb Pryer
Caleb only saw the shift in conversation as possibly getting Ivan to tell them what he knew about the break up, and so he chuckled and said,

“Yes, right... I guess Mr Cleary came to his senses or something...”

Glancing to Robin then he added with a smirk, “But I am curious about your answer as well. No poetry but he nailed it on the pink lingerie, right?
 #20253  by Robin Glover
Robin snorted.

"Only if you're the one wearing it." She smirked at Caleb before looking at Dice with a humoured expression. "You, not so much, lad."

She may have seemed disinterested in the conversation, but she glanced to Ivan, curious also. Best not to hound him, otherwise he would really believe they were all after the gossip, which they clearly were...but he didn't need to know that.

"A dun't think she's that bad...I mean, sure, rough around the edges. Are yer really sayin' you wouldn't do 'er? Evenas cold as she is, I'm sure most men here would. Chill out, you can admit it...she's not wi' Cleary anymore."
 #20255  by Ivan Ramazanov
Batting Dice’s hand away, Ivan had a slightly uncomfortable look creep onto his face. Finally he said,

“Yes... something like that.” Looking to Kyle then he smiled slightly and added, “But you don’t know if I could have her or not. My initial flirtations vith her were just meant to be... erm.. friendly... she vas never really my type. But maybe if I had vanted her vould be different. But both of us have no romantic interest in zhe other so does not matter to speculate.”

He took a sip of his drink, then another, before saying, “But you all have it wrong. It vas not Hugh Clear zhat break up with her. Vas other way around.” Glancing up at Dice then he said with a smirk, “And don’t you be so fast to talk vhat you think you know. Ladder climber? Really? I think maybe you are just sore she never sleep with you despite efforts. Just because voman rejects you zhis does not make her a shrew...”
 #20256  by Caleb Pryer
Caleb wagged his brows at Robin when she said she wanted to see him in it, then looking over to Ivan as he spoke he couldn’t help but laugh, saying as he did,

“Oh really? And why do you call her a shrew then?”

He couldn’t help but notice Ivan hadn’t answered Robin’s question...

Suddenly what she said began to scratch at his brain.... What had she noticed exactly that night at the club...?

Looking at Robin he gave her a quick, hidden, wink, then said, “Well ok, I’ll admit it at least... if she was up for it? And I had a few drinks in me... I would do-“ he paused, looked over his shoulder quickly to make sure Zara wasn’t standing behind him, before turning back to the ground and saying in a mock whisper, “I would do Zara Shepard...” glancing about then he said, “But I will deny it to my grave if ever asked outside this group!”
 #20257  by Maximilian Rogan
Dice exchanged glances with Kyle at Ivan’s words. Was Ivan... sort of defending Zara? Well, well, well...

He poured more drink into Ivan’s glass, then said, “You’re funny Pryer. I would tell you to dream on, but maybe Zara’s problem with Hugh was he was just too much of a man for her. Too much testosterone, mussels, hight, in a position of comand and all the rest. I mean she did like Levi after all. And you all can believe it or not, but she did like me, even if we never actually had sex. She did kiss me more than once. So you know... she dominated you in that training camp, knocked you on your back, got to humiliate you and all... you would probanly fit the sort she could go for. She doesn’t reallt go for the alpha male type, like Ivan here,” he said, patting the man on the shoulder. “That’s why they are oil and water.”
 #20258  by Ivan Ramazanov
Ivan chuckled and shaking his head said, “Zhat’s not true about vhat she vhants...” before he even realised what he was saying. Why had he said that?!

“Erm.. I mean...” he said, trying to back track but coming up with nothing. “It’s... I don’t think your assesment is right Dice. She vas actually engagaed to Cleary...”

she had also been to Levi...

Ivan gripped his glass, jerking it towards him as he said, “I don’t know. Vhat do I know?! But I think maybe she is afraid of how much she is attracted to a stereotypically masculin man...”
 #20259  by Caleb Pryer
Caleb glanced between Dice, and Ivan, then looking to Robin he said, “Wait, am I reading this right? I feel like I should be majorly insulted here. But in the end are we saying I can or could not have a chance with Zara? And how was this worded to be an insult either way.”

Throwing back a shot then he said, “This stuff is great. I don’t even think I care... But I do think we all know I would have a better chance of getting her into bed than Ivan ever would...”
 #20260  by Kyle Bowden
Kyle placed his glass down, leaning forward a bit with a chuckle.

"Vanya's right. Me and her used to be really close a while back, and we're still close now, but busier, I guess. We used to have drunk 'girls' nights all the time, and believe me, she had some fantasies. I don't think she particularly cares if a man's alpha or not, but she definitely likes toned muscle. Even Levi has a work out routine to keep him in shake; he may not own a twelve-pack, but he definitely has some sort of muscle from what she described. It's another reason why she was never really attracted to Ciceron, or even Nathan; too long and lean - intelligent but..."

He cleared his throat, lowering his tone.

"Here's another thing. She likes blonds. Think about it. She's kissed Dice, had a long relationship with Levi, a long fling with Simon, engaged to Hugh. If anything, her lover a while ago, Felix, was the anomaly - maybe that's why she steers clear of guys that look like him. Face it, the men she goes for now are pretty clean cut aside from maybe one or two tattoos, blond, toned, and..." He shrugged. "They all seem to desire something er...sexually."

"So Dice just wanted her, Levi needed affection, Simon craved something out of his comfort zone, and Hugh...well, I don't know much about his sex life, but I'm sure he was working too much to have a regular partner, so likely lusted after the idea of being denied contact with an employee. Maybe secretly, this oil and water thing only exists because you allow it to."
 #20308  by Ivan Ramazanov
As Kyle spoke of Zara’s particulare likes, Ivan found himself nodding along. It made sense after all. He knew it made sense! He had seen it first hand. Zara was simultaniously repulsed and... drawn to him apparently! But when Kyle mentioned inteligence he frowned at once.

Wait a minute...

He sihed eyed Kyle as Robin spoke, then crossing his arms he said, “Vhat? You are saying she is not interested in Nathan and Ciceron because of lean and intelligence?

Was he insinuating the men she was drawn to weren’t as inteligent?!

Looking to Robin then he said with raised brows, “I don’t know vhy she would not go for you. She is so distrusting of all men. The more she knows of us the more she dislike vhat she see, zhat is real reason she agree to marry Hugh. She hardly knew him. Now she know him is not what she wants. Easy to see...”
 #20309  by Maximilian Rogan
Taking note of Ivan’s question to Kyle, Dice felt as though he knew the answer to this puzzel. Zara had slept with Ivan! He knew it!

Looking at Robin then he chuckled ans said, “You should get with Zara. That would be hot. I can see it right niw...” he said, looking up with a smile as he leaned on the back of a chair.