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 #19848  by Jackson Jacobs
Location: London Dueling Club • Date: October 12th, 2002

Jackson was not one to skip out on practicing, but today he felt his mind wandering a little too much for his liking. He had a match coming up, and he wasn't sure if he would be able to win. Arriving at the club, he pulled his jacket off and placed it in his usual locker. Sighing, he grabbed his wand out of his pocket and grabbed a polishing kit. Taking a place at a table, he began methodically cleaning it, small waves of sparks coming out of it.

He could hear people coming and going, none of them taking an interest in his work. Until someone spoke up to him.
 #19854  by Caitlin Westcott-Fisher
It was a match day, so Caitlin woke up with the familiar bubble of nerves and excitement inside of her. She had been doing this for a number of years now, but still was never fully relaxed when she had to compete. But she didn't mind, it made her better.

She had put her things away, and decided to have a look at the space - even though she had been here hundreds of times before, she liked to get mentally prepared. That was until she got distracted, as she spotted one of the other competitors.

"Having a shiny wand won't make the hexes any stronger, Jacobs," Caitlin teased, though she smiled, meaning it all in good humour. After all, when they competed internationally, the two of them were on the same side.
 #20032  by Jackson Jacobs
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When someone began speaking to him, he jumped, causing a large spark to eject out of the tip of his wand. With a laugh, he set down the cloth he had been using. "Apparently scaring it works though," He said and looked up to Caitlyn. "It helps me get focused, cleaning it." He said with a smile.

"Have a match today?" He inquired. He himself was just here to scout out the competition for his match tomorrow.
 #20362  by Caitlin Westcott-Fisher
"Well, whatever works for you," Caitlin gave him a small smile in return. Everyone had their way of concentrating - for Caitlin, match day was a time that she was actually very much able to keep her cool. It was in training that she had her meltdowns.

"Yep, though I think I can win, it's only the first heat," Caitlin shrugged, "just can't let them catch me off guard. When is your first one?"
 #20421  by Jackson Jacobs
JJ smiled over at Caitlin. "Not today, but first match tomorrow." He said and grimaced. It was no secret that he hated waking up early, and his day was due to start at 0500 on the dot, if he didn't try and sleep in.

"I'm sure you'll do amazing," He said with another smile. "I just hope you're ready to face me." he teased. They had been on the same side before, so they were familiar with each others dueling style. It certainly would be an entertaining match.

"Aside from dueling, how have you been?" He said and pocketed his wand and grabbed his bottle of water, taking a quick sip.
 #20879  by Caitlin Westcott-Fisher
"Course I am," Caitlin shrugged, with another smile. One thing she was becoming increasingly good at was never letting anyone see her sweat. Even if she was breaking down from nerves on the inside, her exterior remained cool and collected.

"Aside from dueling? You have time to think about or do anything else? Maybe I need to switch coaches," Caitlin joked.
 #21085  by Jackson Jacobs
JJ smiled, "Just attempting to make conversation, I've never been one for small talk." He ran a hand through his hair.

He jumped a bit when someone in the room dropped a glass bottle, turning his gaze to the offending person, he laughed. They looked like they were about to combust from nerves. He let out a short laugh, "I somehow manage to forget how entertaining it is to sit back before a match."