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Viola hummed.

"Oh, I know. I was made to be an Iver, but it really is hard to be excited when my fiance is so touchy about everything. Suddenly, because I'm engaged, I'm not longer allowed to feel this root connection to Nathan. It isn't my fault. Gavin has to deal with it for now, and in time, that root connection will be to him. But not if he's going to act like a prat about everything."

She flicked up her chin.

"You Ivers are all so emotional and dramatic; you like to pretend that you're cool and calm and suave, like a cobra waiting for the prey to stand on its neck before striking. But in reality, you all have your little temper tantrums and stomp your feet when you don't get your own way. Gavin wants me to be utterly obsessed with him...how am I supposed to be? The first time we met he degraded me for not being Hera, the next time he only had intention to bed me and take me as a mistress, the time after he suddenly proposed to me when he realised I was an heiress, and from that he now expects me to be besotted? Fuck right off. He hasn't even taken me out to dinner or out on a date. I don't know him and he wants me to please him effortlessly."

She grit her teeth, looking away.

"You're not like the other Ivers." She said suddenly, looking to Tarquin. "Your problems are simple if not boring, and yet I've likely learnt more about your character than his."
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Tarquin chuckled quietly, then said, “I highly doubt that... All you know of my character is that I do not wear it on my sleeve. But don’t think I can’t stomp my feet and throw my little trantrums like the best of them...”

Tarquin coughed, clearing his throat before saying, “Gavin is what he is. And I am sure he would tell a different story from your version. Although that does sound like him. But that doesn’t really matter. You can clearly see what it is you are getting into. I think if you are honest you do know more about his character than mine.”

Smiling slightly to himself as he looked at her he said, “Why are you marrying him? I mean, clearly money and staus is the main reason but... is it worth it to put up with his ill humored, selfish ways?”
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Viola smirked at him, looking up at his face.

"Well...I've put up with Nathan all this time, so it shouldn't be too different with him. But I suppose I..." Her smirked began to fall, and she looked over the garden, her face a littler duller. "I have been lonely for a long time...maybe not alone; I could easily have any man I wanted - aside Nathan - but seeing Astrid have everything she wanted made me realise I want that too. I work as a potioneer for Nathan but...what else? I have a reputation in society, so my chances of an upperclass wedding are slim. I haven't felt like I have connected with anyone long-term."

"The moment I danced with Gavin at Christmas, I knew I had to have him. He was passionate and fierce and direct and undeniably charming. It went down hill, but that dance was everything. It was the first time I felt so important after so long of watching Nathan fall for another woman. Gavin isn't a replacement for Nathan but...I feel like he might be the one to set me free of his grip. At the same time, I'm trying to keep the marriage as political as possible...I'm concerned that if I develop anything further, it's all going to come crashing down again."
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Gavin humed to himself a moment, then said, “I see... yes...”

He was quite a bit longer, pondering her words, before saying, “That could be best. The Ivers don’t favor marriage for love... the thought being that if you have other goals and dreams accociated with it there will be less drama and disappointment. Also you are less likely to be manipulated by the other. The more romance the greater chance of falling for someone that has you in their power... who can destroy you should they so chose, or change you. So really your mentality fits right in. Trouble is, I am not sure in this day and age it can lead to as much happiness. And I guess that is the choice. Risk it all to find the greatest happiness a man can know. Or proceed with logic and caution for a comfortable sort of happiness?”

He looked at her curiosly, then said, “I suppose I don’t need to ask which you value more. You are choseing to not risk it all. Although I should warn you... you may grow to love him over the years despite all. But perhaps that is for the best.”
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Viola nodded, pausing in her steps and sighing.

"I suggested for us to be non-monogamous...likely just as a way not to feel shocked when he grows tired of me. I made the offer that if he took a mistress, I could have a man in the side too. Obviously, he didn't like that, and thought I was already bored of him. I mean, I get where hes coming from...but I think if I said he could have a mistress without me having a man too...he would take it. Why is okay for a man to have another lover but not a woman? Not that I want another man but..."

She frowned.

"He's angry now regardless."
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He looked at her with raised brows, then said, “Yes... well... I can see why he would object to that... As for myself I certainly don’t believe it is alright for a man to cheat but not a woman.”

Crossing his arms he looked at her closely a moment, then said, “Are you sure he is the right match for you? It seems you are already willing to go to unhappy extreams to make this work, even trying to eliminate the possibility of cheating by offering an open marriage... From your own words you already believe he will cheat on you.”

Motioning around him he said, “Is all of this really worth it? Am I the only one still sane around here?”