A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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Viola stood in the greenhouse, clipping the leaves off some of the plants in there, and twisting the ends carefully as to ensure no sharp ends remained. It wasn't entirely professional, but Viola had her ways of working, and it seemed to be working out for her at the moment - eventually, she would revisit her classes, perhaps a private class, and try to up her professional aspect. Although, her actual job was more focused about writing for the Practical Potioneer.

Of course, she was still able to work efficiently without breaking anything or causing problems for Nathan and his beloved garden. If Viola was honest, she was excited to move in with Gavin and have more choice on decor and layout.
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It was shortly after that Magdalina appeared in the doorway, somewhat nervous to speak, but soon stepping in. Viola didn't seem to acknowledge her. With that in mind, Magda offered a small smile, carefully placing a candy apple on the potion bench.

Apparently Viola liked to multitask here.

"Hello..." She spoke softly, one of her two plaits falling over her shoulder.
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"Uhm...you. I hear that it is tradition in England at this time of year...I wanted to make a peace offering." She spoke, watching Viola raising her brow further.

Magda sighed. "I heard what you did to my sister. I know this is your way of experimenting and doing your job but, well, I was hoping you would go a little easier on her. She was in the wrong for what she did, and I don't forgive what she tried to do to me, but I still love her. I don't want her to be tortured for the rest of her life."
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Viola's expression fell, and she seemed utterly bored. "Ah." She said simply, going back to clipping leaves before bringing them over to the potions bench. A small cauldron bubbled on the heat, and Viola had started to chop the leaves incredible finely, a translucent green liquid seeping out of the veins.

"Love is pitiful. You might as well shove that apple right down your throat and quit while you're ahead. I need to carry on to further my progress here. You'd do well to forget this 'playing nice' thing and get a grip." Viola scorned, taking the leafy strips and rolling them between her hands before dropping them into the cauldron, hearing it hiss in response.
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"Brave words." Viola commented snidely before turning her back to Magda, pressing a vial to a thick branch of a potted plant in the corner. She used a small knife to slice into it, collecting the sap before using magic to patch the minor wound. She turned again, dripping the liquid gently into the cauldron.

"Here's the thing, Sweet Cheeks. You can pretend to threaten me all you want, but while ever you work here and I live here, you can't hurt me. You serve Astrid, I serve Nathan - Nathan wants me safe until I leave, meaning you have to follow his and Watchdog's guidelines, which means protecting me."

She brought her knife up and stuck it into the apple.

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Magda watched as Viola pierced the apple, her face nonplussed.

"You're assuming I want to harm you?" She blinked. "Not quite...but once you leave Iver Hall, I'll be able to make your life somewhat more difficult during your visits. It may be necessary for you to be out at certain times, have sections of the manor blocked off permanently, no access to use of the kitchens, supervision required when Mister Iver isn't present, and for all journal entries of work to be checked over by members of security. I'm aware you're a very private worker, and I wouldn't want to impede on that."

She cleared her throat.

"What is it you are working on now?"
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Viola narrowed her eyes at Magda, considering for a moment before wrinkling her nose and using her wand to stir the mixture in the cauldron.

"Okay...you have my attention. That would certainly piss me off, and with what happened to Petra, I highly doubt Astrid would let me get a grip on you."

She pursed her lips, looking at the other woman before sighing. She opened up a drawer, pulling out a velvet box and placing it on the desk. She opened it up, revealing a glamorous looking ring.

"It's cursed. I'm trying to fix it...or control it, whichever comes first."
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Viola shrugged.

"As far as I know, the wearer experiences manic depression and violent nightmares. It shows the wearer deaths of those close to them and horrible events. What I'm trying to do, is figure out a way to lull the effects of dreams and harsh thoughts to focus on the faux seer abilities. If I was to wear it and understand futures, I could be more prepared, or plan for it...or it could enhance Ciceron's abilities further."
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"You know exactly how I'd test it." She spoke back, using a ladle to pour some of the potion mixture into a glass jar. Using her wand, Viola picked up the ring and dropped it into the potion before quickly screwing the cap on and stepping back.

Before her eyes, a dark string of magic seemed to disperse into the semi-transparent potion.

"Petra disobeyed the rules. I can't stop experimenting on her otherwise Nathan will get suspicious; I need to do my job and do it well. However, I also don't want to be inconvenienced once I leave. So I will hold back on the more brutal exercises and save them for enemies." She glanced up at Magda. "Better?"