A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #19801  by Kristoph Meyer
Location: Black Forest Market • Date: 31st October 2018
Time of Day: 21:00 • Weather: Crisp Halloween Evening

It was that time of year when the market truly came into its own, sure it stood out at Christmas and Easter time it was a delight....but at Halloween the market really was spectacular.

The icing on the spooky cake was the annual costume ball which as ever was used to raise money for Magic Without Borders charity. Throughout the market guests were greeted to all manner of different entertainment from live music to spectacular feats of magic. All paths made sure to direct guests to the location of the actual ball.

It was in the middle of the market, where once there was the head office of the market but rather 'handily' had disappeared for the night to make way for the forest floor dance floor. Tables and chairs located around the outside, illuminated by small floating pumpkins and tiny little lanterns. The live band was in full swing and the Meyers were very much playing dutiful hosts to the rather large gathering.
 #19802  by Hera Cleary
Hera had been told about the Halloween event, and soon after, had booked a ticket for herself. She had considered trying to find someone to go with, but if she was quite honest, she was rather enjoying doing things by herself. It was nice to go to parties without worrying about a date, and she was starting to feel more confident and comfortable about it. Beside that, she knew that at least Kristoph would be there, so that was a positive.

After hearing about the charity costume event, she had whipped out her favourite; a Greek Goddess look, her hair in loose curls and a draped white dress over her form. Thank goodness for warming charms. She would at least not freeze to death with her bare arms and the slit in her dress.

With a glass of champagne in hand, Hera soon spotted Kris, smiling bright as she made her way over. "Kris." She spoke pleasantly, no longer as hesitant around him. She leaned forward to barely kiss his cheeks out of respect, and pulled back to grin at him. "This is a beautiful event...I've never seen the market look so magical! I can't believe I didn't take the opportunity to come before now."
 #19842  by Kristoph Meyer
Having just finished welcoming one guest another soon approached, and this one well he couldn't help but grin at and after the customary kiss on the cheeks he took of his silk top hat and did a slightly over the top bow. Kristoph had opted for a slightly more recent era to draw inspiration from. He had gone for a Victorian era gent, with a ghostly/spectral edge. Essentially he looked rather on the pale side, with make-up and charms to help polish off the effect.

"Well as we said when you were last here.." he began to say as he resumed standing upright, "best not to dwell on the what ifs and the past. You're here now and very much welcome. If I might add you look very beautiful this evening, the Grecian attire suits."

Kristoph glanced round for a moment, "have you had much opportunity to look round?"
 #19847  by Hera Cleary
Hera felt at ease around Kris; it had taken an hour or two being in his company, but she felt a positive aura whenever he was around. It was a nice change. Without her children here, as much as she loved them, she felt like she could breathe more. She didn't have to put her mothering hat on, and could relax a little; Egan would have them over the weekend, meaning Hera could let go and perhaps get a little bit tipsy without any worries. Of course, it did mean missing out on them Trick or Treating but...they would still have a good time, right? It would be nice for them to have time alone with Egan.

She felt herself blush at his compliment, holding back a giggle at his actions also. "My, Mister Meyer, you really know how to compliment a lady. Thank you. You look very dapper yourself."

She glanced around, breathing in the crisp air. "I haven't yet. Perhaps you could show me your favourite part?"
 #19851  by Kristoph Meyer
Kristoph smiled as she blushed, "Thank you also, it's this seasons' deathly new look. Do you think it will catch on? Perhaps I should owl Michelle and check."

The grin remained as he offered his arm to her, "well I could quite easily say all of it, obviously the ball is the focus point but it's the little touches that I like the most, the pumpkin patches especially where the kids have tried their hands at carving, and then there is after dark forest carpet rides...but for now, let me just show you some of the things close at hand. Though let's get a drink on the way.." his free hand gestured to the nearest spectral waiting staff.

As the near invisible woman approached she held a tray, upon which were two glasses. At first, empty but as she came closer they changed colours.

"Black Magic for the Lady, and a Burning Nile for you Sir."

With his free hand he passed Hera her drink and then collected up his own. He nodded his head in thanks to the woman, who then immediately floated off.

"They rarely get the drinks wrong, but tell me, do you like your choice?"
 #19856  by Hera Cleary
"That would be lovely. I was never good at carving pumpkins, anyway." She smirked at him, looking over at the server, her eyes lighting up at the drinks turned and twisted with new colours. She took the drink from him, followed by a little sip before grinning at Kris. "Perfect. It's been a long time since I've had one of these; they must have known what I was secretly craving, even without me knowing myself."

She hooked her hand more securely onto his arm, drink now in hand that she would take occasional sips from. She cocked a brow at him. "I don't think I quite put you as a Burning Nile, man. Perhaps you're secretly a little spicier than the classic Victorian gent." She smirked.
 #19857  by Ileana Saguna
One thing Ileana Saguna's workplace did well was parties. Having developed a Halloween themed range of cosmetics that were selling well around this time of year, she chose this occasion to model some of it on herself. Dressed as the Black Swan from Swan Lake, Ileana embodied black glitter and sparkle, with a black sequinned dress, a skirt that stuck out significantly, and dramatic black eye make-up and lipstick.

Poised as always, the Romanian Witch slowly walked through the crowds, on the look out for people she knew. She briefly paused to take a drink from one of the servers, before recognising Kristoph Meyer. With a woman, looking like they were heading somewhere else. She didn't want to interrupt, but now she had made eye contact it would be rude not to greet them.

"Mr Meyer," Ileana greeted, and she also offered a polite nod to the woman on his arm. "Good evening. Excellent party."
 #19901  by Kristoph Meyer
"That comes from year's of travelling upon leaving school. I do prefer the hotter climates and Egypt does a hold a special place for me. So I try to go and see the carpet racing as and when I get the chance. Not as often as I once did..." he trailed off as it didn't need explanation as to why he wasn't off galivanting as he did not so long ago.

"But truth be told, I am pretty certain that not all Victorians were as reserved as we are led to believe."

As he looked away from Hera, his eyes fell upon a woman or rather a swan approaching him.

"Good evening, Ms Saguna, I'm so glad you are enjoying yourself. I suspect business has been booming of late?" he then turned briefly to Hera, "may I introduce Ms Saguna of Aphrodite Cosmetics, Ms Saguna this Hera Cleary owner of Deity Dragon Specialists, and a very good friend of the family." As he spoke he released Hera's hold of his arm to allow for easier introductions.
 #19903  by Hera Cleary
Hera gave a soft smile as another woman approached, and offered a polite nod. She placed her hand forward for a brief but courteous shake before smiling at Kris' introduction of her.

"Lovely to meet you, Ms Saguna. I haven't yet tried your cosmetics, but I intend to visit more often, and I would love to look at what you have to offer." She said sweetly.
 #20844  by Ileana Saguna
"Very nice to meet you," Ileana said in her slight accent as she shook Hera Cleary's hand. "You must do come by next time you are around."

However, before she appeared the two of them had looked like they were engrossed in conversation, or about to head off somewhere else.

"Anyway, I don't want to keep you, if you have somewhere to be," Ileana said, politely.