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 #19358  by Viggo Olhouser
Viggo barely listened as his friend politely conversed with their host. Trying to keep her friend from stepping away from him he tried to put his hand on Vera's arm, but she quickly brushed him off and moved to sit on one of the sofas.

Standing there next to the railing, almost afraid that Isla was about to start shouting at him she rubbed his arm and smiled sheepishly. "I try..." He offered, his eyes traveling from Isla to Vera. "Trouble just can't seem to resist me." He added with his usual charming smile.
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"Of course it can't," Elsie replied with a sly smile. She batted her eyelashes at the boy and then turned to look at Isla. Extending her arm, she placed her hand palm up, beckoning the girl closer. "Come Isla, sit." The tiny bundle of fury crossed her arms and just stared at her until she realized Elsie was not going to give in and moved forward until she perched on the very edge of the sofa. She didn't uncross her arms.

"So tell me how sad everyone was on their last day of school?"
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"Is that right?" Elsie replied with a laugh, her gaze flitting from Viggo and Vera, though she was very conscious of the girl sitting rigid and silent beside her. "I do not blame you. A lot of my fellow students cried on their last day as well." Though Elsie hadn't been one of them, she had certainly understood the sentiment.

Reaching out with her hand, she brushed a piece of hair behind Isla's ear, "What about you Isla? Any tears shed on your last day?"
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Managing to remain still as Elsie reached towards her and brushed piece of hair away from her face, Isla found herself meeting the gaze of Vera's incredibly interested one. Was Elsie going to be like this all night? She certainly hoped not because Isla was unsure how much she could take before things got out of hand.

"No, there were no tears." She replied evenly, refusing to let Elsie's obvious teasing get under her skin. Though when the older woman moved forward and let her hand drop down to her thigh as she spoke to the group, Isla wondered whether the woman was trying to alert her friends to the new nature of their relationship.
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Viggo stared at the hand on his friend's thigh. If he had done anything close to that, Isla would have used a severing charm to cut off his hand. Despite Vera's hand squeezing his own thigh, a gesture he understood to be an attempt to keep him quiet, his head snapped towards Isla. "You are what they say you are." He blinked a few times, turned towards Vera. "And you knew!" He took her hand from his thigh and pushed it away.

Maybe his cabin mates had been right. Maybe it was the girls and their puppy Viggo. Only allowing him around them to humor him, never fully letting him in.
 #19769  by Elsie Crane
Feeling Isla tense and then move to get up, Elsie gripped her thigh tightly and pinned her to her seat.

“And what is it that they say Isla is, Viggo?” Elsie questioned the boy, her face no longer holding any humor. She didn’t look angry, more contemplative than anything.

“What do these boys who know nothing about your friend have to say that would make you believe them?”
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Feeling hurt by Viggo’s word and pissed of at Elsie for putting her in this situation. Isla had no idea what she was, only that she had very much enjoyed the night she spent with Elsie. Though now she was starting to regret that decision immensely. Had she known Elsie was going to act like this, Isla would have certainly thought twice. Now look where they were.

Embarrassed that she was being put on the spot, hurt by Viggo’s accusations and angry at Elsie’s behaviour, Isla could only stare at the hand on her thigh, the only thing keeping her from jumping up and leaving. It was strangely comforting, even if the woman connected to the limb was so very infuriating.

Not waiting for Viggo to answer Elsie’s questions, Isla lifted her head and stared at Viggo, “I don’t know what I am Viggo. I really don’t. I’m just...figuring some things out and Elsie well,” She cleared her throat, trying to hardest to keep from blushing. “Elsie is helping me figure it all out. So when or if I figure it out for myself, I’ll tell you Viggo, but until then, you can either trust me or listen to the boys at camp.”
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"Ah, well, I... They..." He babbled as he tried to avert Elsie's gaze. Luckily for him, his friend spoke, reminding him of the source of his outrage. "Isla," in a vain attempt to shield himself from the onlookers' peering gazes he leaned towards Isla. "I don't care what you are. I care that you kept it from me." He lifted his hand, to let her know that he had more to say. "I know this is personal, I don't expect you to share things if they make you uncomfortable, but when I talked about it earlier you could have said something." He shrugged feeling as though he was arguing one thing and its opposite. He truly didn't mean to intrude on his friend's privacy, but he felt that she should have told him something. "Had I known, I wouldn't have tried to protect you by saying what I said. " He felt his cheeks redden. "I should have just punched them." He mumbled.
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Isla ran her tongue across the front of her teeth, and then sighed, "Viggo, there was nothing to say. I couldn't confirm or deny those-those accusations because I just don't know. You punching them would have just confirmed their suspicions." And that was true, because while Isla didn't know who she was, or what she was, Viggo acting out violently would only confirm something Isla wasn't even sure about herself.

"There's just...nothing to know. At least not about that." She looked at Vera, her cheeks coloring as she remembered telling Vera about the night she had spent with Elsie. "I can't promise I'll ever tell you if something changes Viggo, but I'll never lie to you."
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Turning her head to stare at Isla as she spoke, Elsie pressed her finger tips deeper into the girl's muscle, and let her thumb rub gently against the denim of her jeans gently. Isla was being incredibly brave right now, and after knowing the girl for the better part of five years, she was extremely proud of her in this moment.
 #19871  by Viggo Olhouser
Isla was probably right, punching the boys would have confirmed their suspicions, but that did not make it any less tempting. He clenched his fist and unclenched it as he imagined the pleasing picture.

"And I would never reject you for being..." He looked at Vera, desperate for her to jump in and save him. The blonde remained silent, forcing him to finish his sentence. "You," was the simplest yet truest word he could think of. "What do you want me to do?" Aware that lying to the boys had been the wrong thing to do, he wanted to fix his blunder.
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Isla shook her head, shifting in her seat and finally dislodging Elsie's hand, though the woman's stare burned just as much, "Nothing. Just leave it be. They can think what they want to think. Whether that is us being in a relationship or me being...a lesbian." Neither one was accurate but Isla didn't need to explain herself or her lifestyle to anyone. Not even her two best friends.

"Now, can we please move on?"