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 #18241  by Shiro Takayama
The door let one last sound of its bell ring into the potion supply shop just as he left, having forgotten a supply for his current potion the Japanese man had taken a second trip to get his last needed item. The chilly air blew past him, causing him to tighten his jacket a bit closer around him as the back door of the car shut with a reasonable slam.

His pale had slipped into his pocket reaching for the key, the metal in his hand something he was thankful to have back. He slipped the key into the door. However, as he did he felt someone staring him down. The key no longer in the hole.
"Can I help you? Mr. Potter?" He kept the key in his hand. He was in no mood to deal with a Ministry official, but telling the famous Harry Potter to shove off? Even not born in this country he knew that was a bad thing to do.
 #19468  by Harry Potter
He waited patiently for the shopkeep to finish his business before he approached the Japanese man from behind, staring intensely at his back as if willing him to acknowledge his presence.

He did.

“Mr. Takayama, you knew it was me standing behind you,”said Harry, sounding both impressed and curious,”Usually people jump three feet in the air when they realize I’m there. Jumpy things people are...but not you...” Harry reached into his heavy cloak to retrieve a leather billfold to which he opened and flashed his badge of authority. “Do you know why I’m here?”
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Rambling, so it was True, Potter was one to mumble. He'd heard about that...but to see it just confirmed the man's annoying habit. He learned on his car, leaning to Harry Potter as he finished his sentences. He was gald the long trenchcoat was zipped all the way up given his need to protect himself,
"I'm observant," With a silent hint of 'and paranoid of everything' in his tone. "But obviously not a mind reader. You'll have to tell me why your here." He added, not reacting much to the badge. He already figured it had to do something with a case. It was because he knew that he hadn't told the Englishmen off at the start.
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“I’m looking for someone,” said Harry, storing away his badge in favor of pulling out a creased photo of a family of three. “A girl. About twelve.” In the photo an impatient mother fused with her rebellious daughter’s blonde pony pigtail while the father looked on with mild amusement.

“Have you seen her?” he asked, handing Shiro the photo for him to take a closer look.
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He took off his glove to properly hold it, his claws taking it gently from Mr. Potter as he explained the situation and why he was there and told him about the girl. For the Yakuza who had been personally dealing with vampires for the past 6 months and not small situations like family's that had gotten on the wrong side of them, he knew absolutely nothing about a little girl. Telling Harry Potter that however would give away the situation he'd once been in and that was not something he wanted to do at the moment.
"Do I look like I hang around 12 year olds?" He raised an eyebrow. "Look, Mr. Potter I've never seen or met the girl. If I had seen her I probably would have ignored her no matter what the situation." While that made him sound like a heartless man, it also made more of a point to him not knowing this girl or her family.

His drivers side was unlocked and opened,
"Is that all?"
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“No,” said Harry as he reached for the open car door, shutting it with purpose. “I’m not leaving until you give me what I need.” He crossed his arms and pressed his back to the car door to block the man from entry.

“You’re a debt collector for the Knocktrun Betting Co. are you not?” Harry shifted his weight from one foot to the other. He peered into the car’s side mirror. From the mirror he could keep a look out for any threat or eavesdroppers that might be hiding behind an obscure angle or corner. “As a wizard in your profession I’m sure you’ve engaged in many a business dealing. Dealings with the Yakuza, perhaps?” His eyes snapped up to make direct contact with Shiro’s eyes through the mirror.

“Currently, as it stands, the Ministry suspects they are involved in the murder of her parents and her kidnapping. I, however, have a different theory if I can prove it.”

Harry waited for a response from Mr. Takayama in the cold quiet night.
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The charm he placed for theft rang as it zapped Potter, the zap sending an alarm to his wand. It was a simple charm, one that meant no harm. The harm for any thief was him once he got to them. That didn't mean he wasn't annoyed when his car door was shut blocking him from exiting as his headache grew.
"I don't have what you, or anyone else needs." He said sick of being everyone's go to.

Ah, his cover job. Lovely...what did...internally he wanted to laugh. Why would the Yakuza mess with an English family? They had a lot of Japanese families in contracts to go after and rarely made a deal with the English. He put his gloved back on, running his hand over his mouth in annoyance, while he bit back every Japanese insult for the English population he knew. He had no issue with the English at all, that was Yoru. His issue was Potter assuming the Yakuza would deal with them in business...
"I am personally friends with a few of them, and I can assure you Potter they don't make deals with English commoners. The Ministry needs to do their research." He deadpanned.

"Ever hear of the White monkeys?" He asked, leaning on the car as his dark eyes looked directly into Harry's.
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The zapping charm didn’t hurt but it certainly caught Harry off guard making him flinch. He remained calm and collective, determined keep his focus on gathering the information he needed for the case.

"I am personally friends with a few of them, and I can assure you Potter they don't make deals with English commoners. The Ministry needs to do their research." Mr. Takayama deadpanned.

Harry nodded in agreement. This was why he was taking on the case alone. Because he didn’t want some dunderhead with the IQ of a ferret to mess it up. The Ministry was seriously lacking in the Law Enforcement Department with only a few reasonably good aurors to spare. Many of the cases had gone on so long that the higher ups often closed cases without them being solved, determining them inconclusive. Harry was determined to change that, though it would take some time.

“The White Monkeys?” asked Harry without breaking eye contact, “No. What about them?”
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"Id suggest not touching my car." He simply said, seeing the flash of a reaction; his body still leaning on it as the charm was for anyone who wasn't him. To say he was protective would have been an understatement, not allowing his eyes to move from Harry he wondered what the man was thinking about what he'd just said. Normally that usually got into more questions about his group, however...Harry seemed to focus on the topic he'd bought up.

That was a breath of fresh air.

"The white monkeys from what has been explained to me is the magical version of the triad. The few I know have warned me to watch out for them, as they are trying to turn anyone they can. No matter what culture the person comes from, If anyone is responsible... check into them." He explained. Thing was, he was warned. Not to watch out for being turned...but killed in general.
"Those who fight it, are killed from what I hear." He added.
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“I suppose i’ll have to be careful, then,” said Harry once Shiro was finished. He stepped away from the car to allow the other to take his leave.

“Have a goodnight, Mr.Takayama.”

And with a loud -crack- the Ministry’s most valuable auror apparated away.