A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #19516  by Lilith Daemon
Location: Hogwarts Great Hall • Date: October 10, 1995

The year was not going quite as Lilith had hoped. She knew that things might be a little different because of what happened during the Tournament last spring, but she had no idea that the atmosphere at Hogwarts would be so different.

Normally the blonde wouldn't have noticed much going on around her. She was too focused on her own studying, her obsession with magic, and her desire to practice with her wand at every opportunity. But it was obvious that things weren't the same. It was tense. Professor Umbridge was part of it. But there was also the growing division between people who believed Harry Potter, those that didn't, and those that probably did but didn't want to face it.

The Ravenclaw didn't really think much about that. She probably believed Potter and that You-Know-Who was back. But it didn't bother her. Lilith respected power and ability, and that could blind her to someone's faults. So even though she knew He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was evil, it didn't really affect her opinion of him as much as it should.

She ruminated over all of this as she ate a muffin at the Ravenclaw table during breakfast. She was also casually reading a book on Gellert Grindelwald's duel with Professor Dumbledore (one that she was now legally able to check out, a benefit of being older).

"I wish I could do magic like this," she suddenly said out loud, without fully realizing it.
 #19905  by Helena Sun
A mediocre breakfast of black coffee and a slice of toast with apricot jam was more or less enough to satisfy the fifth year Ravenclaw who had found herself sitting besides the younger blonde Ravenclaw. Helena had been moodily picking at the multigrain crust of her breakfast and staring off into the nimbus clouds forming high above in the enchanted ceiling of the great hall when she was involuntarily tugged back into reality from the other girls outburst.

The coal-haired witch sharply turned her gaze to the younger student and out of curiosity towards the book she was holding. Without paying too much attention to the girls sudden outburst, Helena took a languid sip at her coffee. However she found herself speaking. "Magic like Professor Dumbledore or magic like Gellert Grindelwald?" Helena said discreetly as she pushed the remaining contents of her breakfast away from her.
 #20657  by Lilith Daemon
Lilith looked a little surprised as the older student said something. She blinked a few times and realized she had spoken out loud and Helena was responding to her. With a slight blush in her cheeks she quickly thought of what to say.

"Oh, well, either," Lilith said. "Or both. I mean, magic is magic. Both were so very impressive. Err, well are impressive. At least in the case of Professor Dumbledore. I don't know what kind of state Grindelwald is in." She stammered a bit as she responded, but quickly found her footing. "When you read about some of what they say Grindelwald could do in his prime, it's almost unbelievable. Such power." She sighed. "And we all know the headmaster's reputation. It must have been something to actually have him as a teacher. For Defense Against the Dark Arts. That's what he used to teach here, you know."

She cut herself before going on more. Lilith had been worried about revealing too many of her preferences, but once she started talking, she usually lost all inhibitions.