A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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"Reading wont cut it, one needs to do it in order to master it. " He confirmed, Problem was with dark arts...they had no safe place to do it. If Umbridge saw what they had just done they would have gotten a detention and he had heard rumors of the detentions from other unfortunate students. His mind was working a mile a minute on what he could do to help without sending them both to see personally what the students were scared of.
"Just how to pull it off without her knowing..." He thought out loud. He wasn't good at being sneaky....if his summers of stealing books and paying for it had anything to say about it. That was worth it though. Getting caught by Umbridge? Not so much.
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Third week of school and he was already going to go against a teacher. And not just a teacher, but the scariest teacher. There was just something about her... she seemed like a friendly auntie, but she gave him the creeps.
"I guess I will practise here... so soon after breakfast there is nobody here... well you're here... but I can't see anyone else..." fortunately he stopped himself before asking "can you?". That would be awkward.
"She can't really punish us for practising for tests... can she?" he was a bit puzzled by this. Most teachers would be happy.
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He nodded, knowing where the kids thoughts were going. He'd thought about it but also knew that if they were caught it would be hell to pay on their part. Doing it in public was just un-safe in general and he got enough of punishment type actions at home. But he wasn't about to tell the kid that and he also didn't want to make it seem like this kind of magic was taboo, because it wasn't. It was protection and should be in the school, the Ministry was messed up with allowing her to take the spells out.
"No, no one else is here." He said knowing when people were around due to his ears picking up his eye's work for the past few years. " I can see, Timothy, just not with my eyes. I can hear footsteps and voices better than anyone in the school." He explained, "My ears picked up the work my eyes once did." He finished.

He only nodded,
"She can, and rumor has it....has." He said not knowing if they were true or not. He wasn't taking the chance, she did seem like a nice grandma type if her voice wasn't so high pitched it was obvious to him it was a front. No one meaning it needed to make it that clear, she was hiding something.
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Tim heard about the fact, that blind people usually compensate with other senses, but he never saw it in practice. And to be honest he wasn't quite sure if he believe that. But it seemed to be the truth.
"Good to know." he just said a bit awkwardly.
Though the next realisation was a bit more grim. Apparently professor Umbridge would punish students for practising magic.
"I don't understand... I get that we can be dangerous with our wands... but the worst thing I can do right now is giving someone a runny nose... and I can't even do that properly..." he really didn't understand.
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"She doesn't care about what you can or cannot do. She just doesn't want any magic performed." He explained, taking out his wand and aiming towards the lake. He did a 6th-year charm that created a bunny out of grass. He wanted the child to see magic that was nice and positive, as it seemed everyone was focused on Umbridge and DADA.
"Not all magic has to deal with dark magic. It can be quite lovely." He added.

The rabbit however due to the material wasn't stable and poofed away. He needed proper materials to make it a forever animal.
"Grass isn't the strongest base." He said hearing the pop. "But you get my point."
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Perhaps to raise his mood a bit Mark conjured up a bunny. Tim had to smile about that. Magic was indeed incredible and the thought that one day he will be able to do that was somehow quite uplifting.
"Well we are casting charms with McGonagall... and I must admit I feel a bit... embarrassed to cast spells before a whole class it's better than to quietly read a book..." he waved his hand and pronounced the words and actually managed to cast the spells into the lake.
"Wow... I did it!" he actually sounded excited.
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He smiled hearing the perfect incantation being said.
"Just takes practice, just don't use that one Slytherins. Trust me." He chuckled. He was shocked he got away with tossing Prue into the lake on the first day. Not that he wasn't waiting for prolonged payback...because he was. She wasn't one to just forget ruined silk.

"She's pretty understanding, even translates the homework into braille for me." He said, he liked her. She was probably the only one he could say he liked. She was stern but fair. You mess up you clean her classroom, nothing harsh like the rumors he'd heard about the new teacher and Snape tended to focus on sighted chores...even with him.
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"We are going in circles... since you know... the practise is exactly the problem..." he pointed. Then again he decided to come here every Saturday after breakfast to practise for some time. Hopefully this place will remain empty. After all the cold breeze that came from the lake was so unpleasant.
"When I first met her I thought she was as scary as professor Snape, but I think she is nice. Though I had the funny feeling I would rather see angry Snape then her..." something about her calm yet strict demeanour was potentially terrifying.
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He nodded,
"Can't be helped." He simply said, maybe Hogsmeade weekends? Students were allowed magic during the weekend trips. That would be off campus and away from kitty lady. The question was...were first years even allowed? He hadn't worried about that since his parent really hadn't even let him go, him forging the signature on the note allowing him to go once he finally got fed up with it.

"If you want to see Snape angry just walk in on him and Harry Potter going at it." He said having walked into a couple of their hallway situations in the past couple of years.
"And no, it's not pleasant." He added in.

"Maybe....off grounds but where." He started thinking.
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The powerlessness was the depressing part. One would say that a magic school would be every boy’s dream, but in the end it was just another school, with another boring, sadistic teacher.
“You know I think I will pass on that. There a lot of things at this castle haunting my nightmares and I don’t need Snape to be another…” there were actual ghosts at this castle, not to mention poltergeists, talking paintings and… well he was sure there were a lot of terrifying things he didn’t have time to learn about yet.
“I am pretty sure that they wouldn’t let first graders off the grounds… I am not even sure if I can be here… but nobody tried to stop me so… I guess I can be here at least?” he once again shrugged.
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He chuckled, this kid really had been raised as a muggle and nothing more. He could imagine magic must have been scary, hell he hadn't been used to it when he first got his even though he was part of a pureblood family - one he wasn't proud to be apart of for personal reasons.
"I wasn't suggesting actually doing that." He simply said fixing his bag.

"You're allowed down here, just not much further." He said. "Not far from here is the forbidden forest filled with other things you don't want to meet." He mused. He honestly understood why the forbidden forest was forbidden. "I'll think of something." He said, gripping his cane. "In the meantime keep your head down." He finished.
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Tim started laughing, which startled him a little. He didn't expect it, but somehow he imagined there were some, who might find teasing Snape hilarious. This Potter guy found it appealing it seemed.
"Well... the forest name is pretty self-explanatory. And I can't imagine why I would want to enter it. The castle is suppose to be safe yet there are actual ghosts... if that is safe I don' really want to imagine what is living in the forest..." he was quite honest.
"Thanks for the advice, I intend to do just that." he concurred.
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He nodded, glad the boy was going to take his advice. He chuckled,
"Yes, well others have learned the hard way." He said remembering hearing about Harry and his little group walking in there and getting into trouble a couple years back. The professors hadn't been too happy with it.

"Good, I'll think of a place and owl you when I find it." He smiled and headed towards the castle.
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"Thanks... I would appreciate that." he smiled, though... once again the guy couldn't really see that.
"I am glad I bumped into you here... have a nice day." he waved him off, though it was mostly for him. It was sure that he would have to be careful about his magic. There was way he was going to be fine just with the theory. After Mark disappeared Tim sat by the lake for about 20 minutes. Yes, this place was really interesting but incredibly overwhelming. But it seemed like there were students willing to help him with it. It felt reassuring.