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 #19449  by Dolores Umbridge
Dolores had shut the door on the faces of the early students to the class. They would enter when she bid them permission to. She made her way to the front of the room, using her wand, lips pursed, as she flicked and cleaned away any spare papers from the last class. She hated sharing a room with a fellow member of staff, and would certainly be setting in place her regulation to have her own personal teaching space without the need to tuck in chairs and set away books that the other professor had so kindly left out for her.

She held her wand behind her back as she examined the now pristine room, lifting her chin, her eyes glowering at the seats that would soon be filled with warm bodies. She flexed her fingers. First years...they were at the very peak of learning, ready to be moulded with a stern hand, nurtured with strict regulation and logistics of their environment. It was the perfect time to ensure they knew the proper way to grow - no need to indulge in casting needless spells, no need to interact with the opposite sex, no need to indulge in fun and joy. They would learn quickly that school was a place to learn, and learn they shall.

What was more amusing...was the fact that she had also assigned some older students to the first year's classes to really ingrain their inferiority.

With a swift flick of her wand, the door creaked open."Come, children. Make a nice orderly line, collect a textbook and ten sheets of parchment. We shall be learning how to write essays today, and how to efficiently write upon ten pages, double-sided, about the invention and usage 'Protego' spell. Hm, hm!" She squeaked after, sickeningly high-pitched with a slight croak at the end, her eyes glazing over the little students' heads.
 #19451  by Timothy Maxwell
Tim learned quickly to dislike DADA lessons. When he was looking through the books it looked really interesting, full of neat spells, but unfortunately the teacher was a big disappointment. Professor Umbridge looked like a generic auntie, but she was at least 3 times scarier than professor Snape. And her lessons were the very definition of boring. He stood in an "orderly" line among other students, slowly walking to get a book and some parchment. Well not some parchment - exactly 10 sheets of it. They couldn't possibly use that many sheets during this one lesson, could they? Apparently they could... and double sided?! He had to really try not to roll his eyes.
As his turn finally came he took the book and carefully took exactly 10 sheets, doing his best not to... anything. Not to smile, not to frown... well he was trying to look naturally as to not catch her attention in any way. At least the spell itself sounded interesting so learning about it might not be a complete waste...
 #19458  by Harry Potter
Harry filed in with the first years and the few older students who were unfortunate enough to endure what Harry could only describe as purgatory. The classroom was stale, tidy, and disappointingly boring, strangely appropriate for a place of suffering inhabited by the souls of sinners awaiting the judgment of one Dolores Umbridge. Harry knew he didn’t stand a chance. He never did. He had a one way ticket to Hades stamped across his forehead in the shape of a lighting bolt scar.

So he moved forward, inch by inch, until it was time to grab his own borrowed text book and exactly ten sheets of parchment, wondering what kind of chaos would result if someone grabbed nine or eleven sheets instead, and found a seat at the back of the class. He dropped his book bag to the floor with a purposefully obnoxiously loud -thump- and immediately set to rearranging the sheets of parchments on the desk in the most chaotic order he could manage without so much as a bother to crack open the assigned text.

This was stupid, thought Harry.

He had already suffered through her class earlier that day with his own classmates in his own year but apparently someone had decided he wasn’t using his free time wisely enough and enrolled him for a few “refresher” lessons with the first years.

Lucky him.
 #19460  by Markus Green
He had been one of the first in, due to his habit of already being early to his classes and knowing that coming in late for her class of all classes was a one-way road to a detention he did not want. His goal this year was to have no detentions at all, and from what he'd heard one did not want to end up in them. His can in front of him, he followed along with the rest of them not saying a word.

He had a plan this year, keep his head down and focus on his work. Focus on school and keep away from the usual drama that filled the school. Taking what he was asked to take he put them on his desk, not sure if it was alright to even translate them and almost scared to ask. He sat down, saying nothing not even sure charming his quill was alright. This was the only class of the year he might just fail if he wasn't able to use magical aid, yet if he was to fail he'd do so silently.
 #19490  by Dolores Umbridge
Dolores took a hefty breath, looking over the students. A twinge of a smirk came to her face as she saw Harry enter - ah yes, trouble-makers, forced to come to a first years' lesson to ensure they understood the primary needs of learning and education. Her eyes drifted across each fifth year she had specifically picked out to join, but her brow lifted at Mark. She hadn't specifically invited him; she was often too quiet to even dare to challenge her. Perhaps he felt the need to come along with first years...

As the students sat down, Dolores began to step between the desks, hands behind her back with her wand, chin up as she looked down her nose at them. One student was a little slumped, causing Dolores to flick her wand out and shove the chair in under the desk dramatically. As another student pulled out their quill, Dolores was at their desk, a tape measure coming out of her pocket as she measured the feather. Thee inches too long; without caring about the student's objections of it being a 'family heirloom', Dolores snipped off the offending three inches before moving on.

She soon stepped up to Harry's desk, blinking at him.

"Mister Potter...surely you would not like to set a poor example to the future of Hogwarts, do you? Perhaps you should be enrolled on my extra curricular etiquette lessons also? Particularly when other children, such as this little one," She gestured to Timothy. "are so well behaved, neat, and pristine. Perhaps we should start with ensuring all ink pots, quills, textbooks and parchments are symmetrical, in-line, and parallel to one-another, shall we?" She ended with another high-pitched hum.
 #19492  by Timothy Maxwell
In other classes you could feel the life. Somewhere less than elsewhere, but even with really strict teachers like Snape or McGonagall there was something. Some quiet laugh here, quick conversation there. But here? The silence was deafening. For a moment Tim felt like he had to at least cough or something to break the silence, but he simply wouldn’t dare. When she started walking around the class it could only mean something bad and when she came closer to measure his quill he forgot to breathe for an instant. Measuring the quills… it would be hilarious if it wasn’t downright terrifying. Fortunately he seemed to pick up a proper-length quill.
Tim didn’t grow with knowledge of the wizarding world, but even he heard the name “Harry Potter”. What was he doing here with first graders? Well… with Umbridge it could be anything. Perhaps his glasses were to matte or didn’t sparkle enough. Either way it wasn’t his problem. He was a bit more curious about Mark, but it wasn’t like he could just wave at him.
Tim grew a bit angry, when Umbridge pointed at him being “well behaved, neat and pristine” since it meant “obedient” which for the young mind was “too of a coward to do anything”. Instead of doing something with it he tried to line all of his thing to be symmetrical and parallel, but… order wasn’t exactly his strong suit. His fear of her wrath made his effort at least half-competent…
 #19830  by Harry Potter
Harry nodded in silent greeting to Mark Binx. He didn’t personally know the ravenclaw but he was thankful none the less that he was not the only fifth year in the classroom. After retrieving a quill and ink pot from his bag, Harry watched with growing distaste as Professor Umbridge sauntered around the room. She reminded him of an entitled house cat looking for someone’s teacup to knock off the table simply because she could.

What would a toad faced cat even look like?

Harry wondered but he was abruptly pulled from his day dream when the toad faced cat lady in question approached his desk.
He leaned back in his chair as he stared up at her with his arms over his chest. Briefly his eyes flicked in Timothy’s direction. “Poor example? Me?” he drawled, dragging his eyes back to Umbridge. Book, quill, ink pot, and parchment by parchment, Harry realigned his classroom materials so that they were perfectly symmetrical. “Wouldn’t dream of it.”
 #20057  by Dolores Umbridge
"Wonderful! Hm, hm." She pursed her lips, glancing between Harry and Tim before turning on her heel and taking steps back up the row, her chin held high and her face smug. She turned back to the class, clearing her throat in that high-pitched manner. "Now, I will point to some of you, and when I do, I'd like you to answer a little question about Defence Against The Dark Arts. Okay, children? Do we all understand?"

She looked over all the faces, actually pausing long enough to see a few of them nodding their heads.

She had pointed to a few first years, a fifth year, and a third year who had been close to getting expelled if he didn't attend another two first year classes - all of which were given questions moderately difficult. The answers had varied from well punctuated to standard with more prompting from Umbridge. But eventually, Dolores looked upon Timothy, pointing to him.

"Stand up child, go on. Now, my question to you is...after a victim has been bitten by a werewolf, what must be applied to the bitten area to ensure the victim survives the attack?"
 #20232  by Markus Green
Harry Potter seemed to be the main target of this, he could already see how this was going to go. She was making an example out of him, feeling someone none violent looking at him he nodded. Not knowing who it was but knowing they meant no harm. He didn't feel anyone looking at him after that other than a person who sent alarm bells in his head and down his spine. Being blind, your other senses take over and one of those is that little feeling that alerts you when someone is staring at you. His danger meter also seemed heightened. He sat up straight knowing what had happened to erika in the study session.

It didn't seem the command was directed towards him, so naturally, he was happy to keep silent.
'Keep your head down, make no fuss.' A rule he used with his family and a rule he'd happily apply here.
 #20545  by Timothy Maxwell
There was a whole class of students so why did she had to choose him? The small fact that she already asked about a dozen of students wasn't important for him right now. He hated speaking before a class at the best of times and this was as far from best of times as possible. Not to mention he had no idea what the answer was. They never were talking about werewolves... not if he could remember. He doubter she would even talk to the class about werewolves...sounded too dangerous.
With no idea what to do he stood up. "I am not sure, professor... but I think it's some ointment with silver." the fact was he had no idea... he just guessed something and silver was often used in stories against the werewolves. The reality was probably completely different, but right now he just wanted to have this behind him...
 #20938  by Dolores Umbridge
"Correct!" Dolores spoke, but seemed far too congratulating on herself than of Timothy - she was clearly a very good teacher! She turned in her heel and walked back to the front of the class to the chalk board, enchanting the chalk to start writing a list of ingredients to the ointment.

"Silver is one of the primary ingredients used to heal a werewolf bite. It will not prevent the transformation; the best way to do that is to put the beast down and out of its misery. It it merely a...temporary solution before more permanent solutions are created. Of course children, should you waste your time on these kinds of treatments? Absolutely not! The most prime objective is to alert the authorities immediately - the ministry has an entire liaison dedicated to capturing werewolves. It is much better not to get involved, whether they are turned out not - let adults handle big situations." She concluded, lifting her chin.

"Any questions?"